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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

1997S-Seriesn/a220004/17 14:21Fresno, CA1997 Saturn SC1 (Fresno) $2200
1999n/a200004/17 04:49Fresno, CA1999 Saturn SW2 180k miles TRADE (clovis) $2000
2002n/a365004/17 00:52Fresno, CASaturn SC1 2002 (Fresno) $3650
1998n/a115004/16 23:08Fresno, CA98 SATURN (MADERA) $1150
2002n/a285004/16 19:02Fresno, CASATURN SC2 COUPE 2002 (fresno ca) $2850
2002n/a160004/16 19:02Fresno, CA2002 vue saturn (fresno) $1600
2001n/a275004/16 16:49Fresno, CA2001 SATURN SL (CLOVIS) $2750
2001n/a100004/16 16:27Fresno, CA2001 Saturn L200 (Hanford) $1000
2003Vuen/a450004/16 05:04Fresno, CASATURN VUE 2003 $4500
n/a140004/16 03:24Fresno, CA^^^^SATURN 97 ^^^^ (Madera Ca) $1400
1997n/a230004/16 01:11Fresno, CA1997 Saturn Automatic (CLOVIS ) $2300
2000n/a110004/16 01:03Fresno, CA2000 Saturn four door (Fresno ) $1100
1998n/a180004/16 00:56Fresno, CA98 SATURN WAGON (CLOVIS) $1800
1993n/a180004/15 22:04Fresno, CA~GAS SAVER 1993 Saturn~ (fresno ca) $1800
2003n/a460004/15 21:48Fresno, CA2003 Saturn L300 (fresno) $4600
1997n/a210004/15 20:22Fresno, CASATURN 1997 (fresno ca) $2100
2002n/a285004/15 20:17Fresno, CASATURN COUPE SC 2002 (Fresno CA) $2850
1997n/a230004/15 03:16Fresno, CA1997 Saturn Automatic (Clovis) $2300
2000L-Seriesn/a04/15 01:56Fresno, CA2000 Saturn LS1 2.2L (merced) $800
1998n/a115004/14 23:13Fresno, CA98 SATURN 1150 OBO (OBO ) $1150
2002n/a200004/14 22:52Fresno, CA2002 saturn vue needs work (Fresno) $2000
1997n/a210004/14 22:14Fresno, CASATURN 1997 (fresno ca) $2100
1998n/a250004/14 20:32Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
2002n/a285004/14 19:23Fresno, CA3 DOOR SATURN 2002 (Fresno NO) $2850
1993n/a190004/14 18:41Fresno, CAGAS SAVER 1993 Saturn Twincam (Fresno) $1900
1999n/a200004/14 03:48Fresno, CA1999 Saturn SW2 180k miles TRADE (clovis) $2000
2005Vuen/a620004/14 03:25Fresno, CA2005 SATURN VUE V6 (FRESNO) $6200
2001n/a199504/14 00:05Fresno, CA2001 Saturn L200 $1995
1997n/a210004/13 20:21Fresno, CASATURN 1997 (fresno ca) $2100
2009Vuen/a1385804/13 19:23Fresno, CA2009 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 XR $13858
2003Vuen/a240004/13 18:05Fresno, CA2003 Saturn vue (Fresno) $2400
1997S-Seriesn/a220004/13 16:40Fresno, CA1997 Saturn SC1 (Fresno) $2200
2003Vuen/a450004/13 03:24Fresno, CA2003 SATURN VUE (FRESNO) $4500
2002n/a285004/12 23:21Fresno, CASATURN SC2 COUPE 2002 (fresno ca) $2850
2007Vuen/a885804/12 23:20Fresno, CA2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 Auto $8858
1999n/a170004/12 22:47Fresno, CA99 Saturn (Fresno) $1700
1999n/a04/12 22:25Fresno, CASaturn 1999 sl2
2004n/a150004/12 21:35Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Ion For Sale (fresno ca) $1500
1998n/a250004/12 20:27Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
2003n/a460004/12 19:53Fresno, CA2003 Saturn L300 (fresno) $4600
2006Vuen/a790004/12 17:13Fresno, CA2006 Saturn Vue, 40k, clean (Fresno) $7900
2007Vuen/a730004/12 03:05Fresno, CA2007saturn vue utl4x hybrid (reedley ca) $7300
1999n/a220004/12 02:26Fresno, CA1999 Saturn SW2 180k miles TRADE (clovis) $2200
2002n/a365004/12 01:49Fresno, CASaturn SC1 2002 (Fresno) $3650
2005Vuen/a620004/12 01:40Fresno, CA2005 SATURN VUE V6 (FRESNO) $6200
2000L-Seriesn/a120004/12 01:33Fresno, CA2000 Saturn LS1 2.2L (merced) $1200
1998n/a250004/11 16:56Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
1995n/a120004/11 09:21Fresno, CA95 Saturn (fresno ca) $1200
1998n/a267504/10 19:12Fresno, CASaturn 1998 (nw fresno) $2675
2006Vuen/a570004/10 17:23Fresno, CA2006 SATURN VUE V6 (FRESNO) $5700
1999n/a200004/10 04:19Fresno, CA1999 saturn (kingsburg) $2000
2007Vuen/a730004/10 00:35Fresno, CA2007saturn vue utl4x hybrid (reedley ca) $7300
2015n/a265004/10 00:29Fresno, CASATURN SL2 SEDAN (fresno/Clovis) $2650
1999n/a170004/09 23:48Fresno, CA99 Saturn (Fresno) $1700
2000n/a230004/09 22:41Fresno, CA2000 saturn (madera) $2300
2009Outlookn/a1784004/09 22:24Fresno, CA2009 Saturn Outlook (Madera - Fresno - Merced) $17840
2004Ionn/a450004/09 22:16Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Ion (fresno ca) $4500
2006Vuen/a800004/09 21:56Fresno, CA2006 Saturn Vue $8000
1999n/a100004/09 18:36Fresno, CA99 Saturn station wagon sw2 $1000
1999n/a220004/09 01:37Fresno, CA1999 Saturn (Madera) $2200
n/a300004/08 21:46Fresno, CAwhite saturn (fresno ca) $3000
2000L-Seriesn/a120004/08 21:12Fresno, CA2000 Saturn LS1 2.2L (merced) $1200
1999n/a220004/08 20:29Fresno, CA1999 Saturn (Oakhurst) $2200
2002n/a380004/08 20:26Fresno, CA2002 Saturn Vue (Madera) $3800
2002n/a350004/08 20:21Fresno, CA2002 Saturn vue! 3,500 obo!! $3500
2004Vuen/a140004/08 20:13Fresno, CASaturn vue 2004 $1400
1998n/a250004/08 17:21Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
1999n/a200004/08 03:46Fresno, CA1999 saturn (kingsburg) $2000
2007Vuen/a800004/08 03:43Fresno, CA2007 Saturn Vue v6 AWD (Fresno/Clovis ) $8000
1996n/a04/08 00:06Fresno, CA1996 Saturn $1950 (fresno ca) $1950
2001n/a275004/07 23:03Fresno, CA2001 SATURN SL (CLOVIS) $2750
1999n/a140004/07 19:50Fresno, CA1999 Saturn (Oakhurst ) $1400
1998n/a250004/07 19:25Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
2006Vuen/a800004/06 19:38Fresno, CA2006 Saturn Vue $8000
2009Vuen/a1385804/06 18:40Fresno, CA2009 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 XR $13858
1998n/a250004/05 19:05Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
1998n/a310004/05 06:36Fresno, CA1998 Saturn sl2 (fresno) $3100
1999n/a200004/05 04:29Fresno, CA1999 Saturn SW2 180k miles GAS SAVER $2000
2000n/a130004/05 00:12Fresno, CA2000 Saturn SL2 $1300
2001n/a260004/04 14:27Fresno, CA2001 Saturn wagon automatic $2600
2001n/a04/04 04:33Fresno, CA2001 Saturn SL2 (Fresno ) $750
2002n/a04/03 22:33Fresno, CA2002 Saturn SC1 3door coupe (Clovis) $900
2001n/a280004/03 21:07Fresno, CA2001 Saturn wagon $2800
2001n/a300004/03 16:59Fresno, CA2001 Saturn wagon great cond $3000
2006Vuen/a800004/03 03:17Fresno, CA2006 Saturn Vue (Fresno) $8000
1997n/a170004/03 01:07Fresno, CA97 Saturn sl1 $1700
2001n/a310004/03 00:11Fresno, CA2001 Saturn low miles $3100
1998n/a200004/02 03:08Fresno, CA1998 Saturn SW2 180k miles (clovis) $2000
2007Vuen/a780004/02 00:07Fresno, CA2007 Saturn Vue (Mendota) $7800
1993n/a160004/01 23:48Fresno, CA93 Saturn (Tulare) $1600
1998n/a250004/01 22:34Fresno, CA98 Saturn sl1 91k 2500 (Fresno) $2500
2007Vuen/a885804/01 03:52Fresno, CA2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 Auto $8858
1998n/a245004/01 01:37Fresno, CA1998 SATURN 121K LOW MILES (FRESNO) $2
1995n/a180003/31 17:42Fresno, CA 95 Saturn $1800
2001n/a449903/31 17:40Fresno, CA2001 Saturn L Series (Barstow Auto Sales) $4499
1999n/a03/31 14:15Fresno, CASaturn 1999 sl2
2000n/a180003/30 03:42Fresno, CA2000 Saturn SC2 3 Door Coupe (Fresno, Ca.) $1800
2003Vuen/a180003/29 22:28Fresno, CA2003 Saturn Vue $1,800 obo (fresno, ca) $1800
1998n/a230003/29 19:12Fresno, CA98 SATURN SL (CLOVIS) $2300
1999n/a200003/29 17:31Fresno, CA1999 Saturn SL2 (Fresno) $2000
2006Ionn/a03/29 14:15Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION - smogged- (modesto,ca)
1999n/a03/28 23:09Fresno, CA1999 Saturn (Fresno) $750
1999n/a215003/28 22:15Fresno, CA((1999 SATURN)) $2150
1998n/a265003/28 22:01Fresno, CA1998 RELIABLE LOW MILES "SATURN" (FRESNO) $2650
2003Vuen/a380003/28 20:08Fresno, CA2003 Saturn Vue (merced) $3800
n/a210003/28 18:54Fresno, CA1999,Saturn 4 door (Fresno) $2100
2001n/a245003/28 16:15Fresno, CA2001 saturn sl 4door automatic (fresno) $2450
1999n/a170003/28 16:08Fresno, CA1999 saturn (madera) $1700
2004Ionn/a400003/28 15:35Fresno, CA04 saturn ion $4000
2001n/a245003/28 07:05Fresno, CA2001 saturn sl 4door automatic (fresno) $2450
2003Vuen/a380003/27 23:40Fresno, CA2003 Saturn Vue (merced) $3800
2013Ionn/a200003/27 21:00Fresno, CASaturn Ion 03 (dinuba) $2000
1993n/a180003/27 15:25Fresno, CA1993 Saturn stationwagon (fresno ca) $1800
1996n/a130003/26 23:21Fresno, CASaturn (fresno ca) $1300
1999n/a245003/26 17:17Fresno, CA((1999 SATURN )) $2450
2005Vuen/a280003/26 04:00Fresno, CA2005 Saturn Vue (Visalia) $2800
1999n/a170003/26 03:20Fresno, CA99 Saturn (Fresno) $1700
1999n/a275003/26 01:22Fresno, CA1999 SATURN $2750
2004Ionn/a145003/26 00:44Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Ion mechanic special $1450
2001n/a200003/25 23:29Fresno, CA2001 Saturn SC1 Coupe 3D (fresno ca) $2000
n/a310003/25 23:29Fresno, CASaturn 300 (Fresno/Clovis) $3100
2004Ionn/a195003/25 03:55Fresno, CA 2004 Saturn Ion 4 door mechanic special $1950
1999S-Seriesn/a03/25 02:03Fresno, CASaturn SC1 99' (Fresno) $600
1998n/a03/25 00:43Fresno, CASaturn $1
1999n/a03/25 00:35Fresno, CA99 saturn (Fresno )
2006Ionn/a03/25 00:31Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION - smogged- (modesto,ca)
2014n/a320003/24 20:37Fresno, CA***1998 SATURN*** (FRESNO,CA) $3200
1997n/a250003/24 18:09Fresno, CA97 saturn 2500 obo (fresno) $2500
2002n/a350003/24 14:44Fresno, CA2002 saturn (clovis) $3500
2008Auran/a865003/24 00:54Fresno, CAAura 2008 Saturn (Madera - Fresno - Merced) $8650
2000L-Seriesn/a220003/23 21:15Fresno, CA2000 Saturn LS2 Sedan 4D $2200
1995n/a03/23 04:00Fresno, CA1995 Saturn Twin Cam $1000 (fresno) $1000
1996n/a240003/23 00:27Fresno, CASaturn $2300 (fresno ca) $2300
2001n/a100003/22 22:09Fresno, CA1000$ 2001 Saturn 140k (Fresno ca) $1000
2005Vuen/a380003/22 20:29Fresno, CA2005 Saturn Vue $3800
2007Vuen/a885803/22 20:20Fresno, CA2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 Auto $8858
2006Vuen/a03/22 18:58Fresno, CA2006 Saturn vue (Fresno )
2005Ionn/a410003/22 17:15Fresno, CA2005 SATURN ION (FRESNO) $4100
1996n/a240003/22 05:36Fresno, CA1996 Saturn 2400 (fresno ca) $2400
2000n/a320003/22 03:20Fresno, CAsaturn 2000 (fresno ca) $3200
1999n/a236903/22 00:13Fresno, CA1999 Saturn SL2 (fresno) $2369
2008Vuen/a1099903/21 20:27Fresno, CAVUE 2008 AWD Saturn (( $10999
2000n/a199903/21 18:14Fresno, CA--2002 Saturn 2000 OBO-- (olive cedar) $1999
2001n/a220003/21 14:45Fresno, CA2001 Saturn L200 (Madera) $2200
2007Vuen/a780003/21 04:41Fresno, CA2007saturn vue utl4x hybrid (reedley ca) $7800
2004n/a250003/21 01:22Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Vue (Fresno, CA) $2500
2003n/a280003/20 22:22Fresno, CA03 Saturn L200 (Fowler ) $2800
2001n/a250003/20 20:45Fresno, CA2001 saturn ls 200 (fresno ca) $2500
1998n/a255003/20 20:43Fresno, CASaturn SL2 Sedan 1998 (fresno) $2550
n/a179903/20 02:30Fresno, CA Saturn SL1 (fresno) $1799
2005Vuen/a550003/19 21:45Fresno, CA2005 Saturn Vue (Madera, CA) $5500
1995n/a180003/19 20:04Fresno, CA1995 SATURN (CLOVIS) $1800
2006Ionn/a580003/19 19:40Fresno, CASaturn ion 06 (Madera) $5800
1995n/a100003/19 18:14Fresno, CA95 Saturn Twin Cam $1000 (fresno) $1000
1998n/a255003/19 18:04Fresno, CASaturn SL2 1998 (ne fresno) $2550
2008Auran/a690003/19 17:54Fresno, CA2008 saturn aura $6900
1998n/a255003/18 22:01Fresno, CASATURN SEDAN SL2 1998 (fresno ca) $2550
1996n/a235003/18 21:13Fresno, CASATURN 4 DOOR 1996 (fresno) $2350
2005Ionn/a620003/18 18:58Fresno, CA2005 Saturn Ion (fresno ca/clovis ca) $6200
2007Skyn/a1049903/18 17:55Fresno, CA2007 Saturn Sky (Clovis) $10499
1996n/a03/18 17:22Fresno, CA96 saturn sl (fresno ca) $750
1997n/a03/18 15:16Fresno, CA1997 Saturn (fresno)
n/a300003/17 23:16Fresno, CAwhite saturn (fresno ca) $3000
2006Vuen/a750003/17 01:22Fresno, CA2006 SATURN VUE V6 (FRESNO) $7500
2001S-Seriesn/a240003/16 23:42Fresno, CASaturn sc2 2001 (Fresno) $2400
1996n/a200003/16 23:10Fresno, CA1996 Saturn 4 door 4 Cyl (Fresno) $2000
2006Ionn/a560003/16 22:03Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5600
2001S-Seriesn/a370003/16 17:41Fresno, CA2001 SATURN SC2 3DR - GAS SAVER! (FRESNO) $3700
2001n/a290003/16 17:15Fresno, CA2001 SATURN SL1 **GAS SAVER** (FRESNO) $2900
2006n/a330003/16 00:23Fresno, CASaturn 2006 (fresno ca) $3300
2004n/a350003/15 23:01Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Ion (Madera Ranchos ) $3500
2008Auran/a690003/15 19:53Fresno, CA2008 saturn aura $6900
2005Ionn/a430003/15 17:25Fresno, CA2005 SATURN ION (Fresno) $4300
2001S-Seriesn/a395003/15 17:24Fresno, CA2001 SATURN SC2 (FRESNO) $3950
2006Ionn/a5600003/15 16:50Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $56000
2008Vuen/a1199903/15 16:14Fresno, CA2008 SATURN VUE (AUTO MERCADO CLOVIS) $11999
1997n/a240003/15 15:05Fresno, CA97 SATURN (CLOVIS) $2400
2004n/a340003/15 07:09Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Ion Coupe (Fresno/Clovis) $3400
2005Ionn/a450003/15 03:24Fresno, CA2005 SATURN ION (Fresno) $4500
2006Vuen/a03/15 02:51Fresno, CA2006 saturn vue $4500 (fresno ca) $4500
1999n/a03/15 01:08Fresno, CA1999 saturn sl2 (madera) $600
2004n/a250003/15 00:23Fresno, CAsaturn ion (Madera ranchos) $2500
1995n/a150003/15 00:16Fresno, CA95 Saturn Twin Cam $1500 obo (fresno) $1500
2000n/a270003/14 23:21Fresno, CAsaturn 2000 (madera) $2700
2005Ionn/a400003/14 21:07Fresno, CAsaturn ion (fresno) $4000
2007Skyn/a1300003/14 20:18Fresno, CA2007 Saturn Sky Convertible (Hanford) $13000
2001S-Seriesn/a265003/14 19:27Fresno, CA2001 Saturn sc2 (Fresno) $2650
2006Ionn/a560003/14 16:58Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5600
2009Auran/a790003/14 13:16Fresno, CA2009 Saturn aura (reedley) $7900
1998n/a160003/14 02:33Fresno, CA1998 4 Door Saturn (Shaw & 99) $1600
2003Ionn/a300003/14 01:49Fresno, CA2003 Saturn Ion (fresno) $3000
1998n/a03/13 23:18Fresno, CAQuickSALE!!! 1998 SATURN $1800 $1800
2003Ionn/a420003/13 23:11Fresno, CASaturn Ion 2003 (Fresno) $4200
1998n/a180003/13 21:44Fresno, CA1998 SATURN $1800 quick sale (fresno ca )
1998n/a180003/13 21:40Fresno, CAasap quick SALE!!! $1800 saturn 1998 (fresno ca)
1998n/a180003/13 21:33Fresno, CAasap quick sale 1998 saturn $1800 (fresno ca)
2007Vuen/a885803/13 17:34Fresno, CA2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 Auto $8858
1996n/a200003/13 16:53Fresno, CA1996 Saturn Sudan 4 Cyl (Fresno) $2000
2003Vuen/a290003/13 03:18Fresno, CA2003 Saturn Vue (Merced) $2900
n/a209903/13 03:04Fresno, CASaturn SL1 (fresno) $2099
2014n/a170003/13 00:08Fresno, CASaturn 97 (Tulare) $1700
2003n/a320003/12 21:51Fresno, CA2003 Saturn L300 Fully Loaded (Fresno ) $3200
1995n/a165003/12 20:49Fresno, CA1995 saturn (clovis) $1650
2001n/a160003/12 18:09Fresno, CA2001 saturn sl1 $1600
2008Auran/a882103/12 17:29Fresno, CA2008 Saturn Aura 4D Sedan XE (Tulare) $8821
2006Ionn/a570003/12 15:50Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5700
2000n/a250003/12 02:53Fresno, CA2000 Saturn Ls for sale (Clovis) $2500
2000S-Seriesn/a220003/12 01:44Fresno, CAsaturn s-series (fresno ca) $2200
2005Vuen/a650003/11 03:41Fresno, CA2005 Saturn Vue (Kerman CA) $6500
1998n/a130003/11 01:25Fresno, CA98 saturn 1300 obo ;) (madera) $1300
1995n/a165003/10 22:20Fresno, CA1995 saturn twin cam (clovis ca) $1650
2004Vuen/a330003/10 06:20Fresno, CA04 Saturn Vue (Clovis) $3300
2005Vuen/a650003/10 05:03Fresno, CA2005 Saturn Vue (Kerman, Ca) $6500
2003Vuen/a03/10 03:16Fresno, CAWanted - Saturn Vue (Clovis)
2000n/a200003/10 00:09Fresno, CA97 Saturn SL1 sell or trade 2000 OBO!!!! $2000
2006Ionn/a570003/09 18:07Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5700
2004Ionn/a210003/09 01:14Fresno, CA2004 Saturn Ion (NE Fresno) $2100
2008Auran/a865003/08 02:00Fresno, CASaturn Aura 2008 (Madera - Fresno - Merced) $8650
2006Ionn/a570003/07 21:13Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5700
2004n/a280003/07 00:32Fresno, CA2004 Saturn L300 (fresno) $1
1995n/a03/06 23:37Fresno, CA95 Saturn sc2 $900
2006Ionn/a570003/06 20:03Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5700
2007Vuen/a885803/06 19:26Fresno, CA2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 Auto $8858
2002n/a350003/06 19:23Fresno, CA2002 Saturn $3500
2003n/a350003/06 15:08Fresno, CA2003 SATURN S300 3500 OBO (ATWATER/MERCED) $3500
1999n/a280003/06 03:48Fresno, CA99 saturn $2800 obo $1
2002n/a340003/06 03:04Fresno, CA2002 Saturn sc2 (Fresno) $3400
2007Vuen/a885803/05 22:53Fresno, CA2007 Saturn VUE FWD 4dr V6 Auto $8858
2001n/a180003/05 19:37Fresno, CASaturn 2001 (Dinuba) $1800
1997n/a112503/05 17:55Fresno, CA1997 SATURN (MADERA) $1125
1997n/a03/05 06:31Fresno, CA97 Saturn Sc2 3 door mechanic special $875
2002n/a250003/05 05:57Fresno, CA2002 Saturn (fresno ca) $2500
2008Vuen/a1199903/04 20:42Fresno, CA2008 SATURN VUE (AUTO MERCADO CLOVIS) $11999
2006Ionn/a580003/04 18:30Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5800
1999n/a200003/04 01:45Fresno, CA1999 Saturn Sl2 (Coarsegold ) $2000
n/a300003/04 00:17Fresno, CAwhite saturn (fresno ca) $3000
1998n/a03/04 00:06Fresno, CA98 saturn sadan (fresno) $400
1997n/a240003/03 22:46Fresno, CA97 saturn (madera) $2400
1997n/a180003/03 17:17Fresno, CA1997 Saturn Sl2 (Herndon/Milburn) $1800
2004n/a450003/03 05:56Fresno, CASATURN VUE $4,500 OBO (Fresno) $4500
2005n/a495003/02 23:38Fresno, CASaturn 62k miles, 1 owner (Fresno) $4950
2009Auran/a790003/02 21:25Fresno, CA2009 Saturn aura (reedley) $7900
2006Ionn/a580003/02 20:33Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5800
2003n/a260003/02 11:52Fresno, CA2003 Saturn economic car runs perfect $2600
1996S-Seriesn/a03/02 01:37Fresno, CA1996 saturn SC2 (clovis) $600
1998n/a03/02 01:09Fresno, CASaturn $1
2000n/a230003/01 21:16Fresno, CA2000 saturn (orange cove) $2300
2003Ionn/a340003/01 19:43Fresno, CA2003 saturn ion (orange cove) $3400
1999L-Seriesn/a170003/01 19:07Fresno, CA99 Saturn Ls2 .. Automatico .. 102 xxx (madera) $1700
2006Ionn/a580003/01 16:32Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5800
2008n/a900003/01 05:59Fresno, CA2008 Saturn Vue XE (Madera ) $9000
2003Ionn/a340002/28 23:57Fresno, CA2003 saturn ion (orange cove) $3400
1999n/a170002/28 22:15Fresno, CA99 saturn sl2 ...automatico. . 4 cil $1700
2001n/a275002/28 20:26Fresno, CA2001 SATURN SL (CLOVIS) $2750
1998n/a02/28 18:08Fresno, CA98 Saturn SL2 (Madera ) $800
1995n/a150002/28 17:51Fresno, CA95 saturn
2001S-Seriesn/a120002/28 17:08Fresno, CA2001 saturn sc2 (fresno ca) $1200
Auran/a200002/27 04:31Fresno, CAaura gsr motor (fresno) $2000
2006Ionn/a580002/26 22:59Fresno, CA2006 SATURN ION 72K 4-CYL (CLOVIS) $5800
1999n/a200002/26 22:33Fresno, CA99 saturn $2000