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Lexus rx330LEXUS NX 200t PREMIUM AUTOMATIC NAV,REARCAMERA LOADED CLEAN Ti***LEXUS GX 460 LUXURY SPORT 4X4 V8 AUTOMATIC,NAV,CAMERA,CLEAN TI***LEXUS IS 300 PREMIUM LUXURY AUTOMATIC,NAV,R CAMERA CLEAN TITLE***Lexus RX 450H (Hybrid) - rx450h - 450 h - CLEAN TITLELEXUS LS 460 AWDLEXUS LS 460 AWDLexus Ct200 HYBRID SPORTLexus 2015 IS350 F Sport w/63k Miles!LEXUS RX350 F SPORT SUV FAMILY ONE OWNER 42KMI CLEAN TITLE IN HANLexus RX 350 AWD All Wheel Drive SUVLexus RX 350 Base AWDSUVLexus GX470For Sale 2006 Lexus GS430Lexus rx350 2015 white with warranty low milesLexus GX 470 Sport UtilityLexus IS 250lexus is350 f sport clean titleLexus RX 350 (78K miles)lexus ES300h original owner excellent conditionLexus GS300Lexus RX 330 2002 285k milesLexus IS 250 Crafted Line AWD IS250 IS350 BAD CREDIT FINANCING!!!!Lexus IS 250 40K MILES IS250 IS350 LOADED BAD CREDIT FINANCING!!!!Lexus LS 460 LOADED LS460 LUXURY BAD CREDIT FINANCING!!!!LEXUS IS250 2.5L 4CYL, ONLY 78K MILES!!! MOON ROOF, NEW TIRESLexus LX 470 2003 SUVLEXUS ES330 / 128K MILES / FULLY LOADED / CLEAN TITLE / LOW MILESLexus LS 460 Crafted Line 4dr SedanLexus GS 350 , Great Carfax & Services, Loaded, Super SKU:24682 LLexus IS 250C 250 C 250-CLOW PRICE🎈BEAUTIFUL 2018 LEXUS ES350 LOADED! LOW MILES!LEXUS RX350Lexus RX RX 450h F Sport AWDLexus ES 350 GSV40L We Finance!! Easy Online Application!Lexus CT 200h F Sport Fully Loaded SKU:24709 Lexus CT 200h F SporLexus Es300lexus RX 350Lexus RX 330 AWD Low Miles 112K 1 Owner Camera Moonroof DVD SeLexus GS 350 F-Sport - SCHEDULE YOUR TEST DRIVE TODAY!IS250 F-Sport RWDLexus HS250h (hybrid)Lexus ES 350Lexus RX 350 AWD V6LEXUS IS 250 SEDAN 2.5L RWDLEXUS ES 350*ONE OWNER*BACKUP CAMERA*NAVIGATION*SUNROOF*WARRANTYLexus is350LEXUS IS 250*F SPORT*NAVI*BLUETOOTH*SUNROOF*WARRANTY INCL*LEXUS IS 250*F SPORT*NAVI*BLUETOOTH*SUNROOF*WARRANTY INCL*LEXUS ES 350*ONE OWNER*NAVIGATION*BACKUP CAM*SUNROOF*WARRANTYLexus GS 300LEXUS RX 350*ONE OWNER*BLUETOOTH*BACKUP CAM*FREE WARRANTY INCL*Lexus rx400 h AWD HybridLexus IS250LEXUS RX 350 SMALL SUV RELIABLE GAS SAVER CLEANLEXUS ES 350 low miles clean title well maintained reliableLexus ES 62K MileLexus RX350 AWD Sport 3.5L Very ReliableLEXUS ES350 / 138K MILES / SMOGGED / TAGGED / FULLY LOADEDLexus LS 430Lexus RX 350 With 31,000 Miles - Mark Levinson (1 Owner) RX350LEXUS ES300 VERY NICE LUXURY SEDANLEXUS RX400H AWD HYBRID LOADEDLEXUS GS300 LUXURY SEDANLEXUS RX300 AWD NICE SUVLexus ES - Financing Available!Lexus CT 200h Premium 4dr HatchbackLexus GX470$426/mo - 2015 Lexus NX 200t 200 t 200-t F SPORTCrossoverLexus RX 350 SUV RX350 AWD 4dr Lexus RX-350Lexus NX 200t hatchbackLexus NX 200t AGZ10L/AGZ15L/AYZ10L/AYZ15L - GOOD/BAD/NO CREDIT OK!LEXUS HS250h ( HYBRID )LEXUS ES350 WHITE $3000 DOWN! NO CREDIT CHECK! NO INT FINANCING!!Lexus SC 430 ConvertibleLEXUS RX 400 H AWD HYBRID 4D SUV $10,900 Call (408) 234 8397Lexus ES 350Lexus SC 430 Base 2dr ConvertibleLexus IS 200t, Mint!Lexus CT200h 106k miles new hybrid batteryLexus RX350 184k milesLEXUS RX450HLEXUS ES350 SILVER ON SILVER 3.5L V6 FWD luxury!LEXUS ES350 SILVER ON SILVER 3.5L V6 FWD luxury!Lexus LS 400 1996200020052010201545k40k35k30k25k20k15k10k5k0Model YearPrice ($USD)
Lexus rx330
craigslist -
$4,5002004RX 330-Sacramento, CA
$27,8952017NX 200t-Sacramento, CA
$33,8952017GX 460 Luxury (SUV)-Sacramento, CA
$27,9502018IS 300-Sacramento, CA
$16,9002013RX 450h-Los Angeles, CA
craigslist -
$9,5002009LS 460-Los Angeles, CA
craigslist -
$9,9952009LS 460-Los Angeles, CA
craigslist -
$21,5002017Lexus-Sacramento, CA
$26,9882015IS 35063KSacramento, CA
$42,5002018RX 350 F Sport (SUV)-Los Angeles, CA
$12,9712010RX 350-Sacramento, CA
Lexus RX 350 Base AWDSUV
craigslist -
$9,5002007RX 350 Base (SUV)-San Francisco, CA
Lexus GX470
craigslist -
$7,0002004GX 470-Riverside, CA
For Sale 2006 Lexus GS430
craigslist -
$7,5002006GS 430-San Francisco, CA
$24,5002015RX 350-Riverside, CA
Lexus GX 470 Sport Utility
craigslist -
$16,9892004GX 470-San Diego, CA
Lexus IS 250
craigslist -
$7,9002007IS 250-Sacramento, CA
craigslist -
$3,200Lexus-Los Angeles, CA
lexus is350 f sport clean title
craigslist -
$36,0002018IS 350-Los Angeles, CA
Lexus RX 350 (78K miles)
craigslist -
$24,9952015RX 35078KSan Diego, CA
$18,8002013ES 300h-Los Angeles, CA
Lexus GS300
craigslist -
$5,8002006GS 300-Orange county, CA
Lexus RX 330 2002 285k miles
craigslist -
$3,1002002RX 330285KSan Diego, CA
$19,9852015IS 250 Crafted Line (Sedan)-Sacramento, CA
$20,9852014IS 25040KSacramento, CA
$19,9852013LS 460-Sacramento, CA
$15,9992008IS 25078KSan Francisco, CA
Lexus LX 470 2003 SUV
craigslist -
$10,0002003LX 470-Los Angeles, CA
$7,9002005ES 330128KSacramento, CA
Lexus LS 460 Crafted Line 4dr Sedan
craigslist -
$22,9952015LS 460 Crafted Line (Sedan)-San Francisco, CA
$26,9502017GS 350-San Diego, CA
Lexus IS 250C 250 C 250-C
craigslist -
$15,4002011IS 250 C-San Francisco, CA
$26,9902018ES 350-Los Angeles, CA
craigslist -
$19,5002014RX 350-Riverside, CA
Lexus RX RX 450h F Sport AWD
craigslist -
$26,8502017RX 450h-Los Angeles, CA
$10,9882007ES 350-San Francisco, CA
$22,9812017CT 200h-San Diego, CA
$76,000RX 350-San Francisco, CA
Lexus Es300
craigslist -
$3,7001998ES 300-San Francisco, CA
Lexus RX 450h F-Sport
craigslist -
$42,000RX 450h-San Francisco, CA
lexus RX 350
craigslist -
$7,4992008RX 350-Sacramento, CA
$10,9852004RX 330-Sacramento, CA
$24,9902015GS 350-Los Angeles, CA
IS250 F-Sport RWD
craigslist -
$13,0002014IS 250-Los Angeles, CA
$41,488NX 300h-San Francisco, CA
Lexus HS250h (hybrid)
craigslist -
$9,2002010HS 250h-San Diego, CA
Lexus RX330
craigslist -
$5,899RX 330-Orange county, CA
2020 LEXUS RC350
craigslist -
$40,990RC 350-Los Angeles, CA
$43,488ES 300h-San Francisco, CA
Lexus ES 350
craigslist -
$12,0002014ES 350-Riverside, CA
$43,588Lexus-San Francisco, CA
Lexus RX 350 AWD V6
craigslist -
$3,5002007RX 350-San Francisco, CA
craigslist -
$2,4952008IS 250-Los Angeles, CA
$14,9952012ES 350-San Francisco, CA
Lexus is350
craigslist -
$7,8002006IS 350-Orange county, CA
$17,9952011IS 250-San Francisco, CA
$17,9952011IS 250-Sacramento, CA
$14,9952012ES 350-Sacramento, CA
Lexus GS 300
craigslist -
$7,9002006GS 300-San Francisco, CA
$15,4952011RX 350-Sacramento, CA
Lexus rx400 h AWD Hybrid
craigslist -
$4,9002006RX 400h-Riverside, CA
Lexus IS250
craigslist -
$13,9002015IS 250-San Francisco, CA
$6,5002007RX 350-Riverside, CA
$7,5002007ES 350-Riverside, CA
Lexus ES 62K Mile
craigslist -
$6,9002006ES Series-Los Angeles, CA
$7,5002007RX 350-San Diego, CA
$6,9002009ES 350138KSacramento, CA
Lexus LS 430
craigslist -
$6,9952003LS 430-Modesto, CA
$54,995RX 450h-San Francisco, CA
$49,995GX 460-San Francisco, CA
$41,9002019RX 35031KSan Francisco, CA
craigslist -
$4,9952003ES 300-Sacramento, CA
craigslist -
$5,9952007RX 400h-Sacramento, CA
craigslist -
$4,9952001GS 300-Sacramento, CA
craigslist -
$5,4502002RX 300-Sacramento, CA
Lexus ES - Financing Available!
craigslist -
$4,9992001ES Series-Sacramento, CA
Lexus RX 350
craigslist -
$10,500RX 350-San Diego, CA
Lexus CT 200h Premium 4dr Hatchback
craigslist -
$18,8002011CT 200h Premium (Hatchback)-San Diego, CA
Lexus GX470
craigslist -
$14,9002003GX 470-San Diego, CA
$29,9952015NX 200t F SPORT (SUV)-San Francisco, CA
$18,7502012RX 350-San Diego, CA
Lexus NX 200t hatchback
craigslist -
$26,4502015NX 200t-San Francisco, CA
$23,2502016NX 200t-San Diego, CA
craigslist -
$11,9002011HS 250h-Los Angeles, CA
$3,0002007ES 350-San Francisco, CA
Lexus SC 430 Convertible
craigslist -
$16,9992004SC 430-San Diego, CA
$10,9002006RX 400h-San Francisco, CA
Lexus ES 350
craigslist -
$13,9952011ES 350-San Francisco, CA
Lexus SC 430 Base 2dr Convertible
craigslist -
$11,9952002SC 430 Base (Convertible)-San Francisco, CA
Lexus LS460
craigslist -
$8,400LS 460-Sacramento, CA
Lexus IS 200t, Mint!
craigslist -
$19,9002016NX 200t-San Francisco, CA
$16,7002015CT 200h106KLos Angeles, CA
lexus es350
craigslist -
$5,000ES 350-Sacramento, CA
*2012* *Lexus* *IS 250* **
craigslist -
$18,988IS 250-Riverside, CA
Lexus LS460
craigslist -
$7,800LS 460-San Francisco, CA
Lexus RX350 184k miles
craigslist -
$5,8002007RX 350184KLos Angeles, CA
craigslist -
$46,8002019RX 450h-San Francisco, CA
$8,0002007ES 350-San Francisco, CA
$8,0002007ES 350-Sacramento, CA
Lexus LS 400 1996
craigslist -
$4,0001996LS 400-San Francisco, CA