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For Sale2014RX 350 Base (SUV)66421
25220cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: JTJZK1BAXE2010363
For Sale2002RX 300n/a
2002craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX300
For SaleLX Seriesn/a
3500offerupColumbia, SC2004 Crownvictor Lx
For Sale2017LS 460 Base (Sedan)30700
64991cars.comColumbia, SCLexus LS 460 Base VIN: JTHBL5EF9H5143441
For Sale2010IS 250n/a
2010craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS 250
For SaleLS 460n/a
2000offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus LS460
For Sale2017NX 200t F SPORT (SUV)1000
39991cars.comColumbia, SCLexus NX 200t F Sport VIN: JTJYARBZ8H2064588
For SaleGS Seriesn/a
For Sale2014RX 350n/a
2014craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS RX 350- EXCELLENT CONDITION nkhs
For SaleLS 460n/a
2000offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus LS460
For Sale2015ES 35052275
22300cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GG4F2168635
For Sale2005ES 330169000
4000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES330
For Sale2015ES 35041160
23800cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GG1F2184257
For Sale2011IS 25071000
11000craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS IS250. 71K. FULLY LOADED!!!
For Sale2016RX 350 Base (SUV)18139
37100cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZZMCA4GC015704
For Sale2000RX 300n/a
2000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX300
For Sale2016NX 200t F SPORT (SUV)8727
33998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus NX 200t F Sport VIN: JTJYARBZ2G2023792
For Sale2012GX 460n/a
21900craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS GX460 (1 Owner) VIN: JTJBM7FX2C5046900
For Sale2015RX 35032662
33998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 VIN: 2T2BK1BA2FC264281
For Sale2005ES 330169000
4000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES330
For Sale2015IS 25011190
26998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 VIN: JTHCF1D23F5029547
For SaleLexus111000
1550craigslistColumbia, SCColumbiaSC06 *Lexus*w/ Push*4dr Sport Sedan Automatic AWD
For Sale2015ES 35024376
25998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GGXF2160023
For Sale2007LS 460n/a
9300craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS 460
For SaleRX Seriesn/a
4200offerupColumbia, SC2002 Lexus RX
For Sale2015ES 35017226
26998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GG3F2156086
For Sale2002LS 430n/a
5400craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS-430. Beautiful Car. Reduced Price.
For SaleRX 300n/a
3900offerupColumbia, SC2001 Lexus Rx300
For Sale2015RX 350 Base (SUV)18788
36541cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZK1BA2FC188611
For Sale2007IS 250182000
6999craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS250 AWD
For SaleLexusn/a
1200offerupColumbia, SC1998 Lexus 300
For Sale2012CT 200h6000
14989cars.comColumbia, SCLexus CT 200h VIN: JTHKD5BH6C2105873
For Sale2006RX 400hn/a
7000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX400h AWD
For SaleES 350n/a
6900offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus ES350
For Sale2015GS 35017139
29998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 VIN: JTHBE1BL2FA007511
For SaleLexusn/a
1400offerupColumbia, SC2002 Lexus 300
For Sale2011RX 350 Base (SUV)93245
18991cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZK1BA5BC061040
For SaleGS 300n/a
3500offerupColumbia, SC1998 Lexus GS300
For Sale2017NX 200t Base (SUV)2353
36500cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RC 200t Base VIN: JTHHA5BC9H5006803
For Sale2002RX 300157000
6500craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX 300
For SaleIS 250n/a
10995offerupColumbia, SC2007 Lexus Is250
For Sale2015RX 350 Base (SUV)43490
32991cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZK1BA0FC167711
For Sale2002ES 300177000
4950craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES300
For SaleES 300156000
3850offerupColumbia, SC2003 Lexus ES300
For Sale2015ES 35036000
29591cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 VIN: JTHBK1GG5F2184648
For SaleRX 350n/a
2000offerupColumbia, SCClean 2007 Lexus RX350
For Sale2015GX 460 Base (SUV)35000
43951cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GX 460 Base VIN: JTJBM7FX8F5106960
For Sale2011IS 25066000
13700craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS IS250 (66k Miles) VIN: JTHBF5C22B5155283
For SaleGS 300118000
7500offerupColumbia, SC2006 gs300 Lexus
For Sale2012IS 250 Base (Sedan)744
17769cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 Base VIN: JTHBF5C22C5178936
For Sale2007IS 250n/a
For SaleIS 250n/a
8490offerupColumbia, SC2006 Lexus Is250
For Sale2014IS 350 C Base (Convertible)15314
41991cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 350C Base VIN: JTHFE2C22E2510798
For Sale2014IS 250n/a
23400craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 sedan Silver - FINANCE ONLINE
For SaleGX 470167000
6500offerupColumbia, SC2004 LEXUS GX470! FULLY LOADED!!!
For Sale2015GS 35035483
35731cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 VIN: JTHBE1BL1FA004650
For Sale1994ES 300180000
1500craigslistColumbia, SClexus es 300
For Sale2015GS 35051543
26000cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 VIN: JTHCE1BLXFA000665
For Sale2016ES 350 Base (Sedan)10739
31000cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: JTHBK1GG2G2218840
For Sale2003ES 300163000
2003craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES 300
For Sale2016NX 200t Base (SUV)19424
25600cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 200t Base VIN: JTHBA1D25G5002314
For Sale2002GS 300n/a
4495craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS 300
For Sale1994ES 300n/a
1500craigslistColumbia, SClexus es 300
For Sale2010ES 350n/a
2010craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS ES 350 3.5L
For Sale2004IS 300170000
3800craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS300 SportDesign
For Sale2007RX 350142000
7999craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX350 AWD
For Sale1996LS 400n/a
2995craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS 400
For Sale2002IS 300n/a
4200craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS300
For Sale2007IS 250n/a
5200craigslistColumbia, SCLexus Is250
For Sale2002RX 300n/a
6150craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX300
For Sale2004LS 430n/a
9995craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS 430
For Sale2008ES 350n/a
6000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES 350
For Sale2003IS 300n/a
5800craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS300
For Sale2003ES 300n/a
5550craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES300
For Sale1997ES 300287000
1500craigslistColumbia, SClexus es 300
For Sale2003IS 300 SportCross (Wagon)n/a
5500craigslistColumbia, SCLexus SportCross Rare
For Sale1994ES 300n/a
1500craigslistColumbia, SClexus es 300
For Sale2014IS 250n/a
For Sale2006GX 470n/a
10000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GX 470
For Sale2006GX 470n/a
10000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GX 470
For Sale1999LS 400n/a
2995craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS LS 400
For Sale2012RX 350 F Sport (SUV)n/a
20999craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS RX350 F-SPORT - $20,999 OR BEST OFFER!!!
For Sale2009LS 460100
14350craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS460 +++Great Interior+++
For Sale2012IS 25092000
13000craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS250