Toyota Prius in USA

This report shows 250 cars listed for sale in the past 10 hours.

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Data Table of Cars For Sale

250 cars listed for sale in the past 10 hours - most prices between $1200 and $29460 .

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Time Posted


Title & Link

2005Priusn/a5100craigslistAtlanta, GA!!! Toyota Prius 2005 !!!! (Buford)
2007Priusn/a4500craigslistOrlando, FL2007 Toyota Prius (Orlando)
2005Priusn/a3650craigslistGrand Rapids, MI2005 PRIUS TOYOTA
2004Priusn/a4700craigslistIndianapolis, IN2004 Toyota Prius (Indiana)
2014Priusn/a16500craigslistSacramento, CAToyota Prius 2014 (Sacramento)
2006Priusfree login4800craigslistRiverside, CAtoyota prius 2006
2012Prius III (Hatchback)free login15427craigslistWashington, DC2012 Toyota Prius III (Ashburn (Brambleton))
2006Priusn/a4999craigslistPhiladelphia, PA2006 Toyota Prius Hybrid
2006Priusn/a4500craigslistRiverside, CA2006 TOYOTA PRIUS GAS SAVER!!!
2010Prius III (Hatchback)n/a10482craigslistBozeman, MT2010 Toyota Prius III - T542241A (Ressler of Belgrade)
2008Priusn/a6299craigslistHouston, TX2008 Toyota Prius (Katy)
2008Priusn/a6299craigslistHouston, TX2008 TOYOTA PRIUS (katy tx)
2007Priusn/a6500craigslistSouth Bend, MIToyota Prius 2007 hybrid (Goshen)
2012Prius c Two (Hatchback)free login12600craigslistRiverside, CA2012 toyota prius c two
2007Priusn/acraigslistNew London, CT2007 Toyota Prius 5dr HB
2010Prius II (Hatchback)n/a13700craigslistSan Diego, CA2010 Toyota Prius II - clean title - new tires. (San Diego)
2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a9995craigslistSan Diego, CA2007 Toyota Prius Touring - LOW MILES - leather (SAN DIEGO)
2002Prius One (Hatchback)n/a5950craigslistSan Diego, CA2002 Toyota Prius - one owner - low miles (San Diego)
2004Priusn/a6900craigslistFt Myers, FL2004 Toyota Prius only 85k
2014Prius One (Hatchback)n/a16500craigslistSan Diego, CA2014 Toyota Prius - red - clean title - one owner (San Diego)
2015Priusn/a2000craigslistLos Angeles, CA2015 Toyota Prius 2 (Glendale)
2005Priusn/a4500craigslistTampa, FL2005 Toyota Prius (Gibsonton)
2012Prius Vn/a16499craigslistPalm Springs, CA2012 Toyota Prius V (Palm Desert)
2010Prius II (Hatchback)n/a13364craigslistChicago, IL2010 Toyota Prius II (Morton Grove, IL)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25225craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2011Priusn/a9300craigslistNew York City, NY2011 Toyota Prius (Garfield)
2013Prius cfree login14990craigslistEvansville, IN2013 Toyota Prius C
2008Prius IV (Hatchback)n/a6750craigslistKansas City, MO2008 Toyota Prius IV Hatchback (Kansas City)
2005Prius Persona Series Special Edition (Hatchback)free login3999craigslistHonolulu, HI2005 Toyota Prius - On Special ! (Honolulu)
2007Priusn/a4500craigslistMilwaukee, WI07 Toyota Prius (Milwaukee)
2007Priusn/a8500craigslistAkron / Canton, OH2007 Toyota Prius (Massillon)
2006Priusn/a6500craigslistReno, NV06 Toyota Prius (Reno)
2010Prius Persona Series Special Edition (Hatchback)n/a8750craigslistFredericksburg, VA2010 Toyota Prius Blue **Online SPECIAL OFFER*** (Fredericksburg, VA)
2015Prius Four (Hatchback)n/a29460craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Four (Fairfield, CA)
2010Priusfree login7100craigslistOcala, FL2010 Toyota Prius (Ocala)
2015Prius Four (Hatchback)n/acraigslistSacramento, CA2015 Toyota Prius Four (Fairfield, CA)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25225craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2012Prius Three (Hatchback)free login16900craigslistNew York City, NY2012 Toyota Prius 5dr HB Three
2010Prius II (Hatchback)free login9500craigslistCleveland, OHToyota Prius II (Lorain)
2015Prius Four (Hatchback)n/acraigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Four (Fairfield, CA)
2015Prius Three (Hatchback)n/a26815craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Three (Fairfield, CA)
2012Priusfree login12500craigslistSyracuse, NY2012 TOYOTA PRIUS 29k
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25235craigslistSacramento, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2007Priusn/a9995craigslistLos Angeles, CA2007 Toyota Prius
2006Priusn/a4000craigslistTexas (eastern), TX2006 Toyota Prius (Tyler)
2007Priusn/a6491craigslistToledo, OH2007 Toyota Prius (Ann Arbor)
2006Priusn/a3700craigslistAlbuquerque, NM2006 Toyota Prius (Albuquerque)
2011Prius IV (Hatchback)n/a12950craigslistBoston, MA2011 Toyota Prius IV 65K Auto 4dr Hatchback $12,950 (Derry NH)
2011Priusn/a12300craigslistSpokane, WA2011 Toyota Prius (Spokane Valley)
2006Priusn/a5300craigslistFort Lauderdale, FLToyota Prius 2006 (MIAMI)
2007Priusn/a7500craigslistFort Smith, AR2007 Toyota Prius (Van Buren)
2013Prius Vn/a21995craigslistEugene, OR2013 Toyota Prius V (Springfield, OR)
2006Priusn/a5200craigslistSouth Bend, MI2006 Toyota Prius
2010Prius II (Hatchback)n/a11900craigslistAustin, TX2010 Toyota Prius II (Georgetown Subaru)
2006Priusn/a3950craigslistDecatur, IL2006 Toyota Prius, Hybrid (Decatur)
Priusn/a12300craigslistSan Francisco, CA2009Toyota Prius
2012Priusn/a13600craigslistRedding, CA2012 Prius (Sacramento)
2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a7800craigslistSacramento, CA2007 Toyota Prius 115K Touring Package (San Francisco)
2013Prius cfree login11750craigslistPortland, OR2013 Toyota Prius C
2006Priusn/a4200craigslistLansing, MI2006 toyota prius (okemos)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25630craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a5000craigslistCorpus Christi, TX2007 Toyota Prius Touring edition (Rockport)
2009Prius Touring (Hatchback)free login9995craigslistTucson, AZ2009 Toyota Prius Touring Nav Leather etc... (tucson)
2007Priusn/a3250craigslistSan Antonio, TX2007 Toyota Prius (San Antonio)
2010Prius III (Hatchback)n/a10900craigslistColumbus, OH2010 Toyota Prius III-Hybrid (Baltimore)
2008Priusn/a7300craigslistMassachusetts (western), MAtoyota prius 08
2005Priusn/a4950craigslistGrand Rapids, MI2005 TOYOTA PRIUS (GRAND RAPIDS)
2013Priusfree login13499craigslistSacramento, CA2013 toyota prius
Priusn/acraigslistNashville, TNToyota prius for parts only
2013Prius c Two (Hatchback)n/a10943craigslistNew Orleans, LA2013 Toyota Prius c Hatchback Two (New Orleans, LA)
2015Prius Three (Hatchback)n/a26790craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Three (Fairfield, CA)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25225craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2011Prius II (Hatchback)free login11500craigslistPortland, ORToyota Prius 2011 Trim II (Portland, OR)
2011Priusn/a9850craigslistGrand Rapids, MI2011 Toyota Prius (Jenison)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25630craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2007Priusn/a4900craigslistBuffalo, NYTOYOTA PRIUS 2007 (TONAWANDA)
Priusn/a15000craigslistNashville, TNToyota Prius (nashville)
2009Priusn/a7490craigslistAtlanta, GA2009 TOYOTA PRIUS
2008Priusn/a7300craigslistMyrtle Beach, SC2008 TOYOTA PRIUS (MYRTLE BEACH)
2015Prius Five (Hatchback)n/a24000craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Five 44528A (Walnut Creek, CA)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25630craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2010Priusn/a15000craigslistSpokane, WA2010 Toyota Prius (5 mile)
2006Priusn/a5500craigslistTreasure Coast, FL2006 TOYOTA PRIUS (VERO BEACH)
2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a25225craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Two (Fairfield, CA)
2014Prius c Two (Hatchback)n/a16990craigslistReading, PA2014 Toyota Prius C TWO
2010Prius III (Hatchback)n/acraigslistWashington, DC2010 Toyota Prius III sale or trade
2015Prius Four (Hatchback)n/a29460craigslistSan Francisco, CA2015 Toyota Prius Four (Fairfield, CA)
2012Prius Five (Hatchback)n/acraigslistPortland, OR2012 Toyota Prius Five Silver (Milwaukie, OR)
2006Priusn/a1300craigslistMcAllen, TXTOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID