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CarGraph Premium Features are Free (for now).

by Dan Rathbone, September 12, 2016

CarGraph has been operating for 5 years - hooray!

On a personal note, I'll share that I've recently completed a large consulting contract (which pays the bills) and I can once again turn my attention to CarGraph. CarGraph has always been a one-man show - it's my dream to turn the site into a successful small business that I can work on full-time.

I expect that over the next few weeks and months I'll experiment with new features to improve CarGraph. One experiment is that show all the "premium" information (temporarily) for free.

I'd feel bad if I charged money for a membership for the same features that show non-members for free. To prevent this dilemma, I've canceled all memberships. Previous members will see no further membership fees on their credit card.

I do expect to add a membership option again in the future. I don't know what it will look like or what it will cost - but if you find it helpful, please vote with your dollars. Until then, please enjoy all the CarGraph features for free.

This is a great time to share CarGraph with friends. Thanks again for supporting CarGraph!