2003 Kia Sorento in USA - all cities

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Distribution of Prices of 2003 Kia Sorento in USA - all cities

2003 Kia Sorento in USA - all cities - Used Cars For Sale

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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

2003Sorenton/a410004/17 07:38Dallas / Fort Worth, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Fort Worth) $4100
2003Sorenton/a140004/17 07:18Toledo, OH2003 Kia sorento (Toledo) $1400
2003Sorenton/a200004/17 04:14Denver, CO2003 kia sorento 4x4 for sale or trade (denver) $2000
2003Sorenton/a395004/17 04:02Riverside, CA2003 Kia sorento suv $3950 OBO (riverside ca) $3950
2003Sorenton/a485004/17 05:44Peoria, IL2003 KIA 4x4 SORENTO $4850
2003Sorenton/a480004/17 00:30Fresno, CA2003 KIA SORENTO (fresno ca) $4800
2003Sorenton/a599504/16 23:47Sacramento, CA2003 Kia sorento 4x4 (sacramento) $5995
2003Sorenton/a370004/16 23:34Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Houston) $3700
2003Sorenton/a160004/16 23:18Orlando, FLKIA SORENTO 2003 (ORLANDO FLORIDA) $1600
2003Sorenton/a290004/16 21:53Chicago, IL2003 KIA SORENTO 4x4 (chicago) $2900
2003Sorenton/a390004/16 19:11Riverside, CA2003 Kia Sorento SUV V6 Automatic (Sun City) $3900
2003Sorenton/a580004/16 21:35Lexington, KYKIA Sorento 2003 only 107K V6 Auto (Berea ky.) $5800
2003Sorenton/a390004/16 18:34Wichita, KS2003 kia sorento $$ 3900 obo (wichita ks) $3900
2003Sorenton/a530004/16 07:24Miami, FL2003 kia sorento (east orlando) $5300
2003Sorenton/a04/16 02:50Fresno, CASUPER SALE!!!!! 2003 kia sorento (Fresno)
2003Sorenton/a449504/16 02:15Peoria, IL2003 Sorento 4x4 suv by KIA $4495
2003Sorenton/a400004/16 00:30Jacksonville, FL03 KIA SORENTO (JACKSONVILLE) $4000
2003Sorenton/a405004/15 23:58Terre Haute, IN2003 KIA 4x4 SORENTO SUV..132k $4050
2003Sorenton/a425004/15 22:58Laredo, TXVENDO KIA SORENTO 2003 (126 CATALINAS DR) $4250
2003Sorenton/a425004/15 21:27Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento Low miles!!! (Phoenix) $4250
2003Sorenton/a499904/15 23:15Atlanta, GA2003 KIA SORENTO (678-735-3141) $4999
2003Sorenton/a420004/15 20:06Orange county, CA2003 Kia Sorento (Orange County/ HB) $4200
2003Sorenton/a390004/15 18:35Riverside, CA2003 Kia Sorento SUV V6 Automatic (Sun City) $3900
2003Sorenton/a200004/15 20:46Huntsville, ALkia sorento (decatur) $2000
2003Sorenton/a360004/15 19:09Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Houstnon) $3600
2003Sorenton/a310004/15 17:27Phoenix, AZ2003 KIA SORENTO 4X4 MECHANICS SPECIAL $3100
2003Sorenton/a320004/15 19:00Albany, NY2003 kia sorento (fulton montgomery) $3200
2003Sorenton/a04/15 18:16Zanesville / Cambridge, OH2003 kia sorento
2003Sorenton/a460004/15 16:41New Orleans, LA03 Kia Sorento (downtown) $4600
2003Sorenton/a490004/15 17:04Lafayette, IN4x4 Kia Sorento (lafayette) $4900
2003Sorenton/a100004/15 16:33New Hampshire, NH2003 Kia Sorento (Manchester) $1000
2003Sorenton/a140004/15 06:19Panama city, FL2003 kia sorento 1400 obo $1400
2003Sorenton/a395004/15 02:43Riverside, CA2003 Kia sorento suv $3950 OBO (riverside ca) $3950
2003Sorenton/a239904/15 03:00Minneapolis, MN2003 Kia Sorento SUV 4X4 (st paul) $2399
2003Sorenton/a400004/14 22:31Riverside, CA2003 Kia Sorento SUV V6 Automatic (Sun City) $4000
2003Sorenton/a380004/15 00:39Athens, OH2003 kia sorento (Jackson ohio) $3800
2003Sorenton/a460004/14 22:54Dallas / Fort Worth, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Fort Worth) $4600
2003Sorenton/a120004/14 23:40Ft Myers, FLKia sorento 2003 (Fort myers) $1200
2003Sorenton/a290004/14 20:12Chicago, IL2003 KIA SORENTO 4x4 (chicago) $2900
2003Sorenton/a400004/14 19:58Ft Myers, FL2003 Kia Sorento (Fort Myers) $4000
2003Sorenton/a450004/14 17:49Massachusetts (western), MA2003 Kia Sorento (South coast) $4500
2003Sorenton/a500004/14 17:30Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner 88,000 miles (Uniontown) $5000
2003Sorenton/a289504/14 14:55Chicago, IL2003 kia sorento (harvey il) $2895
2003Sorenton/a490004/14 15:45Lafayette, IN2003 Kia Sorento (lafayette) $4900
2003Sorenton/a300004/14 08:13Honolulu, HIKia Sorento 2003 (waianae) $3000
2003Sorenton/a380004/14 07:30Chillicothe, OH2003 kia sorento (Jackson) $3800
2003Sorenton/a450004/14 03:16San Francisco, CA2003 kia sorento $4500
2003Sorenton/a450004/14 00:31Maine (south coast), MA03 Kia Sorento in mint condition (South coast) $4500
2003Sorenton/a420004/13 19:08Riverside, CA2003 Kia Sorento SUV V6 Automatic (Sun City) $4200
2003Sorenton/a475004/13 19:34Mattoon, IL. . .2003 KIA Sorento 4 x 4 suv ...132k... $4750
2003Sorenton/a530004/13 19:16Miami, FL2003 kia sorento (east orlando) $5300
2003Sorenton/a500004/13 17:56Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner 88,000 miles (Uniontown) $5000
2003Sorenton/a400004/13 13:47New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (Bronx) $4000
2003Sorenton/a310004/13 09:34Phoenix, AZ2003 KIA SORENTO 4X4 MECHANICS SPECIAL $3100
2003Sorenton/a240004/13 04:21Los Angeles, CA2003 KIA SORENTO PRICE DROP (CARSON) $2400
2003Sorenton/a480004/13 01:34Fresno, CA2003 KIA SORENTO (fresno ca) $4800
2003Sorenton/a528104/13 04:15Atlanta, GA2003 Kia Sorento (Flowery Branch) $5281
2003Sorenton/a430004/13 03:30Miami, FL2003 kia sorento. (miramar fl) $4300
2003Sorenton/a100004/13 00:30New Hampshire, NH2003 Kia Sorento (Manchester) $1000
2003Sorenton/a425004/12 23:08Laredo, TXVENDO KIA SORENTO 2003 (126 CATALINAS DR) $4250
2003Sorenton/a285004/12 22:52El Paso, TX03 kia sorento (east) $2850
2003Sorenton/a360004/12 21:52Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Houstnon) $3600
2003Sorenton/a650004/12 18:55Portland, OR2003 Kia Sorento 4WD $6500
2003Sorenton/a370004/12 20:39Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Houston) $3700
2003Sorenton/a549904/12 21:22Indianapolis, IN2003 Kia Sorento (eastside of indianapolis) $5499
2003Sorenton/a599504/12 17:56Sacramento, CA2003 Kia sorento 4x4 (sacramento) $5995
2003Sorenton/a04/12 19:58Syracuse, NY2003 Kia Sorento
2003Sorenton/a270004/12 18:52San Antonio, TX2003 kia sorento $2700
2003Sorenton/a395004/12 16:14Riverside, CA2003 Kia sorento suv $3950 OBO (riverside ca) $3950
2003Sorenton/a290004/12 17:27Chicago, IL2003 KIA SORENTO 4x4 (chicago) $2900
2003Sorenton/a249904/12 16:41Minneapolis, MN2003 Kia Sorento (st paul) $2499
2003Sorenton/a500004/12 16:42Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner (Uniontown) $5000
2003Sorenton/a04/12 16:41Zanesville / Cambridge, OH2003 kia sorento
2003Sorenton/a400004/12 09:51Riverside, CA2003 Kia Sorento (pomona) $4000
2003Sorenton/a570004/12 05:39Ventura county, CA2003 kia sorento (ventura) $5700
2003Sorenton/a300004/12 04:33Visalia, CA2003 Kia Sorento V6 (visalia) $3000
2003Sorenton/a430004/12 04:57College Station, TX2003 KIA SORENTO (NEW WAVERLY) $4300
2003Sorenton/a430004/12 04:54Houston, TX2003 KIA SORENTO (NEW WAVERLY) $4300
2003Sorenton/a300004/12 02:41Toledo, OH2003 Kia Sorento (Perrysburg) $600
2003Sorenton/a450004/11 20:50Honolulu, HI03 Kia Sorento SUV (Kahului) $4500
2003Sorenton/a362004/11 21:47Hartford, CT2003 Kia Sorento (Bloomfield ) $3620
2003Sorenton/a430004/11 18:24Riverside, CA2003 Kia Sorento SUV V6 Automatic (Sun City) $4300
2003Sorenton/a490004/11 20:40Lafayette, IN4x4 Kia Sorento (lafayette) $4900
2003Sorenton/a499904/11 19:59Atlanta, GA2003 KIA SORENTO (ROSWELL) $4999
2003Sorenton/a04/11 16:37Milwaukee, WI2003 Kia Sorento (Milwaukee) $4
2003Sorenton/a380004/11 17:17Chillicothe, OH2003 kia sorento (Jackson) $3800
2003Sorenton/a400004/11 13:01New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (NY) $4000
2003Sorenton/a259904/11 05:12Minneapolis, MN2003 Kia Sorento (St Paul) $2599
2003Sorenton/a300004/11 04:19Lubbock, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Lubbock) $3000
2003Sorenton/a395004/11 01:42St Louis, MO2003 kia sorento (Ballwin ) $3950
2003Sorenton/a04/11 02:21Boston, MA2003 KIA Sorento, Boston... $5000 (Dorchester) $5000
2003Sorenton/a580004/11 00:47St Louis, MO2003 Kia Sorento 100xxx (Pacific area) $5800
2003Sorenton/a480004/10 21:31Fresno, CA2003 KIA SORENTO (fresno ca) $4800
2003Sorenton/a270004/10 22:58Brownsville, TX2003 Kia Sorento (2424 East 14th Street) $2700
2003Sorenton/a490004/10 23:27Lafayette, IN2003 Kia Sorento (lafayette) $4900
2003Sorenton/a330004/10 22:02Houston, TXKia Sorento 2003 (houston tx) $3300
2003Sorenton/a285004/10 21:57El Paso, TX03 kia sorento (east) $2850
2003Sorenton/a04/10 18:42Ft Collins, CO2003 KIA SORENTO (Greeley, CO)
2003Sorenton/a450004/10 19:28Phoenix, AZkia sorento (buckeye) $4500
2003Sorenton/a370004/10 19:46Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Houston) $3700
2003Sorenton/a100004/10 20:10New Hampshire, NH2003 Kia Sorento (Manchester) $1000
2003Sorenton/a04/10 19:45Syracuse, NY2003 Kia Sorento
2003Sorenton/a450004/10 19:13Atlanta, GA2003 KIA SORENTO (Marietta) $4500
2003Sorenton/a395004/10 15:44Riverside, CA2003 Kia sorento suv $3950 OBO (riverside ca) $3950
2003Sorenton/a500004/10 18:34Ft Myers, FL2003 Kia Sorento (Fort Myers) $5000
2003Sorenton/a500004/10 17:20Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner 88,000 miles (Uniontown) $5000
2003Sorenton/a425004/10 14:09Laredo, TXVENDO KIA SORENTO 2003 (126 CATALINAS DR) $4250
2003Sorenton/a290004/10 10:32Detroit, MI2003 Kia Sorento (Central Detroit) $2900
2003Sorenton/a320004/10 03:25Albany, NY2003 kia sorento (fulton montgomery) $3200
2003Sorenton/a04/10 00:53Omaha, NE2003 kia sorento (omaha) $1
2003Sorenton/a04/09 20:52Miami, FL2003 KIA SORENTO! LEATHER! SUN ROOF! CLEAN TITLE
2003Sorenton/a04/09 20:47Miami, FL2003 KIA SORENTO! LEATHER! CLEAN TITLE
2003Sorenton/a200004/09 17:26Denver, COKia Sorento 2003 (denver area) $2000
2003Sorenton/a290004/09 19:12Chicago, IL2003 KIA SORENTO 4x4 (chicago) $2900
2003Sorenton/a699004/09 17:07Seattle, WA2003 Kia Sorento $6990
2003Sorenton/a04/09 16:57Los Angeles, CA2003 kia sorento 4,300
2003Sorenton/a499404/09 19:44Miami, FL2003 Kia Sorento (Miami) $4994
2003Sorenton/a320004/09 19:18Orlando, FL2003 Kia sorento $3200
2003Sorenton/a520004/09 17:47Quincy, IL2003 KIA SORENTO 4X4 SUV (NAUVOO, IL) $5200
2003Sorenton/a490004/09 18:10Lafayette, IN4x4 Kia Sorento (lafayette) $4900
2003Sorenton/a400004/09 14:58New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (New York) $4000
2003Sorenton/a359904/09 02:33Salem, OR2003 Kia sorento (stayton) $3599
2003Sorenton/a445004/09 02:51Peoria, IL2003 KIA SORENTO V6 suv $4450
2003Sorenton/a445004/09 02:46Champaign / Urbana, IL2003, KIA, SORENTO SUV 4 x 4 (Champaign) $4450
2003Sorenton/a430004/09 03:11Miami, FL2003 kia sorento. (miramar fl) $4300
2003Sorenton/a295004/08 23:18Los Angeles, CA2003 KIA SORENTO (CARSON) $2950
2003Sorenton/a570004/08 21:20Ventura county, CA2003 kia sorento (ventura) $5700
2003Sorenton/a550004/09 00:14Albany, NY2003 Kia Sorento (Delmar) $5500
2003Sorenton/a490004/08 22:49Lafayette, IN2003 Kia Sorento (lafayette) $4900
2003Sorenton/a599504/08 17:43Sacramento, CA2003 Kia sorento 4x4 (sacramento) $5995
2003Sorenton/a550004/08 17:00Monterey Bay, CAKia : Sorento EX 2003 Kia Sorento EX 4wd 4Dr
2003Sorenton/a04/08 18:42Syracuse, NY2003 Kia Sorento
2003Sorenton/a630004/08 17:51Nashville, TN2003 KIA SORENTO NEW TIRES SUPER CLEAN (mt juliet) $6300
2003Sorenton/a400004/08 16:41Atlanta, GA2003 Kia Sorento (atlanta) $4000
2003Sorenton/a04/08 14:34Detroit, MI2003 Kia sorento 4wd (Dearborn) $800
2003Sorenton/a290004/08 09:31Minneapolis, MN2003 Kia Sorento (Harvey) $2900
2003Sorenton/a395004/08 03:33Riverside, CA2003 Kia sorento suv $3950 OBO (riverside ca) $3950
2003Sorenton/a399804/07 23:28Seattle, WAKIA SORENTO 2003 BLUE & GOLD (Lacey) $3998
2003Sorenton/a290004/08 01:26New Jersey (northern), NJLOOK 2003 KIA SORENTO, ONLY 134K, VERY CLEAN MUST SEE!!!! (PASSAIC NJ) $2900
2003Sorenton/a380004/07 23:21Zanesville / Cambridge, OH2003 Kia Sorento (Heath) $3800
2003Sorenton/a445004/07 21:11Mattoon, IL. . .2003 KIA Sorento 4 x 4 suv ...132k... $4450
2003Sorenton/a289504/07 20:23Chicago, IL2003 kia sorento (harvey il) $2895
2003Sorenton/a550004/07 19:30Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner (Uniontown) $5500
2003Sorenton/a425004/07 05:45Laredo, TXVENDO KIA SORENTO 2003 (126 CATALINAS DR) $4250
2003Sorenton/a420004/07 02:26Orlando, FL2003 Kia Sorento!! Must See!! Price to Sell! (Orlando) $4200
2003Sorenton/a160004/06 22:27Ft Collins, COMechanic's Special/Kia Sorento (Longmont) $1600
2003Sorenton/a280004/07 00:17McAllen, TXkia sorento 2003 (donna tx) $2800
2003Sorenton/a445004/06 23:08Champaign / Urbana, IL2003, KIA, SORENTO SUV 4 x 4 (Champaign) $4450
2003Sorenton/a400004/06 22:07New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (Bronx) $4000
2003Sorenton/a400004/06 20:49Chillicothe, OH2003 kia sorento (Jackson) $4000
2003Sorenton/a499504/06 18:31Sarasota, FLKia sorento 2003 4x4 (port charlotte) $4995
2003Sorenton/a400004/06 15:08Raleigh / Durham, NC2003 Kia Sorento (Raleigh / Durham / C) $4000
2003Sorenton/a400004/06 13:58Chicago, IL2003 Kia Sorento (Illinois) $4000
2003Sorenton/a285004/06 02:47El Paso, TX03 kia sorento (east) $2850
2003Sorenton/a395004/06 00:24Riverside, CA2003 Kia sorento suv $3950 OBO (riverside ca) $3950
2003Sorenton/a599504/05 17:30Denver, CO2003 Kia Sorento AWD ( Low Miles) (denver) $5995
2003Sorenton/a400004/05 15:41Houston, TX2003 kia sorento fully loaded (SW) $4000
2003Sorenton/a550004/05 15:50Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner (Uniontown) $5500
2003Sorenton/a04/05 02:52Miami, FL2003 KIA SORENTO! LEATHER! CLEAN TITLE
2003Sorenton/a380004/04 21:48Salem, OR2003 Kia sorento (stayton) $3800
2003Sorenton/a500004/04 23:10Tuscaloosa, AL2003 kia sorento (hamilton al) $5000
2003Sorenton/a499904/04 23:05Atlanta, GA2003 KIA SORENTO (ROSWELL) $4999
2003Sorenton/a390004/04 21:57Houston, TX2003 sorento clean title (sw houston) $3900
2003Sorenton/a340004/04 18:08Orlando, FL2003 Kia sorento $3400
2003Sorenton/a430004/04 16:57New York City, NY2003 KIA SORENTO ONE OWNER (WESTCHESTER ) $4300
2003Sorenton/a400004/04 09:38Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento (Phoenix North) $4000
2003Sorenton/a420004/04 05:34Houston, TX2003 KIA Sorento (Houston) $4200
2003Sorenton/a480004/04 01:13Fresno, CAkia sorento (orosi) $4800
2003Sorenton/a380004/04 03:25New Jersey (central), NJ2003 Kia Sorento 4/4 (Jackson) $3800
2003Sorenton/a499904/04 00:19Atlanta, GA2003 KIA SORENTO (678-735-3141) $4999
2003Sorenton/a200004/03 18:44Los Angeles, CA2003 sorento kia head gasket blown engine $2000
2003Sorenton/a520004/03 19:28Quincy, IL2003 KIA SORENTO 4X4 SUV (NAUVOO, IL) $5200
2003Sorenton/a500004/03 20:10Roanoke, VA2003 Kia Sorento (roanoke city) $5000
2003Sorenton/a490004/03 15:22New York City, NY2003 KIA SORENTO 4x4 (QUEENS) $4900
2003Sorenton/a369504/03 14:25Binghamton, NY2003 Kia Sorento 4*4 Low Miles (As Good As New Auto) $3695
2003Sorenton/a490004/03 03:40New York City, NY2003 KIA SORENTO (Queens) $4900
2003Sorenton/a300004/03 00:59Lubbock, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Lubbock) $3000
2003Sorenton/a550004/03 01:44Akron / Canton, OH2003 Kia Sorento 4X4 One Owner (Uniontown) $5500
2003Sorenton/a295004/02 22:54Kansas City, MO2003 KIA SORENTO 4X4 (JOHNSON COUNTY) $2950
2003Sorenton/a580004/02 23:28Lexington, KYKIA Sorento 2003 only 107K V6 Auto (Berea ky.) $5800
2003Sorenton/a695004/02 17:13Denver, CO2003 KIA SORENTO AWD (longmont) $6950
2003Sorenton/a520004/02 03:36Phoenix, AZkia sorento 2003 4x4 $5200
2003Sorenton/a440004/02 05:21Fayettville, AR2003 KIA SORENTO FOR SALE (siloam springs) $4400
2003Sorenton/a300004/02 04:13Lubbock, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Lubbock) $3000
2003Sorenton/a550004/02 00:49Louisiana (central), LA2003 Kia Sorento $5500
2003Sorenton/a570004/01 22:01Ventura county, CA2003 kia sorento (ventura) $5700
2003Sorenton/a295004/01 23:07Kansas City, MO2003 KIA SORENTO 4X4 (JOHNSON COUNTY) $2950
2003Sorenton/a430004/01 22:08Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento 4x4 (sw houston) $4300
2003Sorenton/a500004/01 22:04Bowling Green, KY2003 Kia Sorento (Evansville) $5000
2003Sorenton/a450004/01 17:40Seattle, WA2003 Kia Sorento (Elma) $4500
2003Sorenton/a550004/01 16:09Monterey Bay, CAKia : Sorento EX 2003 Kia Sorento EX 4wd 4Dr
2003Sorenton/a430004/01 02:46Houston, TX2003 KIA SORENTO (NEW WAVERLY) $4300
2003Sorenton/a04/01 02:57Miami, FL2003 KIA SORENTO! LEATHER! SUN ROOF! CLEAN TITLE
2003Sorenton/a425003/31 23:44Laredo, TXVENDO KIA SORENTO 2003 (126 CATALINAS DR) $4250
2003Sorenton/a180003/31 22:58San Antonio, TX03 kia Sorento (south san antonio) $1800
2003Sorenton/a370003/31 21:34Orlando, FL2003 Kia sorento $3700
2003Sorenton/a650003/31 20:36Miami, FL2003 kia sorento (east orlando) $6500
2003Sorenton/a495003/31 16:25Los Angeles, CA'03 KIA SORENTO (LOS ANGELES) $4950
2003Sorenton/a300003/31 01:43Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia sorento (West valley) $3000
2003Sorenton/a120003/31 03:31Ft Myers, FLKia sorento 2003 (Fort myers) $1200
2003Sorenton/a320003/30 19:43Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Cypress) $3200
2003Sorenton/a340003/30 19:36Austin, TX2003 Kia Sorento (round rock) $3400
2003Sorenton/a340003/30 03:48Austin, TX2003 kia sorento (round rock) $3400
2003Sorenton/a100003/30 01:45New Hampshire, NH2003 Kia Sorento (Manchester) $1000
2003Sorenton/a380003/29 21:51Chicago, ILSUV Kia sorento 2003 trade for bike (Chicago) $3800
2003Sorenton/a340003/29 21:30Austin, TX2003 Kia Sorento (round rock) $3400
2003Sorenton/a180003/29 20:05Milwaukee, WI2003 Kia Sorento (Franklin) $1800
2003Sorenton/a400003/29 13:42San Antonio, TX2003 Kia Sorento (TX) $4000
2003Sorenton/a260003/29 03:03Des Moines, IA2003 KIA SORENTO (DES MOINES) $2600
2003Sorenton/a630003/29 00:21Nashville, TN2003 KIA SORENTO NEW TIRES SUPER CLEAN (mt juliet) $6300
2003Sorenton/a430003/28 22:01Houston, TX2003 sorento clean title or trade (sw houston ) $4300
2003Sorenton/a490003/28 22:49Tampa, FL2003 Kia Sorento (Clearwater) $4900
2003Sorenton/a03/28 16:43Denver, COkia sorento
2003Sorenton/a365003/28 17:29Joplin, MO2003 Kia Sorento (Joplin) $3650
2003Sorenton/a450003/27 23:24Seattle, WA2003 Kia Sorento (Elma) $4500
2003Sorenton/a500003/27 21:50Milwaukee, WI2003 Kia Sorento (Milwaukee) $5000
2003Sorenton/a450003/27 21:05Chicago, IL2003 Kia Sorento (Near 31st & pulaski) $4500
2003Sorenton/a360003/27 20:48Austin, TX2003 Kia Sorento (round rock) $3600
2003Sorenton/a360003/27 20:35Austin, TX2003 Kia Sorento (round rock) $3600
2003Sorenton/a499003/27 20:59Tampa, FL2003 KIA SORENTO (1514 E FLETCHER AVE) $4990
2003Sorenton/a290003/27 20:17Hartford, CT2003 Kia Sorento AWD (Plantsville) $2900
2003Sorenton/a285003/27 14:16Chicago, IL2003 KIA SORENTO $2850
2003Sorenton/a270003/27 00:44Brownsville, TX2003 Kia Sorento (2424 East 14th Street) $2700
2003Sorenton/a535003/26 00:08Riverside, CA$SE VENDE$$FOR SALE$$ KIA SORENTO 2003 O.M.O. (perris ca) $5350
2003Sorenton/a300003/26 02:48Orlando, FL2003 Kia Sorento (hunters creek) $3000
2003Sorenton/a400003/25 22:23New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (all neighborhoods) $4000
2003Sorenton/a390003/25 16:48Sacramento, CA2003 Kia Sorento clean title (Sacramento) $3900
2003Sorenton/a450003/25 18:31Miami, FLKIA SORENTO 2003 (Hialeah) $4500
2003Sorenton/a530003/25 09:20Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia sorento (west phoenix) $5300
2003Sorenton/a345003/25 06:13McAllen, TX03 SORENTO (Pharr) $3450
2003Sorenton/a03/25 05:14College Station, TX2003 KIA SORENTO (NEW WAVERLY)
2003Sorenton/a380003/25 03:15McAllen, TXKia Sorento 2003 (Mission) $3800
2003Sorenton/a400003/25 02:24Flint, MI2003 Kia Sorento (Grand blanc) $4000
2003Sorenton/a290003/25 00:30Chicago, IL2003 KIA SORENTO (chicago) $2900
2003Sorenton/a400003/24 21:07Butte, MT2003 Kia Sorento (Butte, MT) $4000
2003Sorenton/a400003/24 21:36Hampton Roads, VAKia : Sorento LX Sport Utility 4-Door 2003 Kia Sorento LX clean
2003Sorenton/a03/24 05:49San Antonio, TX2003 KIA Sorento needs engine (stone oak) $700
2003Sorenton/a400003/24 02:14Hampton Roads, VAKia : Sorento LX Sport Utility 4-Door 2003 Kia Sorento LX clean
2003Sorenton/a300003/23 22:52Sarasota, FL2003 Kia Sorento ( Venice) $3000
2003Sorenton/a450003/23 00:07Dallas / Fort Worth, TX03 kia sorento wtt wts 104000 miles (west fort worth) $4500
2003Sorenton/a400003/23 00:21Orlando, FL2003 Kia sorento $4000
2003Sorenton/a320003/22 23:04McAllen, TX03 SORENTO (Pharr) $3200
2003Sorenton/a599503/22 15:47Denver, CO2003 Kia Sorento AWD ( Low Miles) (denver) $5995
2003Sorenton/a400003/22 01:34Tampa, FL2003 kid sorento $4000
2003Sorenton/a200003/21 22:06Kentucky (western), KY2003 Kia Sorento $2k OBO (Marion) $2000
2003Sorenton/a329903/21 21:02Tampa, FL!!SPECIAL!!!! 2003 Kia Sorento (Clearwater, FL) $3299
2003Sorenton/a499903/21 19:47Atlanta, GA2003 KIA SORENTO (678-735-3141) $4999
2003Sorenton/a400003/21 16:14Albuquerque, NM2003 Kia Sorento (New Mexico) $4000
2003Sorenton/a400003/21 17:08Milwaukee, WI2003 Kia Sorento (Milwaukee) $4000
2003Sorenton/a290003/21 17:34Ft Myers, FL2003 KIA SORENTO 149Kmiles (FORT MYERS) $2900
2003Sorenton/a400003/21 17:00New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (all neighborhoods) $4000
2003Sorenton/a289503/21 15:14Chicago, IL2003 kia sorento (harvey il) $2895
2003Sorenton/a175003/21 03:24Stockton, CA2003 KIA SORENTO CLEAN (stockton ca) $1750
2003Sorenton/a267503/21 03:25McAllen, TX2003 kia sorento (san juan) $2675
2003Sorenton/a390003/21 03:20Chicago, ILKia Sorento (Chicago) $3900
2003Sorenton/a390003/21 03:19Chicago, ILKia Sorento (Chicago) $3900
2003Sorenton/a300003/20 16:40Tampa, FL2003 kia Sorento Suv (clearwater fl) $1
2003Sorenton/a275003/20 04:15McAllen, TX2003 kia sorento (san juan) $2750
2003Sorenton/a03/20 01:47Chillicothe, OH2003 kia sorento (Jackson)
2003Sorenton/a460003/19 23:57Des Moines, IA2003 kia sorento (dsm) $4600
2003Sorenton/a320003/19 20:39Los Angeles, CA2003 kia Sorento $3200
2003Sorenton/a03/19 20:48Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento
2003Sorenton/a03/19 18:14Phoenix, AZ2003 WHITE KIA SORENTO LEATHER SEATS (MESA )
2003Sorenton/a400003/19 13:26New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (Queens) $4000
2003Sorenton/a4250003/19 05:41Orlando, FL2003 Kia sorento $42500
2003Sorenton/a380003/19 02:35San Francisco, CA03 Kia Sorento (danville / san ramon) $3800
2003Sorenton/a03/19 03:42Indianapolis, IN2003 KIA SORENTO $3800 OBO (SOUTHWEST) $3800
2003Sorenton/a300003/19 02:35Texas (eastern), TX2003 kia sorento $3000
2003Sorenton/a270003/19 01:29Dallas / Fort Worth, TX2003 Kia Sorento (DFW) $2700
2003Sorenton/a510003/18 23:07Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento (35th ave/Buckeye rd) $5100
2003Sorenton/a510003/18 22:53Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento (35th ave/Buckeye rd) $5100
2003Sorenton/a420003/18 19:44Philadelphia, PA2003 Kia Sorento (warrington pa) $4200
2003Sorenton/a340003/18 14:45Las Vegas, NV2003 kia sorento (lk mead/walnut rd) $3400
2003Sorenton/a03/18 15:13New Jersey (northern), NJ2003 kia sorento (nj) $1
2003Sorenton/a400003/18 06:54New York City, NY2003 Kia Sorento (NY) $4000
2003Sorenton/a430003/18 02:49Miami, FLKia sorento 2003 (Hialeah) $4300
2003Sorenton/a500003/17 22:46Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento (35th ave/Buckeye rd) $5000
2003Sorenton/a180003/18 00:03Atlanta, GA2003 Kia Sorento (marietta) $1800
2003Sorenton/a450003/17 20:03Atlanta, GA2003 kia sorento (stone mountain) $4500
2003Sorenton/a370003/17 17:17Brownsville, TX2003 KIA SORENTO (BROWNSVILLE) $3700
2003Sorenton/a525003/17 07:18Anchorage, AK2003 Kia Sorento - Fully Loaded (Anchorage - Midtown) $5250
2003Sorenton/a400003/17 03:00Savannah, GA2003 Kia Sorento $4,000 or Make a offer (Savannah) $4000
2003Sorenton/a480003/17 02:12Hampton Roads, VAKia : Sorento LX Sport Utility 4-Door 2003 Kia Sorento LX clean
2003Sorenton/a450003/16 19:15Dallas / Fort Worth, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Red Oak) $4500
2003Sorenton/a580003/16 19:42Atlanta, GA2003 kia sorento $5800
2003Sorenton/a550003/16 18:03Providence, RI2003 Kia Sorento (east providence) $5500
2003Sorenton/a270003/16 17:35Albany, NY2003 Kia Sorento for Sale (Albany NY) $2700
2003Sorenton/a470003/16 10:48Chicago, IL2003 Kia Sorento! (Near 31st & pulaski) $4700
2003Sorenton/a400003/16 05:10Atlanta, GA2003 Kia Sorento (GA) $4000
2003Sorenton/a475003/16 01:26Joplin, MO2003 Kia Sorento (joplin) $4750
2003Sorenton/a345003/15 16:06Maine, ME03 kia sorento auto-nice 4x4 suv (so.maine) $3450
2003Sorenton/a380003/15 04:52Miami, FL2003 Kia Sorento (Kendall) $3800
2003Sorenton/a450003/15 00:23Seattle, WA2003 Kia Sorento (Elma) $4500
2003Sorenton/a570003/14 20:46Ventura county, CA2003 kia sorento (ventura) $5700
2003Sorenton/a520003/14 20:55Phoenix, AZ2003 Kia Sorento (35th ave/Buckeye rd) $5200
2003Sorenton/a495003/14 17:06Los Angeles, CA'03 KIA SORENTO (LOS ANGELES) $4950
2003Sorenton/a460003/14 19:51Orlando, FLKia Sorento 03 - Extra Clean (Dr.Phillips) $4600
2003Sorenton/a400003/14 15:49Des Moines, IA03 Kia Sorento (Des Moines ) $4000
2003Sorenton/a480003/14 04:46Miami, FL2003 kia sorento (miramar fl) $4800
2003Sorenton/a420003/14 04:31New Haven, CTextra clean 2003 kia sorento for sale (bridgeport) $4200
2003Sorenton/a03/14 02:02Nashville, TN$2000 2003 Kia Sorento (Murfreesboro) $2000
2003Sorenton/a345003/14 01:56Maine, ME03 kia sorento auto-nice 4x4 suv (so.maine) $3450
2003Sorenton/a379903/13 23:48New London, CTKia Sorento 2003 (Groton) $3799
2003Sorenton/a470003/13 20:53Houston, TX2003 Kia Sorento 4x4 leather interior (sw houston) $4700
2003Sorenton/a530003/13 05:17Phoenix, AZKia sorento 5300 OB0 (mesa) $5300
2003Sorenton/a530003/13 02:30Phoenix, AZ03 Kia Sorento $5300
2003Sorenton/a629503/13 03:05Appleton, WI2003 Kia Sorento SUV (North Fond du Lac) $6295
2003Sorenton/a400003/13 03:07Cleveland, OHKia Sorento 2003 (Louisville) $4000
2003Sorenton/a430003/12 23:18Houston, TX2003 sorento 141xxx miles (sw houston tx ) $4300
2003Sorenton/a320003/12 19:40San Diego, CA2003 Kia Sorento (Clairemont ) $3200
2003Sorenton/a599903/12 20:48New Jersey (northern), NJ03 kia sorento 4x4 extra clean only 76k miles runs like new (belleville nj) $5999
2003Sorenton/a03/12 18:27Phoenix, AZ2003 WHITE KIA SORENTO LEATHER SEATS (MESA )
2003Sorenton/a469903/12 12:44Atlanta, GAKia sorento (Buford) $4699
2003Sorenton/a470003/12 07:11Miami, FLKIA SORENTO 2003 (Hialeah) $4700
2003Sorenton/a320003/12 01:06Springfield, MO2003 Kia Sorento (kirbyville/Branson) $3200
2003Sorenton/a400003/12 00:53Houston, TXkia sorento 2003 (houston) $4000
2003Sorenton/a659903/12 01:37Treasure Coast, FL2003 Kia Sorento (A Quick Auto Sales) $6599
2003Sorenton/a365003/11 23:33McAllen, TX2003 Kia Sorento (Alamo) $3650
2003Sorenton/a590003/11 23:04Chicago, ILKIA SORENTO (rockford) $5900
2003Sorenton/a590003/11 23:00Rockford, ILKIA SORENTO (rockford) $5900
2003Sorenton/a590003/11 22:56Rockford, ILKIA SORENTO (ROCKFORD) $5900
2003Sorenton/a320003/11 20:55San Diego, CA2003 Kia Sorento (clairemont mesa) $3200
2003Sorenton/a590003/11 22:51Rockford, ILKIA SORENTO (rockford) $5900
2003Sorenton/a395003/11 21:54New Orleans, LA!!! NICE NICE 2003 KIA SORENTO NICE RUNS !!! (metairie) $3950
2003Sorenton/a450003/11 22:43Miami, FLClean ride Sorento!
2003Sorenton/a300003/11 11:19Cleveland, OH2003 kia sorento $3000
2003Sorenton/a500003/11 02:34Raleigh / Durham, NC2003 Kia Sorento (Durham Area) $5000
2003Sorenton/a03/11 01:26Miami, FLKia Sorento
2003Sorenton/a500003/10 21:35Houston, TX2003 kia sorento 4x4 leather interior (sw houston) $5000
2003Sorenton/a03/10 20:31Syracuse, NY2003 Kia Sorento (Oswego) $800
2003Sorenton/a03/10 17:29San Diego, CA2003 Kia Sorento (ALL CREDIT APPROVED)
2003Sorenton/a570003/10 02:34Phoenix, AZ2003 kia sorento (63rd ave and indian school) $5700
2003Sorenton/a400003/09 19:52Abilene, TX2003 Kia Sorento 4WD (Hawley, TX) $4000
2003Sorenton/a345003/09 14:39Maine, ME2003 Kia Sorento automatic-nice SUV (so.maine) $3450
2003Sorenton/a400003/09 03:00Mendocino county, CA2003 Kia Sorento (Clearlake) $4000
2003Sorenton/a390003/09 05:23New York City, NY2003 kia sorento (long island/queens) $3900
2003Sorenton/a390003/09 05:22New York City, NY2003 kia sorento (long island/queens) $3900