Scion in Riverside, CA

100 cars listed for sale, 35 listed in the past 7 days.Including 5 recent sales prices for comparison.

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For SaletC Base (Hatchback)n/a
10000eBayRiverside, CA2012 Scion tC Base 2012 scion tc
For SaleiMn/a
12500offerupRiverside, CA2016 Scion IM
For Sale2014xD29703
15900certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion xD STD
For Sale2013FR-S19413
20288cars.comRiverside, CAUsed 2013 Scion FR-S Used 2013 Scion FR-S
For Sale2015FR-S22248
23995autotraderRiverside, CANew 2015 Scion FR-S
12000eBayRiverside, CA2014 Scion tC 2014 Scion TC two doors
For Sale2012xD32000
8999craigslistRiverside, CASCION XD HETCH BACK BUR
For SaletC Base (Hatchback)n/a
12000eBayRiverside, CA2012 Scion tC Base 2012 scion tc
For SaletC184000
3500offerupRiverside, CA2006 Scion TC
For Sale2015tC28689
16755certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion tC STD
For Sale2009tC88932
8577cars.comRiverside, CAUsed 2009 Scion tC Used 2009 Scion tC
For Sale2012tC67311
12950autotraderRiverside, CAUsed 2012 Scion tC
For Sale2010tCn/a
5500craigslistRiverside, CATOYOTA SCION TC
For SalexBn/a
3000eBayRiverside, CA2006 Scion xB 2006 Scion XB
For SaleFR-Sn/a
12500offerupRiverside, CA2015 Scion FR-S 1.5
For Sale2014xB29172
15995certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion xB STD
For Sale2008xB105317
7990autotraderRiverside, CAUsed 2008 Scion xB
For Sale2016FR-S27000
16000craigslistRiverside, CASport 2016 Scion FRS Coupe
For SaleFR-Sn/a
9200offerupRiverside, CA2013 Scion Fr-s Manual
For Sale2015xB21145
17595certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion xB STD
For Sale2007tC107000
5700autotraderRiverside, CAUsed 2007 Scion tC
2125eBayRiverside, CAScion: tC 2006 Scion tC EXCELLENT CONDITION
For Sale2007tCn/a
3800craigslistRiverside, CASCION TC
For SalexB61000
3700offerupRiverside, CA2005 Scion Xb
For Sale2014xB46238
15995certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion xB STD
For Sale2013xD61239
12995autotraderRiverside, CAUsed 2013 Scion xD
For Sale2006tC201000
3200craigslistRiverside, CAScion Tc // Trd
For SaletC184000
2300offerupRiverside, CAScion 2006 tc Asking 2300
For Sale2014xD55555
12755certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion xD STD
For SalexBn/a
2900craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB
For SalexBn/a
4000offerupRiverside, CAToyota Scion xB 2006
For Sale2015xB24902
16495certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion xB STD
For Sale2013FR-Sn/a
14999craigslistRiverside, CAScion FR-S Coupe
For Sale2013FR-Sn/a
For SalexA177
3000offerupRiverside, CA2005 Scion XA
For Sale2014tC41489
16195certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion tC STD
For Sale2012xDn/a
1000craigslistRiverside, CASCION XD $1000 ENGANCHE !!!
For Sale2013FR-Sn/a
21000eBayRiverside, CAScion: FR-S 2013 scion fr s
For SalexAn/a
2400offerupRiverside, CA2006 scIon xa
For Sale2015tC39058
17495certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion tC STD
For Sale2008tCn/a
5700craigslistRiverside, CAscion tc 2 door one owner clean title
For Sale2006xBn/a
4500eBayRiverside, CAScion: xB 2006 scion xb series 3.0
For SaletCn/a
1500offerupRiverside, CA2015 Scion TC
For Sale2015tC26096
17499certifiedcars.comRiverside, CAScion tC STD
For Sale2007tC163000
3300craigslistRiverside, CAscion tC
For SaletCn/a
2500offerupRiverside, CAScion tC 2008
For Sale2012iQn/a
For SaletCn/a
4950offerupRiverside, CA2010 Scion tc
For Sale2005tC134000
3600craigslistRiverside, CAScion Tc
For Sale2005xAn/a
4500eBayRiverside, CAScion: xA 2005 scion xa
For SaleFR-Sn/a
200offerupRiverside, CAFrs stocks
For Sale2006tCn/a
4299craigslistRiverside, CAscion TC toyota
For SaleFR-S45000
16999offerupRiverside, CA2014 Scion FR-S
For SaletC100000
For Sale2012tC42000
6500craigslistRiverside, CAToyota Scion tC 2012
For SaleFR-S171
16999offerupRiverside, CA2014 FR-S SCION
For Sale2004xB190000
2300craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB Automatic
For SalexB530
10750offerupRiverside, CA2013 Scion XB
For SaletCn/a
1500offerupRiverside, CAScion TC
For Sale2006xB122000
3700craigslistRiverside, CAscion XB
For SaletCn/a
4200offerupRiverside, CA2007 Scion tC
For Sale2007tC4000
4500craigslistRiverside, CASCION TC!70,000 Orginal Miles,1 Owner,CLEAN,Auto!
For SaletC Base (Hatchback)n/a
11495offerupRiverside, CA2012 SCION TC BASE
For Sale2014FR-Sn/a
14500craigslistRiverside, CAScion Fr-s 2014
For SalexB Base (Wagon)n/a
8995offerupRiverside, CA2011 SCION XB BASE
For Sale2011tC90000
5700craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC
For SaletC100000
For Sale2013xB37000
For SalexB146000
3500offerupRiverside, CA2004 Scion XB
For SaletC136000
2999offerupRiverside, CA2008 Scion TC 136k Miles
For Sale2009tCn/a
5500craigslistRiverside, CAScion tc
For SalexB160000
5500offerupRiverside, CAGrey Scion xB for sale or trade
For Sale2004xBn/a
For Sale2008xBn/a
2300craigslistRiverside, CAToyota SCION xb
For Sale2006Scionn/a
3500craigslistRiverside, CAscion x6
For Sale2012tCn/a
10950craigslistRiverside, CA*Scion* *tC* Sport Coupe -LOW PAYMENTS!
For Sale2007tCn/a
4500craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC Hatchback
For SalexB276000
2700craigslistRiverside, CAScion xb
For Sale2005xBn/a
4000craigslistRiverside, CAScion xb
For Sale2005xBn/a
4000craigslistRiverside, CAScion xb
For Sale2005xBn/a
4000craigslistRiverside, CAScion xb
For Sale2015tCn/a
16855craigslistRiverside, CA*Scion* *tC* WE HAVE ALL TYPES OF FINANCING AVAILABLE
For Sale2004xB228000
2350craigslistRiverside, CAscion xb
For SaletC132000
4500craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC
For Sale2009xBn/a
5200craigslistRiverside, CASCION XB CLEAN !!
For Sale2006xBn/a
For Sale2006xBn/a
3800craigslistRiverside, CAScion XB Very Clean