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For Sale2016RX 350 Base (SUV)n/a
43991cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZZMCA3GC011935
For SaleRX 300153000
For Sale2016NX 200t13627
35989autotraderColumbia, SCCertified 2016 Lexus NX 200t VIN: JTJYARBZ6G2025660
SoldRX 300n/a
2800eBayColumbia, SC1999 Lexus RX Golf 1999 Lexus RX 300 V6 AWD
For Sale2002SC 430n/a
3053craigslistColumbia, SCLexus SC 430 Convertible RWD
For Sale2015IS 350 Base (Sedan)3340
33998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 350 Base VIN: JTHBE1D27F5022213
For SaleIS 250n/a
For Sale2014GX 46027522
49989autotraderColumbia, SCCertified 2014 Lexus GX 460 VIN: JTJJM7FX5E5070459
SoldRX 300n/a
2800eBayColumbia, SC1999 Lexus RX Golf 1999 Lexus RX 300 V6 AWD
For Sale2000LS 400n/a
2895craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS 400
For Sale2012ES 350 Base (Sedan)51000
19989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: JTHBK1EG4C2500216
For SaleGS Seriesn/a
For SaleIS 250180000
6999offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus IS250 AWD
For Sale2015NX 200t26234
35492autotraderColumbia, SCUsed 2015 Lexus NX 200t VIN: JTJBARBZ7F2013117
Sold1992SC 400n/a
3000eBayColumbia, SCLexus SC LEXUS SC 400
For Sale2001GS 300140000
3200craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS300
For Sale2015RX 350 Base (SUV)27473
31500cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2BK1BA8FC267122
For SaleLS 400n/a
2700offerupColumbia, SCLEXUS LS 400 SEDAN
For Sale2013ES 35063518
22971autotraderColumbia, SCUsed 2013 Lexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GG2D2014275
SoldRX 300n/a
2800eBayColumbia, SC1999 Lexus RX Golf 1999 Lexus RX 300 V6 AWD
For Sale2008IS 250102000
8300craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 102 mi, Excellent shape! Make an offer!
For Sale2016Lexus33000
59989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: JTHBL5EF5G5138946
For SaleES 350168000
4999offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus ES 350 Sedan V6
For Sale2006GS 300103506
15995autotraderColumbia, SCUsed 2006 Lexus GS 300 VIN: JTHCH96S060005399
SoldSC 430n/a
8450eBayColumbia, SC2005 Lexus SC 2005 Lexus sc430 sc 430
For Sale2010RX 350n/a
13000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 loaded
For Sale2007Lexus15000
10588cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: JTHBJ46G172003911
Sold1992SC 400n/a
2800eBayColumbia, SCLexus SC sc400
For Sale2008LS 460 L (Sedan)n/a
17700craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS LS 460L
For Sale2016ES 350 Base (Sedan)16000
36989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: JTHBK1GG4G2241374
For SaleIS 25046000
18000offerupColumbia, SC2014 Lexus IS250
For Sale1999LS 400n/a
2995craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS LS 400
For Sale2015GS 35040000
37989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 VIN: JTHBE1BL3FA003967
For SaleES 350n/a
1510offerupColumbia, SCALWAYS GARAGED2OO9 Lexus ES 350/Maintained!
For Sale2007GX 470134000
15000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GX470 with 134k miles!
For Sale2014Lexus31226
25100cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: JTHCF1D27E5013348
For SaleES 300n/a
3100offerupColumbia, SC2002 Lexus ES300
For Sale2007ES 350n/a
8799craigslistColumbia, SC*Lexus* *ES* 350 GOOD OR BAD CREDIT
For Sale2015GS 35051543
28700cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 VIN: JTHCE1BLXFA000665
For SaleES 350n/a
For Sale2001ES 300n/a
3000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES300
For Sale2014Lexus28106
26000cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: JTHBF1D21E5039326
For SaleSC 300n/a
800offerupColumbia, SC93 lexus sc300
For Sale2015Lexus26694
27450cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: JTHBK1GG1F2156913
For Sale2010GS 350n/a
12995craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS350
For Sale2015NX 200t F SPORT (SUV)28458
32900cars.comColumbia, SCLexus NX 200t F Sport VIN: JTJYARBZ4F2004028
For SaleRX Seriesn/a
2000offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus RX Sport
For SaleRX 350150000
9000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX350
For Sale2015RX 350 Base (SUV)26000
37989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZK1BA2FC174787
For SaleES 300n/a
4300offerupColumbia, SC2003 Lexus Es300
For Sale2008GS 350n/a
11995craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS350
For Sale2015ES 300h Base (Sedan)24636
30000cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 300h Base VIN: JTHBW1GG3F2088330
For SaleRX Series164000
8900offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus RX
For SaleIS 250n/a
2500craigslistColumbia, SCcleanconditionLexus IS 250
For Sale2015RC 350 Base (Coupe)33717
35000cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RC 350 Base VIN: JTHSE5BC2F5000154
For SaleGS Series183000
7500offerupColumbia, SC2006 Lexus GS
For Sale2014GX 46032200
38998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GX 460 VIN: JTJBM7FX4E5090125
For SaleGS 350126000
For Sale2005RX 330n/a
9950craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX330
For Sale2012RX 350 Base (SUV)82277
20994cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2BK1BA8CC126305
For SaleIS 300n/a
3600offerupColumbia, SC2003 Lexus is300
For Sale2008IS 250102000
8300craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 102 mi, Excellent shape! Make an offer!
For Sale2014IS 350 Base (Sedan)69540
29989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 350 Base VIN: JTHBE1D23E5004371
For SaleLexusn/a
4000offerupColumbia, SC2002 Lexus
For SaleIS 250n/a
12500craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS IS250 rear Wheel drive
For Sale2013LS 460 Base (Sedan)74582
31700cars.comColumbia, SCLexus LS 460 Base VIN: JTHCL5EF6D5019190
For SaleES 300200000
3000offerupColumbia, SC2003 Lexus ES300
For Sale2010RX 35065000
19999craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS RX 350 LOADED
For Sale2014Lexus48194
27500cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: JTHCE1D26E5000674
For Sale2010RX 35065000
19999craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS RX 350 LOADED
For Sale2015NX 200t4712
30998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus NX 200t VIN: JTJYARBZ7F2002791
For SaleLS 460n/a
2005offerupColumbia, SC1-Owner, Clean.2007 Lexus LS 460
For Sale2004Lexus85000
2500craigslistColumbia, SCLexus *EXCELENT CONDITION*
For Sale2015ES 35051076
24000cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GG7F2156107
For SaleES 300208000
3600offerupColumbia, SCLexus Es300
For Sale1999GS 300187000
7000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS300
For Sale2007IS 25090563
13599cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 VIN: JTHBK262X72028683
For SaleES 300183000
3650offerupColumbia, SC2000 Lexus Es300 platinum edition
For SaleSC 400n/a
2500craigslistColumbia, SCSC400 Lexus
For Sale2003RX 300139241
7900cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 300 VIN: JTJGF10U330164396
For SaleLexus86000
2000offerupColumbia, SC2008 lexus 86k miles performs like a new one. No leaks
For Sale1995LS 400n/a
1000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS400
For Sale2005RX 330n/a
9950craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX330
For Sale2008IS 250102000
8300craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 102 mi, Excellent shape! Make an offer!
For Sale2004RX 330100
10000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX330 AWD +++Low Miles+++
For SaleES 300n/a
1500craigslistColumbia, SC92' LEXUS ES300
For Sale2008ES 350130000
9200craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES350 OBO
For Sale2010RX 350133000
12900craigslistColumbia, SCRX350 LEXUS
For Sale2010RX 350133000
12900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX350
For Sale2000RX 300143000
5900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX300 VIN: JT6GF10U5Y0062258
For Sale2000GS 300n/a
1299craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS 300