2017 Ford Expedition EL in Alaska, United States

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Including 2017 Ford Expedition EL in USA for comparison.

15k20k25k30k35k131211109876543210Price Range ($USD)Number found within in Price Range
$19,4992017Expedition EL-Yakima, WA
$20,9952017Expedition EL-Tucson, AZ
$23,4992017Expedition EL-Chicago, IL
$19,9552017Expedition EL3KUSA
$30,8802017Expedition EL-San Francisco, CA
$23,9992017Expedition EL-Ft Myers, FL
$25,9002017Expedition EL-Daytona, FL
$22,9002017Expedition EL-Daytona, FL
$22,9992017Expedition EL-Winchester, VA
$10,9952017Expedition EL-New York City, NY
$29,9932017Expedition EL-Providence, RI
Ford Expedition EL Limited EcoBoost
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$25,0002017Expedition EL-Denver, CO
$15,5002017Expedition EL-Houston, TX
$39,9002017Expedition EL-Hampton Roads, VA
$17,9992017Expedition EL-Boise, ID
$29,9902017Expedition EL-Fargo, ND
$18,9952017Expedition EL-Columbia, SC
$31,8802017Expedition EL-Fresno, CA
$31,8802017Expedition EL-San Francisco, CA
Ford Expedition EL Limited 4x4 with
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$22,9992017Expedition EL-Denver, CO
$22,9952017Expedition EL-Sacramento, CA
$22,9952017Expedition EL-San Francisco, CA
$22,9952017Expedition EL-Modesto, CA
Ford Expedition EL 4x4 4WD XLT SUV
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$22,8202017Expedition EL-Denver, CO
$22,9952017Expedition EL-Fresno, CA
Ford Expedition EL XLT SUV
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$19,9912017Expedition EL-Phoenix, AZ
$17,9902017Expedition EL-Spokane, WA
$31,9972017Expedition EL-Cleveland, OH
$31,5902017Expedition EL-Long Island, NY
Ford Expedition EL XLT (Monroe, LA)
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$21,9002017Expedition EL-Monroe, LA
Ford Expedition EL Limited suv
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$18,9952017Expedition EL-Sacramento, CA
Ford Expedition EL 4x4
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$11,9002017Expedition EL-Houston, TX
$31,8802017Expedition EL-San Francisco, CA
$21,9952017Expedition EL-Phoenix, AZ
Ford Expedition EL XLT BLACK
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$32,9002017Expedition EL-Bozeman, MT
$19,9952017Expedition EL-Ft Myers, FL