Studebaker in Sacramento, CA

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For Sale1964Studebaker45869
18990cars.comSacramento, CAStudebaker Gran Turismo Hawk VIN: 64V2059
For Salechampionn/a
13000offerupSacramento, CA1940 studebaker champion
For SalePresidentn/a
19500craigslistSacramento, CA1955 Studebaker President
For Sale1951Studebaker3146
34990cars.comSacramento, CAStudebaker VIN: R113488
For SaleStudebakern/a
2800offerupSacramento, CA1949 Studebaker
For SaleStudebakern/a
1500offerupSacramento, CA1949 Studebaker pick up
For SaleLarkn/a
5200craigslistSacramento, CA1960 lark H/T
8000eBaySacramento, CA1952 Studebaker 1952 Studebaker Champion
For SaleHawk-Seriesn/a
5200craigslistSacramento, CAGT HAWK, by Studebaker 1962
For SaleStudebakern/a
21000craigslistSacramento, CAclassic cars 1952 studebaker
For SaleLarkn/a
7000craigslistSacramento, CA1960 Studebaker Lark Hot Rod
For SaleHawk-Seriesn/a
80000craigslistSacramento, CA2018 Track Hawk
For SaleStudebakern/a
29500craigslistSacramento, CA1948 Studebaker Hot Rod
For SaleLarkn/a
1500craigslistSacramento, CA1960 Studebaker Lark
For SaleStudebakern/a
21000craigslistSacramento, CAclassic cars 1952 studebaker
For SaleStudebakern/a
21000craigslistSacramento, CA52 Studebaker starliner
For SaleStudebakern/a
26000craigslistSacramento, CA1952 studebaker convertible custom
For SaleLarkn/a
4500craigslistSacramento, CA1960 Studebaker Lark 2-Door Hardtop
For SaleHawk-Seriesn/a
89950craigslistSacramento, CA2018 Track Hawk
For SaleStudebakern/a
9800craigslistSacramento, CA1952 Studebaker
For SaleLarkn/a
5500craigslistSacramento, CA1960 Studebaker Lark 2-Door Hardtop
For SaleLarkn/a
8000craigslistSacramento, CA1960 Studebaker Lark Hot Rod
For SaleStudebakern/a
24000craigslistSacramento, CA52 Studebaker starliner
For SaleStudebakern/a
1400craigslistSacramento, CA1950 Studebaker 2R Pickup
For SaleStudebakern/a
4000craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker Scotsman C Cab
For SaleStudebakern/a
38000craigslistSacramento, CA1957 STUDEBAKER GOLDENHAWK
For Salechampionn/a
28000craigslistSacramento, CA1953 Studebaker Champion
For SaleHawk-Seriesn/a
23500craigslistSacramento, CA1963 Studebaker GT Hawk
For SaleStudebakern/a
28500craigslistSacramento, CA1933 Studebaker custom rat rod
For SaleAvantin/a
12345craigslistSacramento, CA1963 Avanti Sell or trade
For SaleStudebakern/a
5000craigslistSacramento, CA1939 Studebaker Coupe Project Car
For SaleStudebakern/a
10600craigslistSacramento, CA1953 Studebaker Starliner 2dr hardtop
For SaleCommandern/a
2500craigslistSacramento, CA1964 Studebaker Commander (Rare Vehicle)
For SaleLarkn/a
8500craigslistSacramento, CA1960 Studebaker Lark Hot Rod
For SaleAvantin/a
15250craigslistSacramento, CA1963 Studebaker Avanti R-1
For Sale1950championn/a
15000craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker Champion
For Sale1964Avantin/a
36800craigslistSacramento, CA*** 1964 AVANTI *** SELL / TRADE
For Sale1939Studebakern/a
6500craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker Coupe Project Car
For Sale1946Studebakern/a
1500craigslistSacramento, CAstudebaker m-16 truck
For Sale2008Presidentn/a
3800craigslistSacramento, CAGolf Cart-New Batteries/Service “Club Car President”
For Sale1962Hawk-Seriesn/a
8400craigslistSacramento, CAstude, gt Hawk
For SaleHawk-Seriesn/a
28000craigslistSacramento, CAMasco Parking lot sweeper, Nite-Hawk,Tymco
For SaleLarkn/a
1100craigslistSacramento, CALark studebaker
For Sale1953Studebakern/a
2500craigslistSacramento, CAstudebaker truck
For Sale1947Studebakern/a
1947craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker M16. $2000 obo
For Sale1934Studebakern/a
9500craigslistSacramento, CAstudebaker
For Sale1950Studebakern/a
22000craigslistSacramento, CAstudebaker P/u & SS chevelle
For SaleStudebakern/a
2750craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker truck
For Sale1952Studebakern/a
10900craigslistSacramento, CAstudebaker champ
For SaleStudebaker165000
4500craigslistSacramento, CASTUDEBAKER
For Sale1950championn/a
14800craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker Champion Coupe
For Sale1957Hawk-Seriesn/a
12500craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker Silver Hawk
For Sale1925Studebakern/a
2880craigslistSacramento, CARestoration Project - 1925 Studebaker
For Sale1948Studebakern/a
15200craigslistSacramento, CAStudebaker. Very Nice...