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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

2010Civicn/a1060004/20 08:34Seattle, WA2010 Honda Civic LX-S (Renton) $10600
1991Accordn/a04/20 08:06Seattle, WA1991 honda accord cv axle help will pay
1991n/a150004/20 08:02Seattle, WA91 honda accord (bonneylake) $1500
1990n/a150004/20 08:01Seattle, WA1990 honda accord (bonneylake) $1500
Accordn/a04/20 06:57Seattle, WAHonda accord (bothell)
2012n/a1199904/20 06:36Seattle, WA2012 Honda Civic LX (Arlington)
2002n/a620004/20 06:20Seattle, WA2002 HONDA ODYSSEY (EVERETT) $6200
1998Preluden/a600004/20 06:12Seattle, WA98 honda prelude (spanaway) $6000
2000Civicn/a300004/20 05:53Seattle, WA2000 Honda Civic Has Cracked Block (Oak Harbor) $3000
1999CR-Vn/a595004/20 05:47Seattle, WA*** 1999 Honda CR-V *** (Lake Tapps / Auburn ) $5950
2002n/a370004/20 05:41Seattle, WA 2002 Honda Civic LX (S.Everett) $3700
1994Del Soln/a440004/20 05:27Seattle, WA94 Honda del Sol Vtec Hard Top Convertable (Lynnwood) $4400
2004n/a650004/20 05:24Seattle, WA2004 honda civic ex (blaine) $6500
1995n/a760004/20 05:19Seattle, WA1995 honda civic si (tacoma) $7600
2000Accordn/a499504/20 05:10Seattle, WAhonda accord 2000 (Northgate) $4995
2004Pilotn/a750004/20 05:06Seattle, WAHonda Pilot 2004 (auburn) $7500
1993Passportn/a140004/20 05:01Seattle, WA1993 Honda Passport two wheel drive $1400
2004Pilotn/a700004/20 04:47Seattle, WAHonda Pilot 2004 (auburn) $7000
1998n/a350004/20 04:43Seattle, WA1998 Honda Accord Coupe V6 EX (Seattle) $3500
2005Accordn/a780004/20 04:37Seattle, WAHonda accord 2005 (Everett) $7800
1990n/a175004/20 04:16Seattle, WA1990 Honda CRX Si (Tacoma) $1750
2004Pilotn/a1000004/20 04:13Seattle, WA2004 Honda Pilot (Lake Stevens) $10000
2002n/a160004/20 04:01Seattle, WA2002 Honda Civic LX 2dr (Chehalis) $1600
1998Passportn/a04/20 03:34Seattle, WAWTT 1998 HONDA PASSPORT (KENT)
Civicn/a220004/20 03:31Seattle, WAHonda civic (Lacey) $2200
2008Civicn/a680004/20 03:19Seattle, WA2008 Civic (98102) $6800
2005n/a650004/20 03:18Seattle, WA2005 Honda VTX 1800 F (port angeles) $6500
1998n/a399904/20 03:18Seattle, WA1998 HONDA CIVIC EX (TACOMA) $3999
2002n/a510004/20 02:58Seattle, WA2002 Honda Civic LX Coupe (Mount Vernon) $5100
1993n/a310004/20 02:45Seattle, WA1993 Honda Civic Coupe DX (auburn) $3100
1988CRXn/a155004/20 02:44Seattle, WAHonda Crx 88 dx wtt/wts (Orting) $1550
1991n/a04/20 02:44Seattle, WAHonda Civic 1991 (Renton ) $500
1995n/a350004/20 02:17Seattle, WA1995 Honda Passport (Tacoma) $3500
1995n/a260004/20 02:14Seattle, WA1995 Honda Accord DX. CLEAN (Tacoma) $2600
2006S2000n/a1300004/20 02:00Seattle, WAHonda S2000 (Vancouver) $13000
1992Accordn/a04/20 01:56Seattle, WA1992 honda accord $800
1989n/a04/20 01:56Seattle, WA1989 Honda (Port Angeles) $600
1990n/a140004/20 01:54Seattle, WA'90 Honda Accord -160k miles (Des Moines) $1400
1998Preluden/a410004/20 01:45Seattle, WA98' Honda Prelude (Seattle) $4100
1989Accordn/a300004/20 01:45Seattle, WATRADE HONDA ACCORD LOW MILES (FEDERAL WAY) $3000
1998n/a230004/20 01:41Seattle, WA1998 Honda Accord Sedan (Tacoma) $2300
2001n/a410004/20 01:40Seattle, WA01 Honda civic lx (Tacoma) $4100
2001n/a340004/20 01:27Seattle, WA2001 honda civic lx (auburn) $3400
1987n/a399004/20 01:12Seattle, WA1987 Honda Accord LX (Olympia) $3990
1998Civicn/a399504/20 01:06Seattle, WAsuper clean honda civic automatic (lynnwood wa) $3995
2001Civicn/a470004/20 01:00Seattle, WA2001 Honda Civic DX Sedan manual (lacey) $4700
1994n/a250004/20 00:50Seattle, WA1994 Honda Civic (Kenmore) $2500
1996n/a250004/20 00:47Seattle, WA96 honda passport low miles (renton) $2500
2001Civicn/a450004/20 00:42Seattle, WA01 HONDA CIVIC ablo espanol (seatac) $4500
2009Accordn/a1350004/20 00:37Seattle, WA2009 Honda Accord v6 FULL LOAD (tukwila) $13500
1991Accordn/a180004/20 00:37Seattle, WA1991 Honda Accord SE (Tumwater) $1800
1999Accordn/a295004/20 00:28Seattle, WAhonda accord 1999 price reduced (lynnwood wa) $2950
2002n/a550004/20 00:18Seattle, WA2002 honda civic si ep3 6speed k20 (auburn) $5500
2006Elementn/a1299104/20 00:18Seattle, WA2006 HONDA ELEMENT 4DR SUV BLACK ON BLACK! (LYNNWOOD) $12991
1996Civicn/a270004/20 00:13Seattle, WA1996 honda civic (puyallup) $2700
2007Civicn/a1445004/20 00:03Seattle, WA2007 Honda Civic Si 2HGFG21587H711755 (Auburn, WA) $14450
2006S2000n/a04/19 23:58Seattle, WA2006 S2000 Catalytic Converter (Bellevue) $150
1996n/a350004/19 23:55Seattle, WA1996 Honda Prelude 136k LOW MILES (kent) $3500
1998n/a160004/19 23:44Seattle, WA'98 Honda Civic LX (Silver) (Edmonds) $1600
1998n/a220004/19 23:38Seattle, WAHonda accord LX 1998 (Renton ) $2200
1993Civicn/a175004/19 23:36Seattle, WAHonda civic (Everett) $1750
2002n/a649904/19 23:30Seattle, WA2002 Honda Odyssey EX-L $6499
1997n/a400004/19 23:25Seattle, WAhonda civic hatchback (Tacoma) $4000
2003n/a1000004/19 23:22Seattle, WA2003 Honda Accord ex (bellingham) $10000
2005n/a850004/19 23:19Seattle, WA2005 Honda Civic EX *Clean* (fife) $8500
2011Accordn/a1458804/19 23:18Seattle, WA2011 Honda Accord SE 1HGCP2F65BA158039 (Bellevue, WA) $14588
1997Civicn/a300004/19 23:18Seattle, WA1997 Honda Civic (Shelton, WA) $3000
1991Civicn/a140004/19 23:02Seattle, WA1991 civic ef sedan. Need gone! (Bonney lake) $1400
2002n/a650004/19 23:02Seattle, WAHonda CR-V 2002 (Seatac) $6500
1995Preluden/a240004/19 23:02Seattle, WA95 Honda Prelude SE (Centralia) $2400
1994n/a250004/19 22:43Seattle, WAHonda Civic 1994 Auto (olympia) $2500
2012Insightn/a1644104/19 22:35Seattle, WA2012 Honda Insight CVT (Bellingham, WA) $16441
1992Preluden/a225004/19 22:29Seattle, WA1992 Honda Prelude Si 4WS (Edmonds) $2250
2002n/a375004/19 22:26Seattle, WA2002 HONDA ACCORD (PACIFIC) $3750
1998n/a360004/19 22:25Seattle, WA1998 Honda Civic Ex (Bellevue) $3600
2006Civicn/a850004/19 22:21Seattle, WA2006 Honda Civic (federal way) $8500
2008Ridgelinen/a04/19 22:18Seattle, WA2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL (Call Daniel)
1995Civicn/a230004/19 22:14Seattle, WA95 honda civic (around) $2300
1990CRXn/a320004/19 22:14Seattle, WASIR CRX (port ludlow) $3200
1991n/a250004/19 22:12Seattle, WA******1991 Honda Accord****** (Everett, WA) $2500
2001n/a150004/19 22:11Seattle, WA2001 honda civic lx (seattle) $1500
2012Civicn/a04/19 22:04Seattle, WA2012 Honda Civic Cpe Si (SEATAC)
1999n/a350004/19 21:58Seattle, WA1999 Honda Civic (Maple Valley) $3500
2001n/a04/19 21:57Seattle, WA2001 HONDA CIVIC (tacoma) $2
1989n/a140004/19 21:56Seattle, WA1989 honda accord lx (Tacoma) $1400
2003Civicn/a470004/19 21:52Seattle, WAHonda Civic 2003 $4700
1990n/a1000004/19 21:48Seattle, WA1990 honda accord 4 door lx (sequim) $10000
1988Civicn/a04/19 21:38Seattle, WA1988 honda civic strong runner (suquamish) $800
n/a490004/19 21:30Seattle, WAHonda $4900
1995Passportn/a369904/19 21:27Seattle, WA1995 Honda Passport 4WD (Rod's All Star Auto, Puyallup) $3699
2004Pilotn/a899904/19 21:17Seattle, WA2004 Honda Pilot Ex-L AWD (Kenmore) $8999
2010n/a1150004/19 21:10Seattle, WA2010 Honda Civic EX (arlington) $11500
2005Accordn/a1199504/19 21:09Seattle, WA2005 Honda Accord 4 Dr Sedan (6 month warranty) $11995
2004n/a500004/19 21:07Seattle, WA2004 Honda Civic LX 2dr 5spd 125k $5000
2005Odysseyn/a1099904/19 21:07Seattle, WA2005 Honda Odyssey (Bellevue) $10999
2001Civicn/a490004/19 21:06Seattle, WAHonda Civic 2001 (Woodinville) $4900
1989n/a170004/19 21:03Seattle, WA1989 Honda accord- best offer- $1700
1987Accordn/a140004/19 20:50Seattle, WAHonda Accord 1987 (Arlington) $1400
1984Accordn/a04/19 20:43Seattle, WA1984 Honda Accord (issaquah) $1
2002n/a599504/19 20:40Seattle, WA2002 HONDA CIVIC (seattle) $5995
2004Civicn/a585004/19 20:39Seattle, WA2004 HONDA CIVIC (606 Cedar Ave,Marysville) $5850
1999Accordn/a100004/19 20:37Seattle, WA1999 Hona Accord RUNS/DRIVES (Auburn) $1000
1987Accordn/a140004/19 20:29Seattle, WA1987 Honda Accord (Arlington) $1400
1987Accordn/a140004/19 20:27Seattle, WA1987 Honda Accord (Arlington) $1400
2000n/a250004/19 20:08Seattle, WA2000 honda accord $2500
2011Ridgelinen/a3167004/19 20:07Seattle, WA2011 Honda Ridgeline RTL 5FPYK1F5XBB455116 (Lynnwood, WA) $31670
2007n/a1299504/19 20:05Seattle, WA2007 Honda Accord LX SEDAN 4D (Lynnwood, WA) $12995
2005n/a900004/19 19:53Seattle, WA2005 Honda CR-V 4WD (Tukwila) $9000
2003n/a10000004/19 19:53Seattle, WA2003 Honda Accord ex (bellingham) $100000
1998n/a450004/19 19:35Seattle, WA1998 honda crv (kent) $4500
2014Odysseyn/a3699504/19 19:27Seattle, WA2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L, **Flexible Price!** (Fife) $36995
2006Ridgelinen/a1199504/19 19:27Seattle, WA2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL (I-5 Motors) $11995
1995Civicn/a04/19 19:19Seattle, WA1995 civic four door
1995Accordn/a275004/19 19:16Seattle, WAHonda Accord 1995 (Puyallup,Wa) $2750
1995n/a250004/19 19:14Seattle, WA95 Honda Civic Ex (South Everett) $2500
Preluden/a04/19 19:10Seattle, WAHonda prelude $975 (Puyallup ) $975
2007n/a1299904/19 19:10Seattle, WA2007 Honda CR-V 4WD 5dr EX (Fife) $12999
2005CR-Vn/a1754404/19 18:58Seattle, WA2005 Honda CR-V (Chehalis) $17544
2000Civicn/a450004/19 18:56Seattle, WAHONDA Civic (Kent ) $4500
1993n/a290004/19 18:56Seattle, WA1993 Honda Civic Ex (Lakewood) $2900
1985n/a04/19 18:44Seattle, WA1985 Honda Accord $500
2008n/a985004/19 18:26Seattle, WA2008 Honda civic EX-l COUPE (Mount Vernon ) $9850
2005n/a850004/19 18:24Seattle, WA2005 Honda Civic EX **LOADED!!!** (Fife)
2006n/a798804/19 18:21Seattle, WA2006 Honda Element LX 4WD AT (SNOHOMISH) $7988
1992Civicn/a320004/19 18:20Seattle, WA92 Civic eg Hatch $3200 OBO
2005Pilotn/a999804/19 18:08Seattle, WA2005 Honda Pilot EX-L/DVD/West Coast. (Lynnwood) $9998
1995Civicn/a269904/19 18:00Seattle, WA95 honda civic (Graham) $2699
1993n/a120004/19 18:00Seattle, WA1993 Honda Accord LX (Tacoma) $1200
1995n/a150004/19 17:39Seattle, WA1995 Honda accord (Shoreline ) $1500
2000n/a449904/19 17:35Seattle, WA2000 HONDA CIVIC SILVER (S TACOMA WAY) $4499
1998n/a150004/19 17:33Seattle, WAHonda accord for sale (Seattle to Tacoma) $1500
1997n/a399904/19 17:21Seattle, WAHONDA ACCORD 1997 (tacoma) $3999
1998n/a330004/19 17:21Seattle, WA1998 honda accord LX (renton) $3300
1998n/a399904/19 17:19Seattle, WA1998 HONDA CIVIC MAROON (S TACOMA WAY) $3999
n/a429904/19 17:17Seattle, WAhonda civic ex black (tacoma) $4299
1995Civicn/a295004/19 17:07Seattle, WA1995 Red Honda Civic DX (Duvall) $2950
2006Civicn/a800004/19 17:01Seattle, WAHonda Civic Hybrid 2006 (Seattle) $8000
2001n/a250004/19 16:53Seattle, WA2001 Honda Odyssey (Kent, WA) $2500
2008n/a1320004/19 16:44Seattle, WA2008 Honda Accord LX - P (seattle) $13200
1989Civicn/a285004/19 16:35Seattle, WAchipped b20 swap in a 1989 civic 4dr (spanaway) $2850
2006Odysseyn/a04/19 16:34Seattle, WA2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L EX-L w/DVD
2001Accordn/a385004/19 16:28Seattle, WA2001 Honda Accord (marysville) $3850
2012Fitn/a1225004/19 16:18Seattle, WA2012 honda fit sport (kent) $12250
2008n/a1320004/19 16:16Seattle, WA2008 Honda Accord LX - P (bellevue) $13200
2012Accordn/a1850004/19 16:16Seattle, WA2012 HONDA ACCORD SE, 4-door sedan (Seattle) $18500
2007Accordn/a1250004/19 15:57Seattle, WA2007 Honda Accord SE Sedan (Woodinville) $12500
1990Accordn/a120004/19 15:42Seattle, WA1990 honda accord power everything (Puyallup) $1200
1995Civicn/a140004/19 15:42Seattle, WA1995 Honda Civic DX 5-speed (Shelton) $1400
1998n/a520004/19 15:38Seattle, WA98 HONDA CIVIC EX SI CONV. $5200
1997Odysseyn/a200004/19 15:34Seattle, WA1997 Honda Odyssey (Issaquah) $2000
1998Civicn/a349504/19 15:20Seattle, WA1998 Honda Civic HX (Enumclaw) $3495
1978n/a185004/19 15:19Seattle, WA1978 Honda Goldwing GL1000 (stanwood) $1850
1992Civicn/a04/19 15:06Seattle, WA1992 Honda Civic Hatch DX - WRECKED (Spanaway) $600
1997Civicn/a300004/19 14:40Seattle, WA1997 Honda Civic (Snohomish/Clearview) $3000
2003Civicn/a04/19 14:18Seattle, WA2003 Honda civic jdm swap (Centralia) $1
1991n/a150004/19 14:15Seattle, WA1991 Honda Accord EX (seattle) $1500
2002n/a260004/19 14:13Seattle, WA2002 Honda Odyssey (Fife) $2600
1989Civicn/a220004/19 13:29Seattle, WA89 Civic B16A EF 4 door (Mountlake Terrace) $25
2010Accordn/a2200004/19 13:26Seattle, WA2010 Honda Accord EXL (Puyallup) $22000
2004Accordn/a04/19 13:24Seattle, WA2004 Honda Accord EX-L V6 Top of Line Navigation
1995Passportn/a100004/19 11:16Seattle, WA95 Honda passport (Olympia) $1000
2008Ridgelinen/a1698804/19 10:22Seattle, WA2008 Honda Ridgeline 4WD RTX (Burien and Renton) $16988
1989Preluden/a360004/19 09:30Seattle, WA1989 HONDA PRELUDE! $3600
2014Ridgelinen/a3925004/19 08:28Seattle, WA2014 honda ridgeline (Call/text Devin 206 504 8863) $39250
1990Civicn/a230004/19 08:21Seattle, WA1990 civic wago van (spanaway) $2300
2003n/a650004/19 08:18Seattle, WACRV Honda (tukwila) $6500
1995n/a250004/19 08:08Seattle, WA95 Honda civic** trade obo (Roy ) $2500
1995Civicn/a04/19 08:03Seattle, WA1995 honda civic (Chehalis) $1
1989Accordn/a100004/19 07:50Seattle, WAAccord 1989- (burien) $1000
2006Odysseyn/a1700004/19 07:43Seattle, WA2006 Honda Odyssey Touring (Lynnwood) $17000
2005Accordn/a700004/19 07:38Seattle, WAhonda accord (Sacramento) $7000
1997Civicn/a300004/19 07:27Seattle, WA1997 honda civic hatchback (seattle) $3000
2012CR-Vn/a2520004/19 07:20Seattle, WA2012 Honda CR-V EX-L (Port Townsend) $25200
2008Civicn/a700004/19 07:02Seattle, WA2008 Honda Civic (Seattle) $7000
1996n/a300004/19 06:44Seattle, WA96 Honda Civic EX Clean Title (Seattle) $3000
2006Accordn/a1298804/19 06:33Seattle, WA2006 Honda Accord EX-L (Burien and Renton) $12988
2000Accordn/a450004/19 06:27Seattle, WA2000 Honda Accord 4door 4cyl leather (Auburn) $4500
1992Accordn/a220004/19 06:26Seattle, WA92 accord wagon 5spd clean title (puyallup) $2200
2004n/a270004/19 06:13Seattle, WAhonda civic ex 2004 (auburn) $2700
1998Civicn/a200004/19 06:06Seattle, WAwts 1998 honda civic hx (orting) $2000
2000n/a320004/19 06:06Seattle, WAHONDA CIVIC EX (Monroe ) $3200
2000Civicn/a700004/19 06:05Seattle, WA2000 Honda Civic Si. Em1. K20. (Federal way) $7000
2007Accordn/a1399904/19 06:01Seattle, WA2007 Honda Accord Automatic (SI HABLA ESPANOL!!!) $13999
n/a1250004/19 05:57Seattle, WAHONDA C-RV (auburn) $12500
1997n/a250004/19 05:49Seattle, WA1997 Honda Odyssey LX (Seattle) $2500
1992n/a280004/19 05:39Seattle, WA1992 Honda Accord LX $2800
2000n/a320004/19 05:30Seattle, WA2000 Honda civic ex (Darrington) $3200
Accordn/a190004/19 05:24Seattle, WAHonda accord $1900
2002n/a300004/19 05:23Seattle, WA2002 Honda Accord LX (Puyallup) $3000
2002n/a350004/19 05:22Seattle, WA2002 Honda Accord LX (Puyallup) $3500
1991Civicn/a180004/19 05:19Seattle, WA1991 Honda Civic (Rochester) $1800
2012Civicn/a2000004/19 05:07Seattle, WA2012 Honda Civic $20,000 o.b.o. (puyallup) $20000
2010n/a2275004/19 04:59Seattle, WA2010 Honda Element LX $22750
1992n/a220004/19 04:56Seattle, WAHonda Accord 1992 EX (Kent) $2200
1996Del Soln/a340004/19 04:51Seattle, WA1996 Honda Del Sol (House) $3400
1995n/a240004/19 04:38Seattle, WA1995 Honda Accord Ex (Seabeck washington) $2400
1994n/a320004/19 04:32Seattle, WA94 honda accord ex (federal way) $3200
1999n/a400004/19 04:26Seattle, WA1999 Honda CRV $4000
1994Del Soln/a180004/19 04:16Seattle, WA94 del sol (Federal way) $1800
2003Civicn/a720004/19 04:08Seattle, WA2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (Burlington) $7200
2006S2000n/a2295004/19 04:06Seattle, WA2006 Honda S2000 (bellevue) $22950
1994n/a300004/19 04:01Seattle, WA1994 Honda Civic EX (Kent) $3000
1993Civicn/a550004/19 04:00Seattle, WA1993 Honda Civic VX (One Owner) (Fife) $5500
1995Accordn/a120004/19 03:54Seattle, WAhonda accord 1995 (lacey) $1200
1997Preluden/a400004/19 03:49Seattle, WA1997 Honda Prelude PRICE DROP!! $4000
1989Accordn/a04/19 03:47Seattle, WA89 honda accord (bremerton) $700
1999n/a210004/19 03:36Seattle, WAHonda Civic EX 1999 (Puyallup) $2100
1995n/a250004/19 03:34Seattle, WA4 DOOR HONDA CIVIC LX 1995 (tacoma) $2500
2006Civicn/a1198804/19 03:34Seattle, WA2006 Honda Civic Si (Burien and Renton) $11988
2001S2000n/a1450004/19 03:29Seattle, WA2001 Honda S2000 (Spokane) $14500
2003Accordn/a799504/19 03:29Seattle, WA2003 Honda Accord 2dr - Auto Local 1 Owner (Bothell) $7995
Civicn/a120004/19 03:27Seattle, WAHonda Civic $1200
1989Accordn/a130004/19 03:26Seattle, WA1989 Honda Accord LX-I (922 North 104th ST.) $1300
2006Odysseyn/a1198804/19 03:17Seattle, WA2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L (Burien and Renton) $11988
1989n/a04/19 03:16Seattle, WA1989 honda civic hatchback (puyallup) $550
1996Civicn/a270004/19 03:16Seattle, WA1996 honda civic (puyallup) $2700
1992Accordn/a04/19 03:12Seattle, WA92 honda accord $800
1999n/a250004/19 03:11Seattle, WA99 honda accord V6 (renton) $2500
1991n/a190004/19 03:03Seattle, WA1991 honda $1900 (fife)
1994Accordn/a04/19 02:55Seattle, WA1994 Honda Accord $1300 OBO (Federal Way) $1300
2003Accordn/a699504/19 02:52Seattle, WA2003 Honda Accord (Guaranteed Credit Approval!) $6995
1991n/a150004/19 02:46Seattle, WA1991 Honda Civic (puyallup) $1500
1997n/a235004/19 02:43Seattle, WA1997 Honda Civic Lx 4 Cylinder (Auburn,Wa) $2350
1991n/a04/19 02:34Seattle, WA Honda Civic parts car (91) (Tacoma) $1
1994Civicn/a140004/19 02:31Seattle, WA1994 Honda Civic DX 5-speed (shelton) $1400
1991n/a160004/19 02:28Seattle, WA1991 Honda Accord EX (Tacoma) $1600
1996n/a260004/19 02:27Seattle, WA1996 Honda Accord EX. Clean. (Federal Way ) $2600
1998Civicn/a360004/19 02:25Seattle, WA1998 Honda Civic Hatchback (Auburn) $3600
1988n/a175004/19 02:20Seattle, WA1988 Honda Accord Lx Gold (Shoreline, WA) $1750
1991n/a260004/19 02:03Seattle, WA1991 Honda Accord Ex (Seattle) $2600
1990n/a250004/19 02:02Seattle, WA1990 Honda Prelude Si 5 Speed (Tacoma) $2500
2011n/a1665804/19 02:00Seattle, WA2011 Honda Accord Lx Sedan Red (Auburn, WA) $16658
2001Civicn/a460004/19 02:00Seattle, WA2001 Honda civic (graham) $4600
2005n/a1098804/19 01:58Seattle, WA2005 Honda Civic LX (Burien and Renton) $10988
1990CRXn/a200004/19 01:56Seattle, WA1990 HONDA CRX great MPG! (Kitsap) $2000
2004Accordn/a650004/19 01:42Seattle, WA2004 Honda Accord (black diamond) $6500
1995Accordn/a269504/19 01:38Seattle, WAHonda Accord 1995 (Lynnwood, Washington) $2695
2003n/a250004/19 01:23Seattle, WA2003 honda odyssey (monroe) $2500
1988Accordn/a220004/19 01:07Seattle, WA1988 Honda Accord Commuter (Granite falls) $2200
2001n/a600004/19 01:06Seattle, WA2001 Honda Accord EX (marysville) $6000
1997Accordn/a230004/19 00:45Seattle, WA1997 Honda Accord CHEAP (Lakewood) $2300
1999Civicn/a400003/23 00:18Seattle, WAHonda : Civic EX 1999 Honda Civic
2012Civicn/a1600002/07 05:33Seattle, WAHonda : Civic EX-L 2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe 2-Door 1.8L
2012Civicn/a1600001/29 18:27Seattle, WAHonda : Civic EX-L 2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe 2-Door 1.8L
2012Civicn/a1600001/21 16:36Seattle, WAHonda : Civic EX-L 2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe 2-Door 1.8L
2004Accordn/a999912/30 20:21Seattle, WAHonda : Accord EX 2004 Honda Accord EX Sedan 4-Door 2.4L