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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

2008xBn/a04/18 03:33Riverside, CA2008 scion xb (La Quinta. ) $1
2008tCn/a1100004/18 03:09Riverside, CAScion Tc 2008 (Riverside/Oc) $11000
n/a640004/18 02:15Riverside, CAClean title Scion XB (Canyon lake ) $6400
2006xBn/a580004/18 00:58Riverside, CA2006 TOYOTA SCION XB 98k mies (city of orange) $5800
2008tCn/a950004/18 00:08Riverside, CA2008 Scion TC For Sale! (mira loma) $9500
tCn/a650004/18 00:03Riverside, CAScion TC 06 (Salvage) (Colton) $6500
2008xBn/a740004/17 23:59Riverside, CA08 TOYOTA SCION XB ,MANUAL TANSMISION $7400
2006xAn/a560004/17 23:10Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto ca) $5600
2008tCn/a680004/17 20:33Riverside, CA 2008 scion tc (riverside ca) $6800
2007tCn/a1299904/17 20:33Riverside, CA2007 Scion tC $12999
2012xBn/a1499904/17 19:58Riverside, CA2012 Scion xB $14999
2004xBn/a04/17 19:21Riverside, CA004 05 06 Scion XB FRONT BUMPER LIP (Fontana) $1
2005tCn/a550004/17 19:04Riverside, CA2005 scion tc manual (riverside ca) $5500
2011tCn/a1477704/17 18:53Riverside, CA2011 Scion tC (Montclair,CA) $14777
2005xBn/a800004/17 18:48Riverside, CA2005 scion XB (Riverside) $8000
2008xDn/a790004/17 14:21Riverside, CA2008 scion Xd (Menifee) $7900
2005xBn/a400004/17 05:34Riverside, CA2005 Scion XB for sale (San Bernardino) $4000
2005xBn/a400004/17 03:58Riverside, CA2005 scion xb (rialto) $4000
2005tCn/a480004/17 02:16Riverside, CA2005 scion tc JUST LOWERED*** (north fontana) $4800
2006xBn/a670004/17 01:49Riverside, CA2006 Scion Xb (la verne) $6700
2008n/a1240004/16 23:19Riverside, CAScion tC 2008 RS 4 (La Habra) $12400
2005n/a04/16 23:06Riverside, CACYLINDER HEAD TOYOTA SCION 2005 (PERRIS) $200
2005tCn/a799904/16 23:01Riverside, CA❤❤ 2005 Scion tC ❤❤ (Corona) $7999
2007tCn/a800004/16 21:32Riverside, CA2007 scion tc clean title (Monrovia) $8000
2005tCn/a1059504/16 20:30Riverside, CA2005 SCION TC (ACE MOTORS) $10595
2007tCn/a1359504/16 19:01Riverside, CA2007 SCION TC (BalboaMotorsInc/EZ Financing) $13595
2010xBn/a1199904/16 18:17Riverside, CA2010 SCION XB SPORTS WHITE (ONTARIO) $11999
2010xDn/a850004/16 16:56Riverside, CA2010 scion xd 48 millas (lake elsinore) $8500
2009tCn/a1199904/16 16:24Riverside, CA2009 SCION TC ***GUARANTEED APPROVAL!!*** (HEMET) $11999
2006xBn/a660004/16 16:16Riverside, CA2006 scion xb (riverside ca) $6600
2010xBn/a1050004/16 15:45Riverside, CA2010 TOYOTA SCION XB (riverside) $10500
2009tCn/a1199904/16 15:34Riverside, CA2009 SCION TC ***GUARANTEED APPROVAL!!*** (HEMET) $11999
2006tCn/a880004/16 13:34Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC BLACK CLEAN TITLE (CORONA) $8800
2005tCn/a550004/16 06:26Riverside, CA2005 Scion tc (Ontario) $5500
2007tCn/a04/16 04:03Riverside, CA07 Scion tc
xAn/a04/16 03:57Riverside, CASCION XA TOW HITCH (MORENO VALLEY) $200
2008xBn/a830004/16 02:13Riverside, CA2008 scion xb (fontana) $8300
n/a640004/16 02:07Riverside, CAClean title Scion XB (Canyon lake ) $6400
2009tCn/a1199904/16 01:34Riverside, CA2009 Scion TC, Great Car, Save Gas (Hemet) $11999
2006xBn/a595004/16 00:49Riverside, CA2006 TOYOTA SCION XB 98k mies (city of orange) $5950
2006xAn/a570004/15 22:30Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto ca) $5700
2009xBn/a820004/15 22:04Riverside, CA2009 Scion XB For Sale (rancho cucamonga) $8200
2008xBn/a740004/15 20:40Riverside, CA08 TOYOTA SCION XB ,MANUAL TANSMISION $7400
2012tCn/a1799504/15 20:30Riverside, CA2012 Scion tC (8698b) (Pacific Auto Center) $17995
2012tCn/a1899504/15 20:29Riverside, CA2012 Scion tC (9088) (Pacific Auto Center) $18995
2007tCn/a850004/15 19:41Riverside, CA2007 scion tc (ontario) $8500
2007tCn/a700004/15 19:09Riverside, CA2007 Scion Tc (Rancho Cucamonga) $7000
2010tCn/a1200004/15 19:04Riverside, CA2010 SCION TC - 1 OWNER CLEAN TITLE! (anaheim, ca) $12000
2006tCn/a813304/15 16:34Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC METALLIC GRAY (RANCHO CUCAMONGA ) $8133
xBn/a500004/15 15:53Riverside, CAscion xb (ontario) $5000
2010tCn/a1399904/15 08:53Riverside, CA2010 Scion TC Super White II (Fullerton) $13999
1967xBn/a450004/15 06:07Riverside, CAscion xb 05 (san bernardino) $4500
2008xDn/a800004/15 05:09Riverside, CA2008 scion Xd (Menifee) $8000
2005xBn/a400004/15 04:46Riverside, CA2005 Scion XB for sale (San Bernardino) $4000
2009xBn/a790004/15 03:14Riverside, CA2009 SCION XB (ONTARIO) $7900
2006xAn/a580004/15 03:13Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto ca) $5800
2008xBn/a1000004/15 02:09Riverside, CA2008 Scion XB (Rancho Cucamonga) $10000
2008tCn/a680004/15 00:52Riverside, CA 2008 scion tc (riverside ca) $6800
xBn/a500004/15 00:24Riverside, CAclean scion xb (grand terrace) $5000
2008tCn/a999504/14 21:58Riverside, CA 2008 SCION TC (inland empire) $9995
2006tCn/a480004/14 20:09Riverside, CA2006 scion tc (victorville ca) $4800
2007tCn/a800004/14 19:39Riverside, CA2007 scion tc clean title (Monrovia) $8000
2005xBn/a650004/14 18:48Riverside, CAScion Xb (Fontana) $6500
2010xBn/a1199904/14 17:04Riverside, CA2010 SCION XB SPORTS WHITE (ONTARIO) $11999
2005tCn/a530004/14 16:50Riverside, CA2005 scion tc (san Bernardino) $5300
2006xAn/a580004/14 16:46Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto ca) $5800
2006xBn/a590004/14 15:40Riverside, CA2006 SCION XB 74 K Miles (SAN BERNARDINO) $5900
2010xDn/a850004/14 13:40Riverside, CA2010 scion xd 48 millas (lake elsinore) $8500
tCn/a650004/14 06:13Riverside, CAScion TC 06 (Salvage) (Colton) $6500
2006xAn/a550004/14 02:02Riverside, CA2006 TOYOTA SCION XA (LA) $5500
n/a680004/14 01:45Riverside, CAClean title Scion XB (Canyon lake ) $6800
2006xBn/a595004/14 00:44Riverside, CA2006 TOYOTA SCION XB 98k mies (city of orange) $5950
2007tCn/a640004/13 23:58Riverside, CA2007 Scion tC (Moreno Valley) $6400
2006tCn/a880004/13 23:15Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC BLACK CLEAN TITLE (CORONA) $8800
2005tCn/a550004/13 22:03Riverside, CA2005 scion tc manual (riverside ca) $5500
2006tCn/a1099904/13 21:42Riverside, CA2006 Scion tC $10999
2009xBn/a890004/13 21:21Riverside, CA2009 Scion XB for sale (Calimesa) $8900
2005tCn/a580004/13 20:07Riverside, CA2005 Scion tc (Ontario) $5800
2006tCn/a267204/13 19:07Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC ROLL OVER (PERRIS) $2672
2006xBn/a670004/13 18:07Riverside, CA2006 Scion Xb (la verne) $6700
2006xAn/a580004/13 17:20Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto ca) $5800
2006n/a630004/13 16:02Riverside, CA2006 Toyota Scion (mira loma) $6300
2005tCn/a650004/13 07:53Riverside, CA2005 Scion Tc (Hemet, Ca) $6500
xAn/a04/13 06:00Riverside, CASCION XA TOW HITCH (MORENO VALLEY) $200
2004xBn/a530004/13 05:38Riverside, CAscion xb 2004 (yucaipa) $5300
2008n/a1240004/13 03:51Riverside, CAScion tC 2008 RS 4 (La Habra) $12400
2006xBn/a400004/13 02:22Riverside, CA06 scion xb (corona) $4000
2005xBn/a530004/12 23:36Riverside, CA2005 TOYOTA SCION XB (RIALTO) $5300
2007tCn/a620004/12 23:21Riverside, CA2007 scion tc (Lake Elsinore ) $6200
2008tCn/a04/12 22:11Riverside, CA2008 Scion tC (MONTCLAIR, CA)
2007tCn/a300004/12 21:06Riverside, CA2007 Scion TC mechanic special (Rialto) $3000
2007tCn/a700004/12 18:24Riverside, CA2007 Scion Tc (Rancho Cucamonga) $7000
2007tCn/a680004/12 18:11Riverside, CA2007 Scion TC - Clean Title (jurupa valley) $6800
2006xAn/a580004/12 16:23Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto) $5800
2008tCn/a770004/12 15:57Riverside, CA2008 SCION TC (SAN BERNARDINO) $7700
2010xBn/a1199904/12 15:55Riverside, CA2010 SCION XB SPORTS WHITE (ONTARIO) $11999
2008xBn/a740004/12 08:52Riverside, CA08 TOYOTA SCION XB ,MANUAL TANSMISION $7400
2011tCn/a1500004/12 06:45Riverside, CA2011 Scion tc (Murrieta) $15000
2009xBn/a790004/12 04:30Riverside, CA2009 SCION XB (ONTARIO) $7900
2006tCn/a580004/12 03:15Riverside, CA2006 Scion Tc (Fontana) $5800
2008tCn/a630004/12 03:10Riverside, CA2008 Toyota scion tc (Rialto) $6300
2006xAn/a585004/12 02:47Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion xa (Rialto ca) $5850
2005tCn/a790004/12 02:04Riverside, CA2005 Scion Tc (Clean Title) (Temecula) $7900
2006tCn/a04/12 00:46Riverside, CA2006 Scion tC (MONTCLAIR, CA)
2006xBn/a660004/11 23:19Riverside, CA2006 scion xb (riverside ca) $6600
2007tCn/a1299904/11 22:28Riverside, CA2007 Scion tC $12999
2012xBn/a1499904/11 21:47Riverside, CA2012 Scion xB $14999
2011xBn/a1499904/11 21:27Riverside, CA2011 Scion xB $14999
2008xBn/a850004/11 19:44Riverside, CA2008 Scion Xb (Bloomington) $8500
2005n/a04/11 19:30Riverside, CACYLINDER HEAD TOYOTA SCION 2005 (PERRIS) $200
2006xBn/a04/11 18:53Riverside, CA2006 Scion xb 2006 parting out (riverside)
xAn/a750004/11 18:50Riverside, CAscion xa 05 gas saver like new (hemet ca) $7500
2006tCn/a880004/11 17:59Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC BLACK CLEAN TITLE (CORONA) $8800
2005tCn/a580004/11 17:12Riverside, CA2005 Scion tc (Ontario) $5800
2006tCn/a835304/11 16:44Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC METALLIC GRAY (RANCHO CUCAMONGA ) $8353
2009tCn/a730004/11 15:45Riverside, CA2009 SCION TC (bloomington) $7300
2005tCn/a600004/11 13:29Riverside, CA05 scion tc for sale by owner (Rialto) $6000
2005xBn/a655004/11 06:51Riverside, CA2005 Scion XB $6550
2006tCn/a550004/11 05:36Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC (CORONA) $5500
2008n/a1240004/11 02:36Riverside, CAScion tC 2008 RS 4 (La Habra) $12400
2007tCn/a425004/11 01:42Riverside, CAscion tc 2007 (fontana) $4250
2005xBn/a04/11 00:24Riverside, CAScion Xb (san bernadino)
2011tCn/a1579904/10 23:51Riverside, CA2011 Scion tC (Montclair, CA) $15799
2009xBn/a800004/10 22:28Riverside, CA2009 Toyota Scion XB (Ontario) $8000
2004xBn/a550004/10 21:53Riverside, CA2004 scion xb (yucaipa) $5500
2010xDn/a870004/10 21:07Riverside, CA2010 toyota scion xd ( lake elsinore) $8700
2004n/a350004/10 20:47Riverside, CA04 scion Xb for sale (Riverside) $3500
2007tCn/a200004/10 17:38Riverside, CA2007 SCION TC (Lake Elsinore) $2000
2010xBn/a1199904/10 14:13Riverside, CA2010 SCION XB SPORTS WHITE (ONTARIO) $11999
2008xDn/a04/10 14:11Riverside, CA2008 Scion xD 5dr HB Auto (San Bernardino)
2006xBn/a1050004/10 05:43Riverside, CA06 Scion XB (Yucaipa) $10500
xAn/a04/10 04:03Riverside, CASCION XA TOW HITCH (MORENO VALLEY) $200
2005xBn/a530004/10 03:46Riverside, CA2005 TOYOTA SCION XB (RIALTO) $5300
2006xBn/a400004/10 03:22Riverside, CA06 scion xb (corona) $4000
2004xBn/a650004/10 02:49Riverside, CA2004 toyota scion xb (yucaipa) $6500
2008tCn/a630004/10 01:16Riverside, CA2008 Toyota scion tc (Rialto) $6300
2006n/a1090004/10 00:47Riverside, CA2006 Scion tC Sport Coupe (Norco, Ca) $10900
2008n/a1090004/10 00:46Riverside, CA2008 Scion tC Sport Coupe (Norco, Ca) $10900
2006n/a890004/10 00:45Riverside, CA2006 Scion tC Sport Coupe (Norco, Ca) $8900
2005n/a500004/10 00:34Riverside, CA2005 Toyota scion tv (Rialto) $5000
2010xDn/a850004/10 00:27Riverside, CA2010 scion xd 48 millas (lake elsinore) $8500
2007tCn/a1359504/10 00:23Riverside, CA2007 SCION TC (BalboaMotorsInc/EZ Financing) $13595
2006xBn/a800004/10 00:18Riverside, CA06 Scion XB Under 63k Miles!! (Redlands, CA) $8000
2007tCn/a700004/09 22:12Riverside, CA2007 Scion Tc (Rancho Cucamonga) $7000
2007tCn/a720004/09 22:12Riverside, CA2007 Scion Tc (Rancho Cucamonga) $7200
2006xBn/a650004/09 21:40Riverside, CAscion xb 2006 6500 o.b.o (riverside ca) $6500
2006xAn/a530004/09 21:19Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion XA (hesperia) $5300
2009n/a1199904/09 20:48Riverside, CA2009 Scion tC Sport Coupe (Empire Auto Sales) $11999
2004xAn/a520004/09 20:41Riverside, CA04 SCION XA ***STICK SHIFT*** $5200
2007tCn/a850004/09 20:39Riverside, CA2007 SCION TC (UPLand) $8500
2006tCn/a04/09 20:28Riverside, CA 2006 SCION TC EZ Financing DOOR (inland empire)
2006xBn/a700004/09 18:37Riverside, CAClean 2006 Scion xb (san bernadino) $7000
2005n/a04/09 18:32Riverside, CACYLINDER HEAD TOYOTA SCION 2005 (PERRIS) $200
2010tCn/a04/09 16:47Riverside, CA 2010 SCION TC Mal credito OK (inland empire)
2006tCn/a880004/09 15:37Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC BLACK CLEAN TITLE (CORONA) $8800
2008xBn/a750004/09 15:17Riverside, CAscion xb 2008 (perris ca) $7500
2005tCn/a790004/09 14:23Riverside, CA2005 Scion Tc (Clean Title) (Temecula) $7900
2006xBn/a700004/09 06:16Riverside, CA2006 Scion Xb (la verne) $7000
2006xAn/a550004/09 04:16Riverside, CA2006 TOYOTA SCION XA (LA) $5500
tCn/a1750004/09 03:47Riverside, CA***2012 Scion TC, low miles $17500
2008xBn/a740004/09 00:07Riverside, CA08 TOYOTA SCION XB ,MANUAL TANSMISION $7400
2005xBn/a400004/08 22:37Riverside, CA2005 scion xb (rialto) $4000
tCn/a630004/08 21:51Riverside, CAscion tc (hemet ca) $6300
2005xBn/a800004/08 19:11Riverside, CA2005 scion XB (Riverside) $8000
2006xBn/a04/08 18:06Riverside, CA2006 Scion xb 2006 parting out (riverside)
2008tCn/a04/08 17:12Riverside, CA 2008 SCION TC DIVORCED OK (inland empire)
2006xAn/a530004/08 14:41Riverside, CA2006 toyota scion XA (hesperia) $5300
2009tCn/a730004/08 06:49Riverside, CA2009 SCION TC (bloomington) $7300
2006tCn/a550004/08 05:54Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC (CORONA) $5500
2008xBn/a1180004/08 04:54Riverside, CA2008 SCION xB (top car) $11800
2004xAn/a300004/08 01:50Riverside, CA2004 scion xa (winchester/hemet/meifee) $3000
2006n/a630004/08 00:50Riverside, CA2006 Toyota Scion (mira loma) $6300
2010xDn/a8600004/08 00:18Riverside, CA2010 scion xd 48 millas (lake elsinore) $86000
2007tCn/a430004/07 23:30Riverside, CA2007 Scion TC Automatic - White (Moreno Valley) $4300
2010xBn/a1199904/07 23:27Riverside, CA2010 SCION XB SPORTS WHITE (ONTARIO) $11999
2007tCn/a04/07 22:03Riverside, CAScion tc 2007 (San bernardino)
2010tCn/a1200004/07 20:05Riverside, CA2010 SCION TC - 1 OWNER CLEAN TITLE! (anaheim, ca) $12000
2007tCn/a720004/07 18:59Riverside, CA2007 Scion Tc (Rancho Cucamonga) $7200
2007tCn/a700004/07 18:58Riverside, CA2007 Scion Tc (Rancho Cucamonga) $7000
2008tCn/a630004/07 18:34Riverside, CA2008 Toyota scion tc (Rialto) $6300
2008tCn/a650004/07 17:31Riverside, CASCION TC 2008 GREAT CONDITION (chino) $6500
2008tCn/a650004/07 17:23Riverside, CASCION TC 2008 Perfect Car (chino) $6500
2008tCn/a650004/07 17:20Riverside, CASCION TC 2008 GREAT CONDITION (chino) $6500
2007tCn/a400004/07 16:51Riverside, CA2007 Toyota scion TC (Rancho Cucamonga ) $4000
2005xBn/a899904/07 16:35Riverside, CA2005 SCION XB AUTOMATIC XTRA CLEAN ! (CORONA) $8999
2006tCn/a880004/07 14:27Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC BLACK CLEAN TITLE (CORONA) $8800
2011xBn/a1794904/07 06:41Riverside, CA2011 Scion xB Station Wagon Blue $17949
xBn/a550004/07 04:23Riverside, CAscion xb 05 * free style* (riverside) $5500
2008xBn/a800004/06 23:44Riverside, CAscion xb 2008 (perris ca) $8000
2008xBn/a740004/06 19:51Riverside, CA08 TOYOTA SCION XB ,MANUAL TANSMISION $7400
2005n/a04/06 19:08Riverside, CACYLINDER HEAD TOYOTA SCION 2005 (PERRIS) $200
2004xBn/a04/06 18:36Riverside, CA2004 Scion XB trade (Hemet)
2006xAn/a620004/06 16:32Riverside, CA2006 Scion XA (IRVINE) $6200
2006xBn/a370004/06 00:32Riverside, CA2006 Toyota Scion XB (Pomona ) $3700
2005xBn/a400004/05 23:52Riverside, CA2005 Scion XB for sale (San Bernardino) $4000
2008tCn/a750004/05 23:07Riverside, CA 2008 scion tc (riverside ca) $7500
2007tCn/a400004/05 19:30Riverside, CA2007 blue scion TC (Rancho Cucamonga ) $4000
2006xBn/a04/05 18:39Riverside, CA2006 Scion xb 2006 parting out (riverside)
2010xBn/a1398504/05 14:02Riverside, CA2010 Scion xB 5DR WGN AUTO BLUE $13985
2009xBn/a830004/05 10:26Riverside, CA2009 SCION XB (ONTARIO) $8300
2007tCn/a1199504/05 00:42Riverside, CA2007 SCION TC (BalboaMotorsInc/EZ Financing) $11995
2006tCn/a04/04 23:41Riverside, CA2006 Scion tC (MONTCLAIR, CA)
2012tCn/a1599504/04 23:37Riverside, CA2012 SCION TC (8927a) (Pacific Auto Center) $15995
2011tCn/a1500004/04 23:32Riverside, CA2011 Scion TC (Murrieta) $15000
2006xBn/a942004/04 22:19Riverside, CA2006 SCION XB (1st choice) $9420
2005tCn/a490004/04 21:02Riverside, CA2005 toyota scion tc (hemet ca) $4900
2012iQn/a1199504/04 20:54Riverside, CA2012 Scion Iq (LONG BEACH) $11995
2006tCn/a550004/04 19:35Riverside, CAScion tc 2006 grey (Fontana) $5500
2006tCn/a780004/04 18:43Riverside, CA2006 Scion tc $7800
2004xBn/a799504/04 18:24Riverside, CA2004 Scion Xb 85551 Miles (WESTMINSTER) $7995
2004xBn/a795004/04 16:57Riverside, CA2004 SCION XB - SILVER (All In Auto) $7950
2005tCn/a799904/04 07:10Riverside, CA❤❤ 2005 Scion tC ❤❤ (Corona) $7999
2006tCn/a550004/04 06:44Riverside, CA2006 SCION TC (CORONA) $5500
2007tCn/a04/04 05:01Riverside, CAScion tc 2007 (San bernardino)
2013n/a04/04 04:39Riverside, CA2013 Scion FRS ( For trade) (Ie)
2006n/a04/04 01:45Riverside, CA2006 SCION (yucaipa) $350
2007tCn/a870004/03 22:19Riverside, CA2007 scion Tc (wilmington) $8700
2006tCn/a625004/03 17:51Riverside, CAscion tc 2006 (n. san bernardino) $6250
2005tCn/a520004/03 17:08Riverside, CA2005 SCION TC (moreno valley) $5200
2005tCn/a650004/03 15:18Riverside, CA05 scion tc for sale or trade (high desert) $6500
2007tCn/a850004/03 03:08Riverside, CA2007 scion tc (ontario) $8500
2009xBn/a1199504/02 22:42Riverside, CA2009 SCION XB (10222) (Pacific Auto Center) $11995
2010xDn/a920004/02 22:17Riverside, CA2010 scion xd 48 millas (lake elsinore) $9200
2006tCn/a625004/02 21:27Riverside, CAscion tc (sanBernardino e) $6250
2004xAn/a520004/02 19:36Riverside, CA2004 SCION XA STICK SHIFT $5200
2011xBn/a1399504/02 18:49Riverside, CA2011 SCION XB (9934) (Pacific Auto Center) $13995
2006tCn/a550004/02 17:04Riverside, CA2006 scion tc (victorville ca) $5500
2005xBn/a690004/02 04:50Riverside, CA2005 scion xb (Trade or Sale) (high desert) $6900
2008tCn/a04/01 19:52Riverside, CA 2008 SCION TC 1295.00 DOWN (inland empire)
2006tCn/a650004/01 11:24Riverside, CAscion tc 2006 looking to trade (Fontana) $6500
2006xBn/a599004/01 03:26Riverside, CAScion XB 2006 (moreno valley ca) $5990
tCn/a980004/01 02:26Riverside, CAScion tc 09 (lake elsinore) $9800
2007tCn/a899503/31 21:14Riverside, CA 2007 SCION TC (inland empire) $8995
2006xBn/a680003/31 21:11Riverside, CAscion xb 2006 6800 o.b.o (riverside ca) $6800
2009tCn/a03/31 21:10Riverside, CA 2009 SCION TC 1850.00 Down (inland empire)
2013FR-Sn/a1550003/31 19:38Riverside, CAScion FR-S (Hemet ) $15500
2009tCn/a765003/31 18:20Riverside, CA2009 Scion TC (Clean Title) (riversire CA) $7650
2005tCn/a450003/31 04:05Riverside, CA*******AWESOME 2005 SCION TC***** $4500
2006n/a630003/30 19:59Riverside, CA2006 Toyota Scion (mira loma) $6300
2005tCn/a550003/30 19:34Riverside, CA2005 Scion TC (Riverside) $5500
2008xBn/a850003/30 15:28Riverside, CA2008 Scion XB 55K (Brea) $8500
2006tCn/a620003/30 06:30Riverside, CA2006 Scion Tc (Banning, CA) $6200
tCn/a03/30 00:53Riverside, CALooking for a Scion TC . ASAP
tCn/a03/30 00:48Riverside, CALoking for a Scion TC ASAP
2008tCn/a1000003/29 23:18Riverside, CA2008 Scion Tc (Apple Valley) $10000
2005xBn/a800003/29 21:27Riverside, CA2005 scion XB (Riverside) $8000
2008tCn/a1000003/29 20:50Riverside, CA2008 SCION TC FOR SALE $10,000 (MONTCLAIR) $10000
2006tCn/a03/29 18:11Riverside, CA 2006 SCION TC EZ Financing (inland empire)
2002n/a900003/29 17:49Riverside, CAScion Tc (12520 magnolia ave ste. F) $9000
2008tCn/a03/29 16:41Riverside, CA 2008 SCION TC DIVORCED OK (inland empire)
tCn/a830003/29 06:21Riverside, CASCION tc "2006" (Sercas de Fontana) $8300
2009xBn/a800003/29 04:19Riverside, CA$$$ TOYOTA SCION XB!!! (PERRIS) $8000
2009xBn/a840003/28 23:16Riverside, CA2009 SCION XB (ONTARIO) $8400
2011tCn/a1500003/28 22:58Riverside, CA2011 Scion TC (MURRIETA) $15000
2006tCn/a780003/28 20:40Riverside, CAscion tc 2006 (perris ca) $7800
2004xAn/a380003/28 20:27Riverside, CA2004 SCION XA (inland empire) $3800
2008xBn/a1390003/28 20:17Riverside, CA2008 Scion xB (402 W. 6th St. ) $13900
2011tCn/a1390003/28 20:14Riverside, CA2011 Scion tC (402 W. 6th St. ) $13900
2010tCn/a1399903/28 18:12Riverside, CA2010 Scion tC Sport (15836 Valley Blvd. ) $13999
2004xAn/a300003/28 09:04Riverside, CA2004 SCION XA 5 SPEED (PERRIS) $3000
2006tCn/a03/28 05:38Riverside, CAGas Saver - Scion tC (Menifee)
2006xBn/a460003/28 04:30Riverside, CA06 scion xb (corona) $4600
2006tCn/a03/28 02:46Riverside, CAscion tc 2006 (fontana)
2005xBn/a530003/27 18:34Riverside, CA2005 TOYOTA SCION XB (RIALTO) $5300
2005tCn/a580003/27 18:21Riverside, CA2005 Scion tc (moreno valley) $5800
tCn/a800003/27 05:34Riverside, CA"2006"Scion TC (Bloomington) $8000
2013n/a1500003/27 04:48Riverside, CA2013 Scion FRS (Hemet) $15000
2005tCn/a650003/27 02:41Riverside, CA2005 scion tc (San Bernardino) $6500