Toyota Prius in USA

This report shows 250 cars listed for sale in the past 10 hours.

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250 cars listed for sale in the past 10 hours - most prices between $1199 and $28525 .

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for sale2009Prius4009450craigslistSan Francisco, CA2009 Toyota Prius
for sale2014Prius c Two (Hatchback)86010995craigslistMinneapolis, MN2014 Toyota Prius c Two Black 29,860 miles. (Ramsey)
for sale2008Priusn/a3999craigslistLos Angeles, CA2008 Toyota prius (pomona)
for sale2008Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a2500craigslistSan Francisco, CA2008 Toyota Prius "Touring" (bernal heights)
for sale2013Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a18988craigslistSan Diego, CA2013 Toyota Prius Two (Carlsbad, CA)
for sale2006Priusn/a2500craigslistMaine, United States2006 Toyota Prius 105k (Windham)
for sale2004Priusn/a4995craigslistBoulder, CO2004 Used Toyota Prius (Boulder)
for sale2013Prius IV (Hatchback)n/a15999craigslistSeattle, WA2013 Toyota Prius IV LOCAL ONE OWNER CERTIFIED!!! (Covington)
for sale2007Prius1210005900craigslistAtlanta, GA2007 Toyota Prius Backup camera (Lawrenceville)
for sale2010Priusn/a10000craigslistSacramento, CA2010 Toyota Prius CLEAN TITLE (oroville)
for sale2010Priusn/a10000craigslistChico, CA2010 Toyota Prius CLEAN TITLE (Oroville)
for sale2008Priusn/a6300craigslistSan Juans / Skagit, WAtoyota prius (mt vernon)
for sale2008Priusn/a6300craigslistBellingham, WAtoyota prius (mt vernon)
for sale2008Priusn/a5000craigslistMinneapolis, MNToyota Prius 2008 For SALE!
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistSt Augustine, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistFort Lauderdale, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2011Prius940009000craigslistLittle Rock, AR2011 Toyota Prius (Conway)
for sale2006Priusn/a5295craigslistLos Angeles, CA2006 PRIUS CLEAN TITLE (SFV)
for sale2008Priusn/a5500craigslistSpace Coast, FLToyota Prius 2008 (Palmbay fl)
for sale2011Priusn/a3900craigslistChicago, IL2011 toyota prius
for sale2013Priusn/acraigslistVentura county, CA2013 Toyota Prius (Oxnard)
for salePriusn/a9000craigslistTucson, AZToyota Prius (tucson)
for sale2008Priusn/a3999craigslistSan Diego, CA2008 Toyota Prius hybrid (corona)
for sale2008Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a9688craigslistHonolulu, HI2008 TOYOTA PRIUS TOURING (Servco Auto Kauai)
for sale2008Prius5005850craigslistIthaca, NYToyoto Prius, 2008 (Ithaca)
for sale2014Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a19988craigslistSan Diego, CA2014 Toyota Prius Two (Carlsbad, CA)
for sale2012Prius Four (Hatchback)n/a20000craigslistSan Francisco, CA2012 Toyota Prius Four Blizzard White Pearl Solar Sunroof (San Jose)
for sale2010Prius1000008700craigslistLittle Rock, AR2010 Prius (Mountain Home)
for sale2011Prius9600011500craigslistLittle Rock, AR2011 Toyota Prius, 50 MPG! (Little Rock)
for sale2008Prius5004750craigslistHarrisonburg, VA2008 Toyota Prius (Staunton)
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistOcala, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistLakeland, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistJacksonville, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2009Priusn/a7995craigslistOrlando, FL2009 TOYOTA PRIUS
for sale2010Priusn/acraigslistLos Angeles, CA2010 Prius ll 90k $8200. (W. LA)
for sale2010Prius Persona Series Special Edition (Hatchback)1420008300craigslistLos Angeles, CA2010 Toyota Prius SPECIAL PRICE 8300$(2007,2008,2010,2011)
for sale2002Prius522500craigslistStockton, CA2002 TOYOTA PRIUS (LODI)
for sale2005Priusn/a4800craigslistCharleston, SC2005 Toyota Prius (North Charleston)
for salePrius1100004600craigslistSan Francisco, CAtoyota prius Hybrid low miles (san jose north)
for sale2010Prius IV (Hatchback)5450015200craigslistSan Diego, CA2010 Toyota Prius IV (Encinitas)
for sale2007Prius370007995craigslistHartford, CT2007 Toyota Prius - Low 37k Miles EXC (Cheshire)
for sale2007Prius370007995craigslistNew Haven, CT2007 Toyota Prius - Only 37k Miles (Cheshire)
for sale2009Prius Touring (Hatchback)860008000craigslistBoulder, CO2009 Toyota Prius Touring (Austin TX)
for sale2013Priusn/acraigslistVentura county, CA2013 Toyota Prius (Oxnard)
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistGainesville, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistDaytona, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2013Prius cn/a11500craigslistSpace Coast, FL2013 Toyota Prius C - REDUCED PRICE
for sale2004Prius252811craigslistIthaca, NY2004 Toyota Prius
for sale2010Prius1250006999craigslistWichita, KS2010 Toyota Prius
for salePriusn/a16500craigslistCorvallis, ORToyota Prius (Yachats, Oregon)
for sale2002Prius1430002200craigslistAustin, TX2002 Toyota Prius 143,000 Miles (Lakeway)
for salePriusn/a16500craigslistEugene, ORToyota Prius Hybrid 3 (Yachats, Oregon)
for sale2009Prius455400craigslistTreasure Coast, FL09 Toyota Prius Hybrid (Sebastian)
for sale2011Prius8000010900craigslistHuntsville, AL11 TOYOTA HYBRID PRIUS (Scottsboro)
for sale2001Priusn/a1800craigslistProvidence, RI2001 Toyota Prius (Seekonk)
for salePriusn/a4300craigslistProvidence, RIPrius (Attleboro)
for sale2005Prius800007500craigslistSan Francisco, CA2005 Toyota Prius (berkeley)
for sale2006Priusn/a4700craigslistJonesboro, AR06 Toyota Prius Hybrid
for sale2013Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a15995craigslistSan Francisco, CA2013 Toyota Prius Two - Call Now 510-582-8000 (hayward)
for sale2009Priusn/a8980craigslistPensacola, FL2009 TOYOTA PRIUS (FOLEY/GULF SHORES AL)
for sale2004Prius1800002800craigslistGreensboro, NC2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid (Greensboro)
for sale2009Priusn/a8980craigslistGulfport, MS2009 TOYOTA PRIUS (FOLEY/GULF SHORES AL)
for sale2009Priusn/a8980craigslistMobile, AL2009 TOYOTA PRIUS (FOLEY/GULF SHORES AL)
for sale2007Priusn/a6995craigslistSan Diego, CA2007 TOYOTA PRIUS (PACIFIC BEACH)
for sale2003Priusn/a4500craigslistFresno, CAToyota Prius Hybrid (Fresno, CA)
for sale2011Prius II (Hatchback)1260009495craigslistMinneapolis, MN2011 Toyota Prius II Hybrid Hatchback (Osseo)
for sale2009Priusn/a5200craigslistMonterey Bay, CA2009 Prius 42 to 47 mpg! (Soledad)
for sale2005Priusn/a6300craigslistCorvallis, ORToyota Prius 2005 50mpg (Vancouver Wa)
for sale2010Priusn/a9700craigslistSan Diego, CA2010 toyota prius (carlsbad)
for sale2008Priusn/acraigslistOrlando, FL2008 toyota prius (Kirkman Rd)
for sale2007Priusn/a4000craigslistRedding, CA2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid
for sale2005Prius1090002000craigslistAnchorage, AK2005 Prius needs hybrid battery (Anchorage)
for sale2008Priusn/a4100craigslistOrange county, CA2008 Toyota Prius (any)
for sale2015Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a19591craigslistMacon, GA2015 Toyota Prius Two Hatchback (Autonation ***Financing Available***)
for sale2013Prius cn/a14500craigslistIthaca, NY2013 Toyota Prius C, Certified Pre-Owned (Ithaca)
for sale2003Prius Base (Sedan)n/a2800craigslistKansas City, MO2003 Toyota Prius Sedan Hybrid 4d /w clean title (opks)
for sale2005Prius100004000craigslistTampa, FL2005 Prius
for sale2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a7300craigslistSan Diego, CA2007 Toyota Prius (Touring edition) (San Diego)
for sale2006Prius50004400craigslistSan Diego, CA2006 Prius (14490 Olde Hwy 80)
for sale2011Prius8000010900craigslistChattanooga, TN2011 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID (SCOTTSBORO,AL)
for sale2007Prius2170002995craigslistSan Marcos, TXToyota, Prius 2007 (new braunfels,Tx)
for salePriusn/a3900craigslistMedford, ORToyota Prius (Medford)
for sale2010Prius II (Hatchback)490005000craigslistNew York City, NY2010 TOYOTA PRIUS II HYBRID AUTOMATIC, AIR, 49K MILES, CLEAN TITLE
for sale2010Prius II (Hatchback)n/a12493craigslistDenver, CO2010 Toyota Prius 5dr HB II Hatchback (*Toyota* *Prius*)
for sale2010Priusn/a7500craigslistKansas City, MO2010 Toyota Prius 11 (North KC)
for sale2014Prius Base (Sedan)n/a19747craigslistBend, OR2014 Toyota Prius Sedan Prius Toyota (2014 Toyota Prius)
for sale2013Prius c Four (Hatchback)n/a14490craigslistFt Collins, CO2013 Toyota Prius C Four (Fort Collins)
for sale2013Priusn/a13995craigslistFayettville, AR2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid
for sale2008Priusn/a4900craigslistPhoenix, AZ2008 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID (PHOENIX)
for sale2008Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a4600craigslistNew York City, NY2008 toyota prius touring fully loaded
for sale2013Priusn/acraigslistJacksonville, FL2013 TOYOTA PRIUS
for sale2012Prius Two (Hatchback)n/a10995craigslistMinneapolis, MN2012 Toyota Prius Two (Farmington)
for sale2013Prius Three (Hatchback)n/a18366craigslistDenver, CO2013 Toyota Prius 5dr HB Three Hatchback (*Toyota* *Prius*)
for sale2011Prius I (Hatchback)n/a10900craigslistDenver, CO2011 Toyota Prius Prius I (
for sale2011Prius Three (Hatchback)44413875craigslistSeattle, WA2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid lll Three 3 (36,444 Miles) (Toyota Prius Hybrid)
for sale2013Prius4100015500craigslistJackson, MS2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid (Florence)
for sale2013Prius Four (Hatchback)n/a13976craigslistMichigan (northern), MI2013 Toyota Prius Four (2013 Toyota Prius Four)
for sale2005Priusn/a7000craigslistSacramento, CA2005 Toyota Prius (Sacramento)
for sale2010Prius III (Hatchback)n/a7950craigslistNew Jersey (southern), NJ2010 TOYOTA PRIUS III Hybrid LOADED JBL
for sale2003Priusn/a1199craigslistLa Salle, IL2003 Toyota Prius (Tonica, IL)
for sale2003Priusn/a3750craigslistPhiladelphia, PA2003 Toyota Prius (Gardenville, PA)
for sale2006Prius29211500craigslistMadison, WI2006 Toyota Prius (madison)
for sale2006Prius2020005900craigslistRiverside, CA2006 TOYOTA PRIUS (RANCHO CUCAMONGA)
for sale2002Priusn/a2700craigslistSacramento, CA'02 Toyota Prius, Excellent! (Napa)
for sale2007Priusn/a7900craigslistFort Lauderdale, FL2007 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID
for sale2014Prius Plug-inn/a21600craigslistSan Francisco, CA2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in With Sticker (Ladera Ranch)
for sale2011Prius609750craigslistMinneapolis, MN2011 Toyota Prius (New Hope)
for sale2011Prius1440008900craigslistGrand Rapids, MI2011 Toyota Prius (Plainwell)
for sale2011Prius Three (Hatchback)8000012700craigslistFlagstaff, AZ2011 Toyota Prius Three Model (Sedona)
for sale2016Prius Two (Hatchback)n/acraigslistWyoming, United States2016 Toyota Prius Two (For sale at Cheyenne on Jul 25)
for sale2012Prius V9944210500craigslistMemphis, TN2012 Toyota Prius V (North Little Rock)
for sale2012Prius V9944210500craigslistLittle Rock, AR2012 Toyota Prius V (North Little Rock)
for sale2012Priusn/a12995craigslistFort Wayne, IN2012 Toyota Prius (Fort Wayne)
for sale2008Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a7000craigslistSan Francisco, CA2008 Toyota Prius Touring (berkeley)
for sale2015Prius400022500craigslistWichita, KS2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid (North Wichita)
for sale2004Prius2600001600craigslistSacramento, CA2004 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID (N HIGHLANDS)
for sale2012Prius III (Hatchback)6000013299craigslistPortland, OR2012 Toyota Prius III (Lake Oswego)
for sale2012Prius Plug-inn/a17469craigslistBoulder, CO2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In (For sale at Longmont on Jul 25)
for sale2009Priusn/a4400craigslistNew York City, NYToyota prius 2009
for sale2007Priusn/a4400craigslistNew York City, NYToyota prius 2007
for sale2012Priusn/a16500craigslistMonterey Bay, CA2012 Toyota Prius (Seaside)
for sale2005Priusn/a3800craigslistBoston, MA2005 toyota prius (South attleboro)
for sale2009Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a4999craigslistAlbany, NY09 TOYOTA PRIUS TOURING 204k VERY GOOD CONDITION (Liverpool)
for sale2005Prius980006800craigslistKnoxville, TN2005 Toyota Prius with 98K miles (Westland)
for sale2009Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a4999craigslistRochester, NY09 TOYOTA PRIUS TOURING 204k VERY GOOD CONDITION (Liverpool)
for sale2009Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/a4999craigslistWatertown, NY09 TOYOTA PRIUS TOURING 204k VERY GOOD CONDITION (Liverpool)
for sale2008Prius1190007450craigslistCharlotte, NC2008 Toyota Prius 119k miles
for sale2013Prius Persona Series Special Edition (Hatchback)5500012000craigslistBellingham, WA2013 TOYOTA PRIUS, FULLY LOADED.SPECIAL EDITION, (FERNDALE)
for sale2010Priusn/a8800craigslistChicago, IL2010 Toyota Prius 4-Cyl, Hybrid (NW Subrubs)
for sale2007Priusn/a6200craigslistAtlanta, GA2007 Toyota Prius (ROSWELL)
for sale2002Priusn/a2600craigslistSacramento, CA2002 Toyota Prius hybrid
for sale2004Priusn/a4995craigslistLos Angeles, CA2004 TOYOTA PRIUS CLEAN! (North Hollywood)
for sale2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)n/acraigslistNew Jersey (southern), NJ2007 TOYOTA PRIUS HB TOURING (SOUTH NJ)
for sale2008Priusn/a4990craigslistFresno, CA2008Toyota Prius
for sale2008Prius Touring (Hatchback)1180008500craigslistCleveland, OH2008 toyota prius touring must go! best offer (cleveland)
for sale2011Prius910008000craigslistTucson, AZ2011 toyota prius (Sahuarita)
for sale2007Priusn/a3200craigslistWaco, TX2007 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID (KAUFMAN)
for sale2005Prius1570004999craigslistNashville, TN2005 Toyota Prius hybrid clean title
for sale2010Prius21310950craigslistPortland, OR!! 2010 Toyota Prius CLEAN !! (Gresham)
for sale2013Priusn/a9950craigslistEugene, OR2013 Prius, clean title (West Eugene)
for sale2009Prius620007800craigslistJacksonville, FL2009 Toyota Prius 62k Miles (Jacksonville)
for sale2010Priusn/a5600craigslistEl Paso, TX2010 Toyota Prius
for sale2005Prius1440004500craigslistDelaware, United States2005 TOYOTA PRIUS
for sale2007Priusn/a4500craigslistTerre Haute, IN2007 Toyota Prius (Terre Haute (North side))
for sale2014Prius cn/a9980craigslistLos Angeles, CAlike new 2014 prius C Hybrid
for sale2015Priusn/a26000craigslistOrange county, CAToyota Prius 2015 (Redwood City)
for sale2005Priusn/a4995craigslistKansas City, MO2005 TOYOTA PRIUS (Jay Wolfe Outlet)
for sale2008Prius950007895craigslistPhoenix, AZ2008 Toyota Prius low miles (Sun Lakes)
for sale2015Prius Four (Hatchback)n/a16989craigslistWashington, DC2015 Toyota Prius Four SKU:USA2116 Toyota Prius Four Hatchback
for sale2004Prius1630004000craigslistHarrisonburg, VA2004 Prius (Grottoes)
for sale2007Priusn/a4000craigslistLexington, KYRed 2007 Prius-- 40+ MPG (Chevy Chase)
for sale2004Priusn/a6600craigslistHumboldt county, CA04 Toyota Prius (Fortuna)
for sale2005Prius1530003300craigslistHouston, TXTOYOTA PRIUS "06 CLEAN TITLE (SPRING)
for sale2010Prius III (Hatchback)n/a13992craigslistSeattle, WA2010 Toyota Prius III Sedan Prius Toyota (2010 Toyota Prius III)
for sale2007Priusn/a5500craigslistSavannah, GA07 Toyota Prius hybrid 45mpg city (Savannah)
for sale2005Prius2660003000craigslistPortland, OR2005 Prius (Toledo, WA)
for sale2012Prius II (Hatchback)9000012000craigslistLos Angeles, CA2012 Toyota Prius II Clean Title, Excellent Condition (Los Angeles)
for sale2008Prius2030005500craigslistAugusta, GA2008 Toyota Prius (Belvedere)
for sale2010Prius2200004950craigslistOcala, FL2010 TOYOTA PRIUS
for sale2011Priusn/a7300craigslistOrlando, FL2011 Toyota Prius (orlando)
for sale2011Priusn/a6900craigslistOrlando, FL2011 Toyota Prius (Orlando)
for sale2008Prius480002500craigslistBaltimore, MD08 Toyota Prius COLD AC
for sale2003Priusn/a3989craigslistRiverside, CA2003 Toyota clean title prius
for sale2002Prius420004950craigslistMuskegon, MI2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid low miles (muskegon)
for sale2006Priusn/a6988craigslistLos Angeles, CA2006 Toyota Prius
for sale2007Priusn/a4900craigslistPhoenix, AZ2007 Toyota prius (mesa)
for sale2008Prius90000craigslistLos Angeles, CAtoyota prius 2008 parts (lancaster ca)
for sale2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)1440006500craigslistRacine, WI2007 Toyota Prius *144k Miles* (Prius 5dr HB Touring (Natl))
for sale2013Prius cn/acraigslistSeattle, WA2013 TOYOTA PRIUS C
for sale2007Prius Touring (Hatchback)1440006500craigslistMilwaukee, WI2007 Toyota Prius *144k Miles* (Prius 5dr HB Touring (Natl))
for sale2013Prius One (Hatchback)n/a15995craigslistSan Francisco, CA2013 Toyota Prius One (daly city)
for sale2005Priusn/a3700craigslistRochester, NY2005 TOYOTA PRIUS (Rochester, NY)
for sale2005Priusn/a3700craigslistRochester, NY2005 TOYOTA PRIUS (Rochester, NY)
for sale2011Prius III (Hatchback)n/acraigslistOrange county, CA2011 Toyota Prius III Gold (SPECIAL FINANCE on Toyota Prius)