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CarGraph Redesigned: We've got a New Look

by Dan Rathbone, April 23, 2014

new design narrowgraph on a phone screen

We often show details on hundreds of cars on a single page. Our pages are rich with graphs and tables - it's important to display this information in a way that's easy to read and understand. We've recently completed a comprehensive visual redesign of CarGraph. Here are the details on the biggest changes.

Graphs to Fit Any Screen Size

The first goal in our redesign was to make our graphs look great on screens of any size or shape. Over 60% of our visitors view the price graphs from a smartphone or tablet. We've changed our graphs to dynamically resize and fit the full width of each device, whatever size it may be. Similarly, the data table below each graph adjusts to each device to be as easy to read as possible. On a wide screen, the details for a car will show across a single line. On a narrow screen, these details wrap under each other while still maintaining their vertical alignment.

new design widescreengraph on a widescreen display

Easy to Find the Premium Reports

Some of the most helpful and interesting information on CarGraph is the vehicle sales prices that are available in our premium reports. For any brand and model, if we know recent sales prices for those cars, we'll show a bright red button that links to the premium report. We hope you find our premium reports helpful, especially if you're about to negotiate the price of a car.

Multi-Level Sorting in the Data Table

By popular request, we've improved our data table to allow sorting on multiple columns. Simply click on a column header to sort the vehicles according to that column , and click it again if you'd like to reverse the sort order. If you click any number of different column headers, the vehicles will be sorted in the order of the columns you clicked.

Filtering Outliers

Every once in a while, we notice an impossibly high price for a car. Typically, we guess that the car seller accidentally added an extra zero when typing in the price. It's a simple mistake, but unfortunately the high price could throw off the scale of our price graphs. To eliminate this problem, we've added a feature to filter out the impossibly high prices. Above each graph you will see a checkbox that allows you to "filter outliers" and discard the incorrect prices.