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New Graph: Compare Vehicle Price vs. Mileage

by Dan Rathbone

May 10, 2014

example price vs mileage graph

We've got a new Graph! We now show a graph of Vehicle Price vs. Mileage for all brands and models.

The new graph is a compliment to our existing graph of Vehicle Price vs. Model Year and the histogram of prices that we show any single car Model-Year. We show these graphs for data covering over 700 different car models in over 400 cities across the USA. We hope visitors will use CarGraph's new Price vs. Mileage graph as another helpful tool for finding a good deal on a used car.

To see the new Price vs. Mileage graph, simply go to CarGraph.com and select any car model in any city. You'll instantly see our new, redesigned graph page. Click the button that says "Graph of Price vs. Mileage" to see the new graph.

Do you like the new graph? Please let us know! Leave a comment below or send us a message.