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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

2007H3n/a185004/17 03:11Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 4WD 4dr SUV - $1850 (Mesa)
H2n/a1999504/16 21:27Phoenix, AZHUMMER H2 (north central phoenix) $19995
2009H3n/a04/15 18:50Phoenix, AZ2009 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2003H2n/a1580004/15 16:28Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Prescott Valley) $15800
1999H1n/a4200004/14 19:56Phoenix, AZ99 H1 Hummer (27th ave and Thomas) $42000
2006H2n/a2800004/14 17:24Phoenix, AZHummer H2 2006 (Waddell,AZ) $28000
2003H2n/a7500004/14 03:12Phoenix, AZLifted Custom Hummer H2 Show Truck $1
2003n/a2400004/14 01:21Phoenix, AZtrade for hummer h2? 2003 500 sl mercedes! $24000
H3n/a1490004/13 23:14Phoenix, AZH3 Hummer Tactic am Edition!! (All Over) $14900
2005n/a2350004/13 19:37Phoenix, AZHummer $23500
2006H3n/a1050004/13 17:35Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 (Mesa) $10500
2003H2n/a1580004/13 16:20Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Prescott Valley) $15800
H2n/a1650004/12 20:22Phoenix, AZHummer H2 Custom (Deer Valley) $16500
2007H3n/a199504/12 02:29Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 - $1995 (Avondale)
2007H3n/a199504/12 00:57Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 4WD 4dr SUV - $1995 (Mesa)
H2n/a2500004/11 23:58Phoenix, AZCustom Lifted Hummer H2 (Flagstaff,AZ) $25000
2006H3n/a1399904/11 23:43Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 (Gilbert) $13999
n/a1000004/11 21:42Phoenix, AZT-rex H1 Hummer (Tucson ) $10000
2003H2n/a1580004/11 14:00Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Prescott Valley) $15800
2007H3n/a04/11 04:00Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 $14.300 (Phoenix)
2007H3n/a199504/11 01:40Phoenix, AZ07 HUMMER H3 4WD 4dr SUV - $1995 (Mesa)
2003H2n/a04/11 01:15Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Mesa, AZ)
2009H3n/a04/10 19:27Phoenix, AZ2009 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2006n/a1400004/10 03:26Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H3 (tucson) $14000
2007H3n/a199504/10 01:05Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 4WD 4dr SUV - $1995 (Mesa)
2009H2n/a5995004/10 00:07Phoenix, AZ2009 Hummer H2 (Gilbert, AZ) $59950
H2n/a1650004/09 18:31Phoenix, AZHummer H2 Custom (Deer Valley) $16500
2005n/a2399504/09 18:05Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER BAD CREDIT OK (MESA) $23995
2006H3n/a1650004/09 17:57Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H3 (AVONDALE) $16500
2007H3n/a1599904/08 20:56Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 (1509 E VAN BUREN ST) $15999
2005n/a2350004/08 13:19Phoenix, AZHummer $23500
2003H2n/a1580004/07 00:45Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Prescott Valley) $15800
n/a04/06 20:54Phoenix, AZHummer H3 rims $550
2003n/a2400004/06 19:13Phoenix, AZtrade for hummer h2? 2003 500 sl mercedes! $24000
2006H3n/a1650004/06 05:28Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 - Mint Condition (NE Phoenix) $16500
2005n/a2399504/05 20:03Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER BAD CREDIT OK (MESA) $23995
2003H2n/a04/04 21:45Phoenix, AZClean Lifted Hummer H2 on 40's $28
2007H3n/a1570004/04 19:52Phoenix, AZ$$ 2007 hummer h3 4X4 $15700
2005n/a04/04 19:13Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER
2003H2n/a04/04 01:06Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Mesa, AZ)
2009H3n/a04/03 19:53Phoenix, AZ2009 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2003H2n/a04/03 01:37Phoenix, AZHummer : H2 Sport Utility 2003 Hummer H2
2007H3n/a1450004/02 17:01Phoenix, AZHummer H3 2007 (N scottsdale) $14500
2007H3n/a1400004/02 03:47Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 Black on Black (Gilbert) $14000
2004n/a1500004/01 22:15Phoenix, AZ2004 hummer 2 (chandler) $15000
2005H2n/a2500004/01 18:11Phoenix, AZ2005 Hummer H2 $25000
2004H2n/a1290004/01 15:26Phoenix, AZ2004 HUMMER H2 very clean (35th ave and bell) $12900
2007H3n/a1579903/30 23:28Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 (east mesa) $15799
2006H3n/a1400003/29 08:29Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 (Gilbert) $14000
H2n/a1650003/28 20:33Phoenix, AZHummer H2 Custom (Deer Valley) $16500
2003H2n/a1680003/28 17:21Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 28" (west phoenix) $16800
2006H2n/a2760003/28 14:03Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H2 SUT (n. scottsdale) $27600
2003H2n/a1550003/28 07:58Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 (AVONDALE) $15500
2003H2n/a03/26 22:51Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Mesa, AZ)
2003H2n/a16000203/26 22:40Phoenix, AZhummer h2 $160002
1995H1n/a3900003/25 22:22Phoenix, AZ1995 H1 Hummer (North Phoenix) $39000
2003H2n/a1350003/25 20:04Phoenix, AZ2003 h2 hummer (2114 w deervalley rd) $13500
2008H2n/a3500003/25 00:56Phoenix, AZ2008 Hummer H2 (Fountain Hills) $35000
2003H2n/a1400003/24 01:20Phoenix, AZhummer h2 (west valley) $14000
2007H3n/a1200003/23 18:51Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4x4 SUV (Mesa) $12000
H2n/a03/23 08:08Phoenix, AZWTB: H2 Hummer (Chandler)
2004H2n/a03/22 15:42Phoenix, AZ2004 h2 hummer $1
H2n/a1380003/22 03:05Phoenix, AZHummer H2 (North Phoenix) $13800
2005n/a03/22 02:26Phoenix, AZ05 HUMMER SUT $45
2003H2n/a1300003/22 01:37Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer h2 (north phoenix) $13000
2003H2n/a03/21 22:43Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Mesa, AZ)
2005H2n/a1950003/21 10:06Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 (Gilbert) $19500
2008H2n/a4200003/21 03:12Phoenix, AZHummer H2 2008 For Sale $42000
2006H3n/a03/19 23:05Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 4x4 12,995
2006H2n/a2450003/19 21:13Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H2 - ONE OWNER (Shea & 114th) $24500
2005H2n/a2250003/19 02:25Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 SUT--VERY NICE (SOUTH PHOENIX) $22500
2004H2n/a1750003/18 18:58Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Tubac) $17500
2004H2n/a1750003/18 18:57Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Tubac) $17500
2005n/a2450003/18 04:23Phoenix, AZHummer $24500
H2n/a2300003/17 04:16Phoenix, AZBeautiful H2 on 26s $23000
2003H2n/a1400003/16 22:30Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (north phoenix) $14000
2009n/a7500003/16 20:18Phoenix, AZHARD TO FIND 2009 HUMMER SUT (N Scottsdale) $75000
2004H2n/a03/15 23:16Phoenix, AZ2004 HUMMER H2 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2003H2n/a1400003/15 21:49Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (phoenix) $14000
2003H2n/a1697703/14 18:51Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 (WE SHIP NATIONWIDE) $16977
1995n/a3900003/14 07:01Phoenix, AZ1995 H1 HUMMER (TUCSON) $39000
2007H3n/a1150003/13 15:08Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11500
2007H3n/a1150003/13 00:50Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11500
2003H2n/a1850003/13 00:29Phoenix, AZHummer H2 2003 (mesa) $18500
2007H3n/a1150003/12 15:41Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11500
2004H2n/a1950003/12 00:42Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (mesa az) $19500
2003H2n/a03/11 17:56Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Mesa, AZ)
2007H3n/a1150003/11 15:27Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11500
2005n/a1050003/11 05:22Phoenix, AZ2005 hummer 4x4 (laveen) $10500
2006H2n/a2600003/10 06:52Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H2 SUT (n. phoenix) $26000
2007H3n/a1150003/09 23:12Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11500
2007H3n/a1190003/09 20:57Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11900
2007H3n/a1750003/09 19:48Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 (Phoenix) $17500
2004H2n/a2800003/09 18:11Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (19,000 miles) (Scottsdale) $28000
2006H3n/a1100003/08 16:49Phoenix, AZh3 hummer 2006 $11000
2007H3n/a1190003/08 15:51Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11900
2003H2n/a1485003/08 05:09Phoenix, AZ03 HUMMER H2 135K TRADE OR SALE (south phoenix) $14850
2007H3n/a1190003/08 00:14Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 4X4 !!! CLEAN TITLE ! $11900
2007H3n/a03/07 22:59Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2006H3n/a1100003/07 19:39Phoenix, AZh3 hummer 2006 $11000
2006H3n/a1380003/07 07:14Phoenix, AZHummer H3 4x4 2006 Luxury (51st Ave Baseline) $13800
2006H3n/a1100003/07 03:19Phoenix, AZh3 hummer 2006 $11000
n/a1000003/07 01:21Phoenix, AZT-rex H1 Hummer (Tucson ) $10000
2006H3n/a1622003/06 17:17Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 4D Sport Utility (Phoenix) $16220
2006H3n/a1340003/05 02:36Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H3 CHEAP (tempe az) $13400
2006n/a1350003/05 00:35Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 1$13,500 OBO!!!!!!! (MESA) $13500
2007H3n/a03/04 18:08Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2003H2n/a1580003/03 20:19Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 4x4 (west phx) $15800
1998H1n/a03/03 20:05Phoenix, AZHummer H1 1998 (goodyear)
2007H3n/a03/03 18:29Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2005H2n/a03/03 18:21Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2004H2n/a2150003/02 19:14Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 Showroom conditon (Scottsdale) $21500
2006H3n/a1450003/01 21:38Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H3 Clean Title (Phoenix) $14500
2006H3n/a1699902/28 23:23Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 Sport Utility (All Autos Direct) $16999
2003H2n/a02/28 22:36Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 SUV
2005H2n/a02/28 01:00Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2007H3n/a02/28 00:52Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
n/a02/27 23:00Phoenix, AZHUMMER SALE (Mesa)
2007H3n/a02/27 18:37Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2003n/a1450002/27 01:35Phoenix, AZHUMMER $14500
2004H2n/a1420002/26 21:15Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 Loaded w/ Luxury Pkg (Surprise) $14200
2003H2n/a1350002/25 23:47Phoenix, AZ2003 h2 hummer (2114 w deervalley rd) $13500
2005H2n/a1970002/25 23:20Phoenix, AZ05 Hummer H2 (Florence) $19700
2007H3n/a02/24 22:58Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2006H3n/a1380002/24 04:03Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H3 (BETHANY HOME RD.) $13800
2003H2n/a2100002/24 01:49Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 CUSTOM $21000
H2n/a2100002/23 20:40Phoenix, AZCustom Hummer H2 (Queen creek) $21000
2007H3n/a02/22 23:12Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2005H2n/a02/22 23:06Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2006H3n/a1600002/22 21:06Phoenix, AZHummer H3 2006 red (tempe) $16000
2003H2n/a1250002/22 20:25Phoenix, AZ03 Hummer H2 (glendale) $12500
2004H2n/a1875002/21 17:10Phoenix, AZHummer : H2 Hummer H2 Hummer H2 2004
2006H3n/a1350002/21 05:20Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 (Surprise) $13500
2007H3n/a1250002/21 02:10Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H3 (Peoria) $12500
2007H3n/a2880002/21 01:26Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 - GREY (NORTH PHOENIX) $28800
2008H3n/a1890002/20 18:53Phoenix, AZ2008 Hummer H3 Luxury 4x4 (North Scottsdale) $18900
2005H2n/a2300002/20 13:40Phoenix, AZ2005 hummer h2 sut (tolleson) $23000
2006H3n/a2100002/20 05:44Phoenix, AZ2006 hummer h3 (15 av baseline) $21000
2006H3n/a1699902/19 23:34Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 Sport Utility (All Autos Direct) $16999
2003H2n/a2150002/19 23:28Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 SUV Nice and Clean (Avondale) $21500
2006H2n/a2800002/19 23:24Phoenix, AZ2006 h2 truck vert nice in clean (west peoria ) $28000
2007H2n/a2500002/19 21:12Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H2 (Chandler) $25000
2006H3n/a1661302/19 17:06Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 4D Sport Utility (Phoenix) $16613
2006H2n/a02/19 12:38Phoenix, AZHummer H2 (phoenix az)
2006H2n/a2800002/18 18:44Phoenix, AZ2006 h2 truck vert nice in clean (west peoria ) $28000
2006H3n/a1750002/18 05:20Phoenix, AZ2006 H3 $17500
H3n/a997502/17 14:42Phoenix, AZGM SUV H3 4WD (scottsdale az) $9975
2004H2n/a1450002/17 03:14Phoenix, AZ2004 H2 HUMMER (7th ST & Cloud Rd.) $14500
H2n/a2000002/16 03:31Phoenix, AZ***2007 H2 HUMMER *** (PHOENIX) $20000
2008H2n/a4900002/16 02:38Phoenix, AZ2008 H2 Hummer (Luxury Edition) (Glendale) $49000
2003n/a1500002/16 02:25Phoenix, AZHummer 2003 $15000
1996H1n/a3800002/15 04:12Phoenix, AZ1996 H1 hummer (Ellensburg) $38000
2006H3n/a1299902/14 23:47Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 Sport Utility (All Autos Direct) $12999
2006H2n/a2990002/14 21:34Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H2 SUT Limited Edition $29900
2008H3n/a1599902/14 19:19Phoenix, AZ2008 Hummer H3 - 92K miles (n. scottsdale) $15999
2007H3n/a02/14 01:32Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2003H2n/a2500002/14 01:28Phoenix, AZHummer H2 2003 $25000
2005H2n/a2600002/13 02:38Phoenix, AZHummer H2 SUT Loaded-Mint (North Scottsdale) $26000
n/a1000002/12 23:29Phoenix, AZT - rex H1 Hummer (tucson) $10000
2005H2n/a1650002/12 23:24Phoenix, AZ2005 Hummer H2 (Casa Grande, AZ) $16500
2003n/a1599902/12 21:40Phoenix, AZ'03 Hummer (Mesa) $15999
2006H3n/a1350002/12 21:29Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 (Avondale) $13500
2002n/a1570002/12 20:15Phoenix, AZ2002 hummer h2, ac cold, clean title (phx) $15700
2004H2n/a1500002/12 17:20Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Goodyear) $15000
2006H3n/a1500002/12 08:59Phoenix, AZ2006 H3 (Casa grande) $15000
2004H2n/a1500002/12 01:29Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Goodyear) $15000
2003H2n/a1495002/11 22:27Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (West Valley) $14950
2003H2n/a1799902/11 19:10Phoenix, AZH2 Hummer 2003 (Goodyear, Az) $17999
2002n/a1570002/11 00:22Phoenix, AZ2002 hummer h2,ac cold ,clean title (phx) $15700
2002n/a1550002/10 20:48Phoenix, AZ2002 hummer h2, ac cold, clean title (phx) $15500
2006H3n/a1399902/10 03:50Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 - Only 72K miles (n. scottsdale) $13999
2005H2n/a2600002/09 22:16Phoenix, AZ05 H2 Hummer SUT (North Scottsdale) $26000
2004H2n/a1550002/09 11:06Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Goodyear) $15500
2007H3n/a02/09 00:44Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H3 (YUMA, AZ)
2005H2n/a2600002/08 23:07Phoenix, AZHummer H2 SUT Loaded-Mint (North Scottsdale) $26000
2007H2n/a02/08 16:37Phoenix, AZ***2007 H2 HUMMER***
2003H2n/a1850002/08 00:59Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $18500
2006H3n/a1299902/07 18:02Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 Sport Utility (All Autos Direct) $12999
2003H2n/a1850002/07 01:17Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $18500
2005H2n/a02/06 22:28Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2006H3n/a1350002/06 17:20Phoenix, AZ2006 H3 LOW MILES NEED CASH!!!! (MESA) $13500
2003H2n/a1850002/06 16:05Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $18500
2006H3n/a1530002/05 23:02Phoenix, AZHUMMER H3 2006 (WEST_PHX) $15300
2003H2n/a1890002/05 20:22Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $18900
2003H2n/a1575002/04 22:25Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 (Scottsdale) $15750
2003H2n/a1880002/04 22:18Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $18800
2007H2n/a2275002/04 21:53Phoenix, AZ2007 Hummer H2 (Scottsdale) $22750
2003H2n/a1590002/04 21:33Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (Mesa, AZ) $15900
2009H3n/a02/04 19:10Phoenix, AZ2009 HUMMER H3 SUV Sport Utility (Scottsdale)
2003H2n/a1950002/04 16:06Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $19500
2003H2n/a1950002/03 17:05Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $19500
2006H3n/a1450002/02 22:41Phoenix, AZHUMMER H3 (laveen) $14500
2004H2n/a1700002/02 00:44Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Goodyear) $17000
2009H2n/a6995002/01 01:53Phoenix, AZ2009 Hummer H2 (Gilbert, AZ) $69950
2005H2n/a2150001/31 08:49Phoenix, AZ2005 HUMMER H2 (Gilbert) $21500
2006H3n/a1090001/31 00:44Phoenix, AZ2006 hummer H3 (phoenix north) $10900
2007H2n/a2999101/30 23:01Phoenix, AZ2007 HUMMER H2 SUV SUV SUV $29991
2003H2n/a1980001/30 20:20Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $19800
2006H3n/a1350001/30 05:22Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER h3 (west phoenix) $13500
2004H2n/a1950001/30 02:34Phoenix, AZ2004 Hummer H2 (Tubac) $19500
2003H2n/a1990001/29 20:20Phoenix, AZ2003 hummer h2 (phoenix az) $19900
2004H2n/a1990001/29 02:45Phoenix, AZHummer : H2 Hummer H2 Hummer H2 2004
2003H2n/a2199501/28 23:19Phoenix, AZ2003 Hummer H2 Base (Mesa) $21995
2006H2n/a2599501/28 22:53Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H2 Base (Mesa) $25995
2006H3n/a1350001/28 19:37Phoenix, AZ2006 Hummer H3 LOW MILES!!! (mesa) $13500
2003H2n/a01/28 01:37Phoenix, AZ2003 HUMMER H2 SUV (Mesa, AZ )
2007H3n/a1650001/27 02:28Phoenix, AZ$$ 2007 hummer h3 4X4 $16500
2003H2n/a1650001/26 19:39Phoenix, AZh2 (west) $16500
2006H2n/a2800001/25 20:14Phoenix, AZ2006 h2 truck vert nice in clean (west peoria ) $28000
2006H3n/a01/25 19:57Phoenix, AZ2006 HUMMER H3 SUV (Mesa, AZ)
2008H3n/a1560001/25 19:39Phoenix, AZ2008 H3 HUMMER 84K 4X4 $15, 600 (phoenix)