Scion in Riverside, CA

100 cars listed for sale, 95 listed in the past 7 days.

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For Sale2016iM Base (Hatchback)14773
15000cars.comRiverside, CAScion iM Base VIN: JTNKARJE4GJ500702
For SaletC Base (Hatchback)n/a
10000eBayRiverside, CA2012 Scion tC Base 2012 scion tc
For Sale2006xB167000
For SaletC192000
3000offerupRiverside, CA2006 scion tc
For Sale2015tC26610
15500cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKJF5C72FJ000473
For SaletC Base (Hatchback)n/a
12000eBayRiverside, CA2012 Scion tC Base 2012 scion tc
For SalexDn/a
4750craigslistRiverside, CAScion xD
For SaletCn/a
3900offerupRiverside, CA2008 toyota Scion Tc
For Sale2015tC28177
15800cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKJF5C79FJ003810
For Sale2006Scionn/a
3500craigslistRiverside, CAScion
For SalexB118000
7500offerupRiverside, CA2011 scion xb
For Sale2015tC Base (Hatchback)8000
17000cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC Base VIN: JTKJF5C75FJ013556
For Sale2010xB Base (Wagon)n/a
2010craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB Base 4dr Wagon 4A
For SaleScionn/a
3950offerupRiverside, CA05 TOYOTA SCION LOW MILES
For Sale2015xB14000
15500cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB VIN: JTLZE4FE4FJ078629
For Sale2014tCn/a
2014craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC
For SaletC205000
2000offerupRiverside, CA2006 Scion tC
For Sale2015FR-S Base (Coupe)52000
17499cars.comRiverside, CAScion FR-S Base VIN: JF1ZNAA11F8707324
For Sale2007tCn/a
4000craigslistRiverside, CAscion TC manual ,clean title,
For SaleScionn/a
3950offerupRiverside, CA05 TOYOTA SCION
For Sale2012tC63699
12998cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKJF5C78C3041996
For Sale2013tCn/a
7000craigslistRiverside, CAscion tc
For SalexB180000
3000offerupRiverside, CA2006 Scion XB
For Sale2014xB45866
13200cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB VIN: JTLZE4FE0EJ054150
For Sale2005tCn/a
3950craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC Sport Coupe EVERYONE IS APPROVED!
For SaletCn/a
4499offerupRiverside, CAScion TC 2009 salvage
For Sale2010tC84020
6595cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKDE3B76A0321498
For Sale2015FR-Sn/a
2015craigslistRiverside, CAScion FR-S
For SalexAn/a
2350offerupRiverside, CA2006 Scion xa
For Sale2015FR-S Base (Coupe)40428
19599cars.comRiverside, CAScion FR-S Base VIN: JF1ZNAA19F8700931
For SaletC102000
4900offerupRiverside, CA2008 Toyota Scion TC
For Sale2008xB45000
8339cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB VIN: JTLKE50E981014590
For Sale2015tCn/a
2015craigslistRiverside, CATOYOTA SCION TC
For SalexBn/a
5899offerupRiverside, CA2009 Scion XB
For Sale2008xD118839
8998cars.comRiverside, CAScion xD VIN: JTKKU10438J003995
For Sale2014tCn/a
11485craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC 10 Series
For SaletCn/a
2800offerupRiverside, CAScion tc 2006
For Sale2016iA Base (Sedan)24995
12750cars.comRiverside, CAScion iA Base VIN: 3MYDLBZV2GY131970
For Sale2010tCn/a
For SaletC147000
3450offerupRiverside, CA2007 Scion Tc automatic clean
For Sale2014xB Base (Wagon)26000
15600cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB Base VIN: JTLZE4FE9EJ066328
For Sale2007tC138000
4500craigslistRiverside, CAScion TC
For SaletCn/a
7000offerupRiverside, CAScion TC 2010 Low Miles:)
For Sale2005tC176536
5500cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKDE167350003522
For Sale2015xBn/a
2015craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB
For SalexBn/a
6500offerupRiverside, CAScion Xb 2008
For Sale2014tC30000
14477cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKJF5C78E3072961
For Sale2007tCn/a
6000craigslistRiverside, CAscion tc
For SaletC Spec (Hatchback)n/a
8495offerupRiverside, CA2008 scion tc spec CASH payments
For Sale2015tC34574
16500cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKJF5C70FJ010631
For SaletCn/a
4000craigslistRiverside, CABUY MY UGLY Scion tC... PLEASE (OBO)
For SaletCn/a
11500offerupRiverside, CA2014 SCION TC
For Sale2016iA Base (Sedan)7000
13500cars.comRiverside, CAScion iA Base VIN: 3MYDLBZV2GY125926
For Sale2012xBn/a
For SaletC Spec (Hatchback)n/a
8495offerupRiverside, CA2008 scion tc spec CASH TRADES
For Sale2014FR-S70888
13777cars.comRiverside, CAScion FR-S VIN: JF1ZNAA1XE9709159
For Sale2015FR-Sn/a
17999craigslistRiverside, CASCION FR-S STOCK #7832 (METRO AUTO LOAN) -
For SaletC200000
2500offerupRiverside, CA2006 Scion Tc
For Sale2014tC93890
8777cars.comRiverside, CAScion tC VIN: JTKJF5C74E3075114
For Sale2007tC147000
3650craigslistRiverside, CAScion TC automatic clean title coupe
For SaleScion200000
1900offerupRiverside, CAToyota scion 2006
For Sale2015FR-S15702
20000cars.comRiverside, CAScion FR-S VIN: JF1ZNAA10F9707289
For Sale2008xB134000
For SalexB179000
2800offerupRiverside, CA2006 Scion xB Extremely Clean
For Sale2015xB33211
14600cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB VIN: JTLZE4FE7FJ069763
For Sale2005tCn/a
For SaletC Spec (Hatchback)n/a
8495offerupRiverside, CA2008 scion tc spec - trades
For Sale2008xB87995
11599cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB VIN: JTLKE50E981049663
For Sale2011tCn/a
6800craigslistRiverside, CAScion tc
For SaleScion200000
2300offerupRiverside, CAScion 2006
For Sale2015xB13000
14800cars.comRiverside, CAScion xB VIN: JTLZE4FE2FJ076779
For Sale2012Scionn/a
6250craigslistRiverside, CAscion
For Sale2016iA Base (Sedan)5000
11498cars.comRiverside, CAScion iA Base VIN: 3MYDLBZV0GY128422
For Sale2015tCn/a
15777craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC - Call or TEXT! Financing Available!
For SaletCn/a
15777craigslistRiverside, CA*2015* *Scion* *tC* ** VIN: JTKJF5C70F3097015
For Sale2013FR-Sn/a
7500craigslistRiverside, CAScion FR-S 2013 clean title 6speed
For Sale2006tCn/a
4500craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC release series
For Sale2011tCn/a
2011craigslistRiverside, CAScion Toyota TC - Auto - w/18's Super Clean!!
For Sale2007tCn/a
3000craigslistRiverside, CAScion Tc
For Sale2016iMn/a
9800craigslistRiverside, CAScion iM
For Sale2015tCn/a
16742craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC Available Ram, Ford, Chevy, lifted 4x4
For Sale2014tCn/a
2014craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC
For Sale2013FR-Sn/a
7500craigslistRiverside, CAScion FR-S 2013 clean title 6speed
For Sale2010tCn/a
5000craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC
For Sale2010tC78000
6950craigslistRiverside, CAScion Tc low 78k Runs Excellent!
For Sale2005tCn/a
3200craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC with brand new motor, stereo system etc.
For Sale2014tCn/a
10000craigslistRiverside, CAScion tc
For Sale2012xBn/a
15995craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB * CLEAN CARS .. EASY FINANCING! *
For SaletCn/a
14777craigslistRiverside, CA*2014* *Scion* *tC* *2D Hatchback Coupe 4-Cyl 2.5L*
For Sale2015FR-Sn/a
2015craigslistRiverside, CAScion FR-S
For Sale2005tC183000
2700craigslistRiverside, CAToyota Scion tc 5 speed manual 2 door sports coupe
For Sale2012xBn/a
2012craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB
For Sale2010tCn/a
5700craigslistRiverside, CAScion tC
For Sale2012xBn/a
For Sale2005tCn/a
For SaletC145000
For SalexBn/a
1400craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB 04
For Sale2013xBn/a
7499craigslistRiverside, CAScion xB VERY CLEAN !!! GREAT MPG!!