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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

2003Passatn/a650004/17 14:49Miami, FL03 VW PASSAT 48,000 MILES 1.8 TURBO (BOCA RATON) $6500
2006Passatn/a830004/17 07:25Miami, FL2006 volskwagen Passat (hollywood fl) $8300
1999Passatn/a190004/17 06:41Miami, FL1999 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT WAGON $1900
2005Passatn/a04/17 01:08Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
2008Passatn/a950004/17 00:10Miami, FL2008 VW Passat 2.0 TURBO $9500
2003Passatn/a400004/16 22:43Miami, FL2003 VW Passat (Broward) $4000
2006Passatn/a04/16 21:30Miami, FL2006 Volkswagen Passat [$6500] OBO $6500
2005Passatn/a690004/16 19:59Miami, FL2005 vw passat TDI (ft lauderdale) $6900
2006Passatn/a679004/16 19:31Miami, FL2006 Vw passat (Pompano) $6790
2006Passatn/a699004/16 19:31Miami, FL2006 VW Passat 2.0t (Pompano) $6990
2003Passatn/a590004/16 19:17Miami, FLCLEAN ****VW PASSAT 1.8Turbo Leather 93k (Broward)
2005Passatn/a04/16 16:37Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
1999Passatn/a100004/16 15:45Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat (Miami lakes) $1000
2014Passatn/a04/16 15:21Miami, FL2014 VW Passat (Jupiter,Florida) $275
2004Passatn/a480004/16 06:35Miami, FLVW Passat 2004 (miami) $4800
Passatn/a390004/16 05:55Miami, FLVolkswagen passat (Miami) $3900
2007Passatn/a730004/16 02:34Miami, FLVolkswagen passat 2007 black (all south florida) $7300
2006Passatn/a765004/16 02:23Miami, FL2006 Passat 2.0t. (Coconut Creek) $7650
1999Passatn/a220004/16 02:16Miami, FL1999 VW Passat Turbo - $2200 $2200
2004Passatn/a360004/16 01:00Miami, FL2004 PASSAT GLX 1.8 TURBO (Pompano Beach) $3600
Passatn/a290004/15 23:29Miami, FL2001. VW. PASSAT (hollywood) $2900
2004Passatn/a360004/15 23:17Miami, FLVW PASSAT 2004 (miami dade) $3600
2006Passatn/a600004/15 21:41Miami, FLvolkswagen passat 2006 (plantation) $6000
Passatn/a04/15 17:38Miami, FLVw passat v6 (Miami)
2006Passatn/a580004/15 10:27Miami, FL2006 VW Passat , 2.5 T, like new $5800
2014Passatn/a04/15 05:39Miami, FL2014 vw passat (Jupiter,fl) $275
Passatn/a290004/15 02:44Miami, FL2001. VW PASSAT (hollywood) $2900
1999Passatn/a04/15 00:43Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat V4 (Hialeah) $750
2000Passatn/a290004/15 00:02Miami, FLVW Passat 2000 (Pembroke) $2900
2005Passatn/a04/14 23:04Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
2001Passatn/a290004/14 21:58Miami, FL2001. VW PASSAT , automatic (hollywood) $2900
2001Passatn/a100004/14 19:48Miami, FL2001 VW Passat (hollywood) $1000
2006Passatn/a590004/14 19:45Miami, FLVw passat (Kendall) $5900
2009Passatn/a1299004/14 18:41Miami, FL2009 WOLKSWAGEN PASSAT $12990
2004Passatn/a04/14 18:11Miami, FL2004 vw passat $3000(OBO) (margate) $3000
2004Passatn/a410004/14 16:47Miami, FL2004 VW PASSAT $4100
2008Passatn/a1300004/14 16:36Miami, FL2008 Volks wagon passat komfort 2.0 turbo (Miami) $13000
2005Passatn/a04/14 16:18Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
1999Passatn/a100004/14 14:56Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat (Miami lakes) $1000
2000Passatn/a420004/14 08:00Miami, FL2000 VW Passat Wagon
2000Passatn/a200004/14 05:14Miami, FL2000 VW Passat (Miami Broward Palm Beach) $2000
2012Passatn/a1389504/14 01:02Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat S w/ 44031 miles (Miami) $13895
2003Passatn/a590004/13 20:03Miami, FLCLEAN ****VW PASSAT 1.8Turbo Leather 93k (Broward)
2006Passatn/a679004/13 18:14Miami, FL2006 Vw passat (Pompano) $6790
2006Passatn/a699004/13 18:13Miami, FL2006 VW Passat 2.0t (Pompano) $6990
2007Passatn/a730004/13 17:54Miami, FLVolkswagen passat 2007 black (all south florida) $7300
Passatn/a04/13 17:20Miami, FLVw passat v6 (Miami)
2006Passatn/a600004/13 01:20Miami, FLvolkswagen passat 2006 (plantation) $6000
Passatn/a330004/12 23:44Miami, FLVolkswagen passat (sunrise) $3300
2008Passatn/a789004/12 22:58Miami, FLFor sale! 2008 VW Passat 2.0T (Coconut Creek) $7890
Passatn/a380004/12 22:39Miami, FLVolkswagen Passat 99, excellent condition $3800
2005Passatn/a04/12 22:12Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
2006Passatn/a580004/12 22:07Miami, FL2006 VW Passat , 2.5 T, like new $5800
2006Passatn/a699504/12 20:59Miami, FL2006 VOLKS WAGEN PASSAT BLAC (MIAMI) $6995
2009Passatn/a1249004/12 19:36Miami, FL2009 Passat WV.. low mileage (miami) $12490
2006Passatn/a729004/12 19:30Miami, FL2006 VW Passat TSI 2.0 Turbo $7290
2012Passatn/a1469004/12 19:14Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat S w/ 28968 miles (Miami) $14690
2006Passatn/a590004/12 18:24Miami, FLVw passat (Kendall) $5900
2008Passatn/a1099104/12 16:12Miami, FL2008 Volkswagen Passat Sedan (Ft.Lauderdale) $10991
2004Passatn/a410004/12 16:00Miami, FL2004 VW PASSAT $4100
2005Passatn/a04/12 15:56Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
2003Passatn/a699504/12 15:45Miami, FL03 VW PASSAT 53,000 MILES 1.8 TURBO (BOCA RATON) $6995
2004Passatn/a550004/12 08:52Miami, FL2004 VW Passat GLS (Miami) $5500
2006Passatn/a750004/12 07:35Miami, FLvw passat 2.0 T 2006 (homestead) $7500
2007Passatn/a740004/12 02:33Miami, FL2007 Volkswagen Passat (kendall) $7400
2006Passatn/a499004/12 01:00Miami, FL2006 VW Passat , 2.0T $4990
2003Passatn/a04/12 00:28Miami, FL2003 VW Passat Turbo Auto Great deal
1999Passatn/a100004/11 23:28Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat (Miami lakes) $1000
2005Passatn/a699904/11 21:22Miami, FL2005 Volkswagen Passat GLS (Hollywood, FL) $6999
2006Passatn/a679004/11 20:32Miami, FL2006 VW PASSAT 2.0T (POMPANO BEACH) $6790
1999Passatn/a04/11 20:16Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat V4 (Hialeah) $750
2006Passatn/a590004/11 19:56Miami, FL2006 "PASSAT 2.0T" from Volkswagon (Pompano Bch) $5900
Passatn/a04/11 16:18Miami, FLVw passat v6 (Miami)
2004Passatn/a399504/11 05:02Miami, FL2004 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT CLEAN TITLE $3995
2006Passatn/a679004/11 03:37Miami, FL2006 Vw passat (Pompano) $6790
2006Passatn/a699004/11 03:36Miami, FL2006 VW Passat 2.0t (Pompano) $6990
Passatn/a600004/11 03:10Miami, FLvw passat perfect condition!!!!! (NPB) $6000
2012Passatn/a2100004/11 01:44Miami, FLVW passat TDI SEL 2012 (Aventura) $21000
2000Passatn/a100004/11 00:27Miami, FL2000 VW Passat (Copans and Powerline) $1000
2000Passatn/a04/10 21:56Miami, FL passat year 2000 $1800 (pompano beach) $1800
2008Passatn/a950004/10 21:04Miami, FL2008 VW Passat 2.0 TURBO $9500
2006Passatn/a679004/10 20:41Miami, FL2006 VW PASSAT 2.0T (POMPANO BEACH) $6790
Passatn/a470004/10 20:32Miami, FLVolkswagen passat (Hialeah) $4700
2003Passatn/a590004/10 18:28Miami, FL***VW PASSAT 1.8T Loaded**Leather 93k Orig Miles!
2003Passatn/a590004/10 18:25Miami, FLCLEAN ****VW PASSAT 1.8Turbo Leather 93k (Broward)
2009Passatn/a1249004/10 18:12Miami, FL2009 Passat WV.. low mileage (miami) $12490
2001Passatn/a420004/10 16:53Miami, FL2001 VW PASSAT WAGON 1.8TURBO (fort lauderdale) $4200
2005Passatn/a04/10 16:01Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
2003Passatn/a400004/10 14:33Miami, FL2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT (FORT LAUDERDALE) $4000
2001Passatn/a04/10 03:04Miami, FL2001 VW PASSAT FOR SALE $2000 OR OBO $2000
2005Passatn/a04/10 02:50Miami, FLVw passat v6 2005 (Miami) $1
2005Passatn/a550004/10 02:06Miami, FLVOLKS WAGEN PASSAT (HIALEAH) $5500
2012Passatn/a1799104/10 01:45Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat (Delray Beach) $17991
2003Passatn/a420004/10 00:21Miami, FL2003 Volkswagen Passat (pompano beach) $4200
2013Passatn/a04/10 00:19Miami, FL2013 Volkswagen Passat 2.5 S (Miami)
2012Passatn/a1869104/09 21:22Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat (Delray Beach) $18691
1999Passatn/a04/09 19:17Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat V4 (Hialeah) $750
2012Passatn/a1490004/09 18:56Miami, FLVW Passat 2012 w/sunroof (Miami) $14900
2006Passatn/a580004/09 18:43Miami, FL2006 VW Passat , 2.0T $5800
2012Passatn/a1999104/09 17:34Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat (Delray Beach) $19991
Passatn/a590004/09 15:42Miami, FLWV PASSAT TSI 2.0 TURBO 115.300 MILLAS $5900
2006Passatn/a590004/09 15:16Miami, FLVw passat (Kendall) $5900
2006Passatn/a679004/09 14:49Miami, FL06 volkswagen passat (Pompano beach) $6790
2003Passatn/a400004/09 14:27Miami, FL2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT (FORT LAUDERDALE) $4000
2003Passatn/a699504/09 13:34Miami, FL03 VW PASSAT 53,000 MILES 1.8 TURBO (BOCA RATON) $6995
2003Passatn/a380004/09 09:10Miami, FL2003 Volkswagen Passat GLS (Nice Car) $3800
2003Passatn/a04/09 03:29Miami, FL2003 passat 2.8 v6 (miami) $800
2003Passatn/a400004/09 03:21Miami, FL2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT (FORT LAUDERDALE) $4000
2006Passatn/a799504/09 01:24Miami, FL2006 Volkswagen Passat (hallandale beach) $7995
2003Passatn/a357504/08 22:29Miami, FL2003 volkswagen passat wagon 1.8 turbo (wpb) $3575
2007Passatn/a740004/08 21:29Miami, FL2007 Volkswagen Passat (kendall) $7400
2006Passatn/a765004/08 16:07Miami, FL2006 Passat 2.0t. (Coconut Creek) $7650
2006Passatn/a679004/08 15:02Miami, FL2006 Vw passat (Pompano) $6790
2006Passatn/a699004/08 07:19Miami, FL2006 VW Passat 2.0t (Pompano) $6990
2003Passatn/a420004/08 05:16Miami, FL2003 vw passat (deerfield) $4200
2008Passatn/a1150004/08 01:56Miami, FL2008 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT, 45K MILES (MIAMI) $11500
2003Passatn/a400004/07 23:41Miami, FL2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT, V6,2.8L (FORT LAUDERDALE) $4000
Passatn/a230004/07 23:25Miami, FLVw passat 2001, 98 (hallandale beach) $2300
2006Passatn/a600004/07 22:53Miami, FLVW PASSAT 2006 (DERRFIELD BCH) $6000
Passatn/a230004/07 22:03Miami, FLVw passat 2001, 98k (hallandale beach) $2300
2009Passatn/a1280004/07 19:39Miami, FL2009 Passat WV.. low mileage (miami) $12800
2001Passatn/a210004/07 18:44Miami, FLvw passat 2001 (98k) miles, (hallandale) $2100
2006Passatn/a580004/07 17:25Miami, FL2006 VW Passat , 2.0T $5800
2006Passatn/a679004/07 14:43Miami, FL06 volkswagen passat (Pompano beach) $6790
2003Passatn/a400004/07 02:42Miami, FL2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT (FORT LAUDERDALE) $4000
1996Passatn/a180004/07 00:25Miami, FL1996 vw passat tdi (Lake worth) $1800
2012Passatn/a1520004/06 22:53Miami, FLVW Passat 2012 w/sunroof (Miami) $15200
2003Passatn/a420004/06 18:16Miami, FLvw passat $4200 OBO (deerfield beach) $4200
2008Passatn/a675004/06 16:23Miami, FL2008 VW Passat Low Miles (Coconut Grove) $6750
2006Passatn/a600004/06 05:39Miami, FLvw passat 2006 $6000
2005Passatn/a380004/06 05:05Miami, FL2005 Volkswagen Passat 4 cylinder (Miami) $3800
2006Passatn/a679004/06 03:30Miami, FL2006 Vw passat (Pompano) $6790
2009Passatn/a1299004/06 01:17Miami, FL2009 WOLKSWAGEN PASSAT $12990
2005Passatn/a530004/05 22:23Miami, FL2005 volkswagen passat 2.0 tdi (pembroke pines) $5300
2003Passatn/a465004/05 19:34Miami, FLVW Passat 1,8 turbo 2003 (Hollywood) $4650
2005Passatn/a530004/05 18:59Miami, FLPASSAT 2005 (miami) $5300
2005Passatn/a530004/05 18:20Miami, FLPASSAT 2005 (miami) $5300
2007Passatn/a899004/05 07:56Miami, FL2007 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Base (Hollywood, FL) $8990
2001Passatn/a210004/05 07:13Miami, FL2001 Volkswagon Passat !! (Bonita springs) $2100
2003Passatn/a525004/05 00:39Miami, FL2003 VW Passat (Boca Raton) $5250
2007Passatn/a949504/04 23:23Miami, FL2007 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT (Auto Trust LLC) $9495
2003Passatn/a699504/04 23:20Miami, FL03 VW PASSAT 53,000 MILES 1.8 TURBO (BOCA RATON) $6995
2001Passatn/a04/04 22:16Miami, FL2001 VW PASSAT FOR SALE $2000 OR OBO $2000
2006Passatn/a669004/04 17:34Miami, FL2006 VW Passat TSI 2.0 Turbo $6690
2006Passatn/a700004/04 16:50Miami, FLVW PASSAT 2006 (DERRFIELD BCH) $7000
2004Passatn/a420004/03 17:50Miami, FL04 VW Passat Station Wagon,,,Clean Title, (Miami) $4200
1999Passatn/a04/03 17:17Miami, FL1999 Passat Wagon (Hollywood) $1
2000Passatn/a330004/03 16:43Miami, FLVolkswagen Passat (weston) $3300
2003Passatn/a550004/03 05:01Miami, FLpassat gls 2003 (oakland park) $5500
2000Passatn/a370004/03 04:15Miami, FL2000 vw passat $3700
2013Passatn/a2300004/03 03:10Miami, FL2013 VW Passat SE (Sebastian, FL) $23000
2003Passatn/a387504/03 03:06Miami, FL2003 volkswagen passat wagon 1.8 turbo (wpb) $3875
2010Passatn/a04/02 22:16Miami, FL*** 2010 Volkswagen Passat - Easy Financing ***
2001Passatn/a340004/02 22:12Miami, FL2001 Volkswagen Passat (hollywood fl) $3400
2007Passatn/a995004/02 16:51Miami, FL2007 VW PASSAT WAGON (palm springs) $9950
2001Passatn/a100004/02 07:16Miami, FL2001 VW Passat (hollywood) $1000
2007Passatn/a580004/02 04:42Miami, FLfor sale VW Passat 2007 $5800
2008Passatn/a789004/02 04:28Miami, FLFor sale! 2008 VW Passat 2.0T (Coconut Creek) $7890
2004Passatn/a245004/02 02:10Miami, FL2004 VW PASSAT $2450
2001Passatn/a230004/02 00:24Miami, FLvw passat 2001 (98k) miles, (Hallandale) $2300
2009Passatn/a04/01 22:13Miami, FL*** 2009 Volkswagen Passat - Easy Financing ***
2001Passatn/a235004/01 18:04Miami, FLvw passat 2001 (98k) miles, (Pembroke rd) $2350
2007Passatn/a883004/01 17:24Miami, FL2007 Volkswagen Passat Sedan 4dr Auto FWD $8830
2008Passatn/a04/01 17:23Miami, FL2008 Volkswagen Passat Sedan 4dr Auto Lux FWD
2001Passatn/a235004/01 01:05Miami, FLvw passat 2001 (98k) miles, (hallandale) $2350
1999Passatn/a03/31 22:29Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat V4 (Hialeah) $750
2000Passatn/a160003/31 21:18Miami, FL2000 VW Passat for sale 1600obo (sunrise) $1600
2003Passatn/a385003/31 20:22Miami, FL2003 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1.8T (NICE CAR) $3850
2006Passatn/a600003/31 18:43Miami, FL2006 volkswagon passat turbo (hollywood) $6000
2005Passatn/a700003/31 02:30Miami, FLvolkswagen passat 2005 (plantation) $7000
1999Passatn/a120003/30 22:15Miami, FL1999 Volkswagen Passat (Miami lakes) $1200
2007Passatn/a03/30 22:11Miami, FL*** 2007 Volkswagen Passat - Easy Financing ***
2006Passatn/a390003/30 15:51Miami, FLVOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 (ONLY 33K) (south florida) $3900
2006Passatn/a650003/30 05:32Miami, FL2006 VW Passat (lake okeechobee) $6500
2000Passatn/a320003/29 20:59Miami, FLVolkswagen Passat (Miami Fl) $3200
2006Passatn/a799503/29 19:53Miami, FL2006 Volkswagen Passat (hallandale beach) $7995
2001Passatn/a100003/29 19:24Miami, FL2001 Volkswagen Passat PART OUT! (hollywood) $1000
2006Passatn/a390003/29 14:42Miami, FLVW PASSAT 2006 ONLY 33K (south florida) $3900
2005Passatn/a750003/29 06:38Miami, FLvolkswagen passat 2005 (7869251426) $7500
2004Passatn/a03/29 02:21Miami, FL2004 VW PASSAT (miami)
2012Passatn/a1499603/29 02:04Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat $14996
2006Passatn/a390003/29 01:54Miami, FLVOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 (ONLY 33K) (south florida) $3900
2009Passatn/a1275003/29 00:55Miami, FLMint Condition 2009 White Passat (Miami) $12750
2005Passatn/a650003/28 22:45Miami, FLvolwagen passat 2005 (miami dade) $6500
2005Passatn/a390003/28 16:27Miami, FL2005 Volkswagen Passat (Brentwood, N.H) $3900
2000Passatn/a03/28 16:24Miami, FL2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS (Davie)
2004Passatn/a100003/28 08:56Miami, FL2004 volkswagen passat (Miramar, Florida) $1000
2013Passatn/a03/28 01:42Miami, FL2013 volkswagen passat clean title (Miami) $16
2007Passatn/a949503/28 00:11Miami, FL2007 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT (Auto Trust LLC) $9495
2012Passatn/a03/27 23:44Miami, FL2012 Volkswagen Passat 2.5L S (Pompano Beach, FL)
2006Passatn/a899503/27 21:22Miami, FL2006 VW Passat, Very Good condition (Miami Beach) $8995
2006Passatn/a390003/27 20:13Miami, FLVW PASSAT 2006 ONLY 33K $3900
Passatn/a395003/27 20:00Miami, FLVW PASSAT (MIAMI) $3950
Passatn/a395003/27 19:52Miami, FLVW PASSAT (MIAMI) $3950
2006Passatn/a390003/27 15:34Miami, FLVOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2006 (ONLY 33K) (south florida) $3900
2008Passatn/a03/27 15:13Miami, FL2008 VW Passat 2.0T
2003Passatn/a390002/18 19:12Miami, FLVolkswagen : Passat GLS Good Condition...Great Car..