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For Sale2016GX 460 Base (SUV)49206
47673cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GX 460 Base VIN: JTJBM7FXXG5135796
For Sale2009RX 350170000
8800craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX350
For SaleES 330n/a
5600offerupColumbia, SCLexus ES 330. Good and clean car
For Sale2014CT 200h Premium (Hatchback)34300
19980cars.comColumbia, SCLexus CT 200h Premium VIN: JTHKD5BH5E2200637
For Sale1998ES 300180000
1950craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES 300
For Sale2015NX 200t Base (SUV)68676
32674cars.comColumbia, SCLexus NX 200t Base VIN: JTJYARBZ8F2006252
For SaleGS Seriesn/a
For Sale2006GS 300n/a
4900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS 300 VIN: JTHBH96S365041411
For SaleES Seriesn/a
1700offerupColumbia, SC01 LEXUS ES E300 $1700
For Sale2017Lexus9220
35200cars.comColumbia, SCLexus VIN: 58ABK1GG9HU076031
For Sale2014IS 250 Base (Sedan)76047
20495cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 Base VIN: JTHBF1D20E5018824
For Sale2003LS 430198000
3500craigslistColumbia, SClexus LS430 VIN: JTHBN30F330118319
For Sale2011LS 460 Base (Sedan)141332
13995cars.comColumbia, SCLexus LS 460 Base VIN: JTHBL5EF7B5107531
For SaleRX 350n/a
For Sale2015IS 350 Base (Sedan)29850
29730cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 350 Base VIN: JTHBE1D27F5019523
For Sale1998ES 300127000
For SaleES 300n/a
2500offerupColumbia, SC1996 lexus es300
For Sale2015IS 25036865
22530cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 VIN: JTHBF1D29F5066422
For Sale2017GX 460 Base (SUV)17190
51465cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GX 460 Base VIN: JTJBM7FX8H5172850
For Sale2012RX 350n/a
17900craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS RX350 AWD
For Sale2017ES 350 Base (Sedan)9613
33600cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: 58ABK1GG4HU067530
For Sale2008LS 460n/a
6900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS 460
For Sale2015IS 25038206
22500cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 VIN: JTHBF1D26F5076552
For SaleIS 300n/a
2500offerupColumbia, SC2005 Lexus is 300
For Sale2013GS 350 Base (Sedan)62927
21998cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 Base VIN: JTHBE1BL3D5006325
For Sale2013GS 350n/a
18990craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 Base 4dr Sedan ***FINANCING AVAILABLE***
For SaleRX 350n/a
2000offerupColumbia, SC2009 Lexus RX 350.leave me your email for more info
For Sale2013ES 350 Base (Sedan)98777
19476cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: JTHBK1GG2D2059832
For Sale2010RX 350n/a
2010craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 *Low 45$ Weekly Payments!*
For Sale2015IS 250 Base (Sedan)52146
26926cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 Base VIN: JTHBF1D25F5076011
For SaleRX 300n/a
For Sale2015RX 450h Base (SUV)51383
29600cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 450h Base VIN: 2T2BC1BAXFC002991
For SaleES 300208000
3600offerupColumbia, SCLexus Es300
For Sale2014ES 350 Base (Sedan)41759
26281cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: JTHBK1GG9E2137296
For Sale2000RX 300n/a
2995craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS RX300
For Sale2016NX 200t Base (SUV)38489
30763cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 200t Base VIN: JTHBA1D29G5021125
For SaleES Seriesn/a
2800offerupColumbia, SC05 Lexus es
For Sale2015RX 350 Base (SUV)41616
31963cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZK1BA9FC179968
For Sale2006GS 300141000
For SaleES 300n/a
4000offerupColumbia, SCLexus ES300
For Sale2017RX 350 Base (SUV)28716
46418cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZZMCA4HC040944
For SaleLS 400150000
For Sale2017RX 350 Base (SUV)15854
46451cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZZMCA7HC075073
For Sale2006GS 300141000
For Sale2015IS 250 Base (Sedan)39610
29350cars.comColumbia, SCLexus IS 250 Base VIN: JTHBF1D27F5069562
For Sale2007IS 350n/a
9500craigslistColumbia, SC(looks like 2014+ body) Lexus IS350
For SaleES 350n/a
24750offerupColumbia, SC2014 Lexus ES-350 4 Door
For Sale2015ES 350 Base (Sedan)42073
29963cars.comColumbia, SCLexus ES 350 Base VIN: JTHBK1GG4F2158414
For Sale2001GS 300n/a
7500craigslistColumbia, SCGS 300 Lexus
For Sale2015RX 350 Base (SUV)59378
30569cars.comColumbia, SCLexus RX 350 Base VIN: 2T2ZK1BA3FC196507
For Sale2005IS 300n/a
2500craigslistColumbia, SCLexus is 300
For Sale2015NX 200t Base (SUV)30131
32910cars.comColumbia, SCLexus NX 200t Base VIN: JTJYARBZXF2009105
For Sale2000RX 300n/a
5598craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX300 FWD With Traction Control Feature For Sale
For Sale2015GS 35013422
36796cars.comColumbia, SCLexus GS 350 VIN: JTHBE1BL2FA013583
For Sale2001IS 300156000
2550craigslistColumbia, SClexus IS 300
For Sale2006RX 330n/a
6900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus RX 330
For Sale2007IS 250187000
5999craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS250 AWD
For Sale2000GS 300n/a
1900craigslistColumbia, SClexus gs 300
For Sale2005LS 430135000
9900craigslistColumbia, SCLEXUS LS430
For SaleRX 350n/a
2100craigslistColumbia, SCStock RX mufflers Lexus RX350 ^&^ very delicate
For SaleLS 400150000
2600craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS400 - Only 150K miles
For SaleLexusn/a
7900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus
For SaleLS 400150000
2700craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS400- Only 150K miles
For Sale1996LS 400n/a
For Sale2016GX 460 Premium (SUV)n/a
46500craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GX 460 Premium 3rd row seats / sunroof
For Sale2005RX 330149000
7900craigslistColumbia, SCBeautiful Lexus RX 330 2005
For SaleES 300n/a
1800craigslistColumbia, SCLexus Es300
For SaleES 330n/a
3900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES 330
For SaleES 300192000
2450craigslistColumbia, SCLexus ES300
For Sale2006IS 250n/a
7900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus IS250
For Sale2000GS 300n/a
4900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus GS300
For Sale2006IS 350111000
For SaleLexusn/a
7900craigslistColumbia, SCLexus
For SaleLS 400150000
3300craigslistColumbia, SCLexus LS400- Only 150K miles