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For Sale2015Passat27750
14500cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat VIN: 1VWBS7A30FC028258
For Sale2015Beetle-New60000
14000craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Beetle 1.8T
For Sale2016Jetta43287
12200cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta 1.4T SE VIN: 3VWD67AJ0GM368294
For Sale2002Bus/Vanagonn/a
7000craigslistBaltimore, MDInternational School Bus
For SaleGolf Seriesn/a
For Sale2006Passat130000
4900craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Passat 2.0T 2-owner car NICE!
For Sale2017Golf GTI16824
23999cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Golf GTI SE 4-Door VIN: 3VW447AU4HM057081
For Sale2015Jetta44491
13600cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta VIN: 3VWLA7AJ2FM234606
For Sale2017Passat16819
15900cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat 1.8T S VIN: 1VWAT7A32HC016852
For SaleGolf Seriesn/a
For Sale2007Passat137000
3900craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Passat
For Sale2013Jetta50808
12500cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta SEL VIN: 3VWLP7AJ4DM351891
For SaleJettan/a
4999craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta for Sale by Owner
For Sale2015Tiguan1000
19490cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Tiguan SEL VIN: WVGBV7AX1FW552199
For SaleGolf Series174000
3495craigslistBaltimore, MDNice 03 Volkswagen Golf 5spd!!!
For Sale2013Passat61736
10288cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat 2.5 SE VIN: 1VWBP7A33DC011937
For Sale2013CCn/a
For Sale2015Passat31211
12598cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat VIN: 1VWAT7A35FC031116
For SaleGolf Seriesn/a
For Sale2010Routan SE (Minivan)97873
8361cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Routan SE VIN: 2V4RW3D15AR158938
For Sale2015Tiguan43185
17197cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Tiguan 4MOTION Auto SEL VIN: WVGBV7AX8FW509012
For SaleGolf Seriesn/a
For Sale2005Passatn/a
3200craigslistBaltimore, MDvw passat md. iinspection
For Sale2012Passat83069
9750cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat 2.5 SEL VIN: 1VWCP7A30CC023109
For Sale2002Passatn/a
2002craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat GLX $1325
For Sale2014Jetta GLI71415
12500cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta GLI Edition 30 VIN: 3VW4T7AJ3EM262539
For Sale2005Passatn/a
2005craigslistBaltimore, MDPassat GLX
For Sale2018Jetta547
18750cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta 1.8T SEL VIN: 3VWL17AJ2JM212646
For SalePassatn/a
2500eBayBaltimore, MD2000 Volkswagen Passat 2000 volkswagen passat
For Sale2005Jettan/a
For Sale2015Tiguan22643
17197cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Tiguan 4MOTION Auto SE VIN: WVGBV7AX2FW604973
For Sale2004Jettan/a
5000craigslistBaltimore, MDjetta stage 2
For Sale2014Passat71212
For Sale2005Jetta112000
3500craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta 2.5L-112K Miles- Automatic
For Sale2012Golf R28355
24200cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Golf R 2-Door VIN: WVWRF7AJ3CW275529
For SalePassatn/a
10999eBayBaltimore, MD2013 Volkswagen Passat -- 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT
For Sale2008Jetta158000
3500craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Jetta
For Sale2015Golf Series19493
30000cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Golf VIN: WVWLF7AU9FW299869
For SalePassatn/a
10999eBayBaltimore, MD2013 Volkswagen Passat -- 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT
For Sale2007Jetta114000
3500craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Jetta
For Sale2015Jetta34247
12500cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta 1.8T Sport VIN: 3VWD17AJ5FM415915
For Sale2003Passat170000
2400craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat Wagon 170k Miles 5speed Manual
For Sale2016Jetta34038
11750cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta 1.4T S VIN: 3VW267AJ3GM394671
For SalePassatn/a
10999eBayBaltimore, MD2013 Volkswagen Passat -- 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT
For Sale2001Passatn/a
2600craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat GL Low Miles!!!!!
For Sale2011Tiguan71050
11995cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Tiguan SEL VIN: WVGBV7AX0BW534514
For Sale2010GTI95000
8900craigslistBaltimore, MDGTI
For Sale2013Passat23859
13998cars.comBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat VIN: 1VWBP7A39DC015152
For SalePassatn/a
10999eBayBaltimore, MD2013 Volkswagen Passat -- 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT
For Sale2012Jettan/a
11000craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta TDI Wagon 1 Owner MD Inspected Like New
For Sale2014Passat20916
For SaleRabbit133000
5500craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Rabbit
For Sale2010Jetta137000
4300craigslistBaltimore, MDvw jetta
For Sale2001Jettan/a
1400craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Jetta VR6
For SaleBeetle-Newn/a
1800craigslistBaltimore, MDVW BEETLE 99
For Sale2008Jettan/a
5995craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta Sedan - Call 443-637-6320
For Sale2008Beetle-Newn/a
1800craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Beetle
For Sale2002Passatn/a
2900craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Passat Wagon Variant Volkswagon
For Sale2003Jetta600000
1550craigslistBaltimore, MDJetta tdi diesel wagon
For Sale2000Jettan/a
1100craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta
For Sale2007GTI112000
5500craigslistBaltimore, MDVW GTI
For Sale2010Golf Seriesn/a
4700craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Golf
For Sale2006Beetle-New107000
2500craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Beetle
For Sale2014Passat7000
For Sale2003GLI104000
6000craigslistBaltimore, MDvolkswagen GLI
For SaleJettan/a
5499craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta
For Sale2012Jettan/a
5900craigslistBaltimore, MDjetta auto trans
For Sale2007Passatn/a
2200craigslistBaltimore, MDvw passat wagon
For Sale2004Volkswagenn/a
2900craigslistBaltimore, MDVW Convertible
For Sale2005Jettan/a
For Sale2012CCn/a
For Sale2009CC102000
2400craigslistBaltimore, MDVw cc 2009 sport ((manual)).
For Sale2006Jetta160000
5800craigslistBaltimore, MDFor Sale 2006 Jetta TDI
For Sale2007Passatn/a
2100craigslistBaltimore, MDvw passat wagon
For Sale2005Passatn/a
2005craigslistBaltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat