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CarGraph: Making the Market for Used Cars More Efficient

by Dan Rathbone, March 26, 2014

Jeeps in USA example used car price graph

If you need a vehicle, buying a used car is a great way to save money.A new car is expensive. Also, it's widely known that a new car will lose value as soon as you drive it off the car dealer's parking lot. It's entirely possible to find a high-quality used car for thousands of dollars less than a new one.

Unfortunately, buying a used car is a difficult process for many people.Every car has a different condition, mileage, and maintenance record. All these details add up the market value for any single car - but if you don't know how a detail affects the price, you could pay too much sell for too little. Further, the typical process of negotiation for a car can lower the price - but you don't know how much until you start negotiating. The price for any single car is not easy to determine, so prices across the used car market are not transparent.

CarGraph Makes Used Car Prices Transparent

We collect millions of prices of used cars across hundreds of cities.If you're buying or selling a particular car, we can show you hundreds of prices for similar vehicles. Of course, every vehicle is different - but by showing similar vehicles together, they are easy to compare. You can look at each one and see the information the owner has listed, such as mileage, maintenance, and pictures to indicate condition. These comparisons give you the information you need to determine the fair price for any single car. Negotiation may still change the price, but if you understand the market value for a few cars, you're in a better position to pick the right one. You can start the negotiation with confidence and evaluate the final price accurately.

To be clear, CarGraph is not in the business of buying or selling cars like a dealership. Our business is simply collecting and sharing information. We want to collect data about all the cars and share it with all the buyers and all sellers. We show this information on a graph to make it easy to visually compare the prices. Below each graph we show links to the details of each car (on other websites) where you can find more details. Providing this data, on millions of cars across hundreds of cities, makes price comparison easy for individual cars, and makes prices transparent across the whole used car market.

2005 Jeep Wrangler example used car price distribution

Transparent Prices Make it Easy to Find a Fair Deal

CarGraph is a new website. We're small and we're growing, many people still don't know about us. In a market as big as the one for used cars, many people will still make mistakes when they pick a price to buy or sell a car.

By showing our car data on a graph, CarGraph makes it easy to spot these mistakes.You can avoid prices that are too high and perhaps even benefit from a price that's below the market average. Ultimately, we want to help all buyers and sellers find a fair price for their car, quickly, easily, and accurately. We think that when more people know the fair price for a car, it's easier to agree on that price. In other words, it's easier to find a fair deal. This is how we save you time and money, and this is how we make the market for used cars more efficient.

What do you think? Do you agree with our efforts? We'd love to know what you think. Please leave a comment.