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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

1979Continentaln/a300004/19 03:52Denver, CO1979 Lincoln continental great shape (Arvada ) $3000
2003n/a250004/19 00:28Denver, CO2003 Lincoln ls (denver) $2500
2004n/a290004/18 23:41Denver, CO'04 Black Lincoln Towncar (Denver) $2900
1997Continentaln/a100004/18 23:25Denver, CO1997 Lincoln Continental (ne Denver) $1000
1994n/a200004/18 23:16Denver, CO94 Lincoln Towncar (Ft Collins) $2000
1995n/a400004/18 22:42Denver, CO1995 Lincoln Mark VIII (Riverton, Wyoming) $4000
2008Town Carn/a1690004/18 20:22Denver, CO2008 LINCOLIN TOWN CAR $16900
1999n/a270004/18 19:57Denver, CO1999 Lincoln Towncar (Alameda and federal) $2700
1993Town Carn/a04/18 17:20Denver, COLincoln town car 1993 $450
2000Navigatorn/a390004/18 16:56Denver, CO2000 Lincoln Navigator (DENVER ) $3900
2001LSn/a120004/18 16:10Denver, CO2001 lincoln Ls (Denver) $1200
1970Continentaln/a300004/18 14:54Denver, CO1970 lincoln 4dr continental (2390 w. evans. ave.) $3000
1984n/a160004/18 14:53Denver, CO1984 lincoln towncar (englewood) $1600
2002n/a499504/18 13:41Denver, CO2002 LINCOLN LS $4995
1997Town Carn/a100004/18 13:38Denver, COlincoln town car (lakewood) $1000
2005Town Carn/a499504/18 13:25Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (dENVER) $4995
1974n/a200004/18 12:32Denver, CO1974 lincoln town coupe (aurora) $2000
1998Navigatorn/a04/18 02:47Denver, CO$4000$ 1998 Lincoln Navigator (Montbello CO) $4000
2008Town Carn/a1850004/18 02:19Denver, CO2008 Lincoln Town Car (Northeastern Colo.) $18500
1999Town Carn/a380004/18 00:55Denver, CO99 Lincoln Town Car $3800
2003Navigatorn/a950004/18 00:06Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Luxury (Loveland) $9500
1997Continentaln/a120004/17 22:56Denver, CO1997 Lincoln Continental -- Not Running (136th/Sheridan) $1200
n/a400004/17 22:27Denver, COLincoln navigator (aurora co) $4000
2001n/a04/17 22:13Denver, CO2001 Lincoln LS 4dr Car (Aurora)
2001n/a04/17 21:42Denver, CO2001 Lincoln LS 4dr Car (Aurora)
2003Navigatorn/a1098804/17 21:23Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Premium 4x4 *13338 (denver area) $10988
2012MKSn/a2398804/17 21:17Denver, CO2012 Lincoln MKS AWD *13286 (denver) $23988
1988LSn/a450004/17 20:36Denver, CO88 monte LS with irocs (denver) $4500
1970Continentaln/a499904/17 20:34Denver, COAmazing 1970 Lincoln Continental (Westminster, CO) $4999
2004Aviatorn/a778804/17 18:49Denver, CO2004 Lincoln Aviator AWD (Denver) $7788
2011Navigatorn/a04/17 18:13Denver, CO2011 Lincoln Navigator 4WD (Littleton)
2004Continentaln/a550004/17 18:02Denver, COContinental Cargo 7x14' Pristine Trailer (Englewood) $5500
2008n/a04/17 18:01Denver, CO2008 Lincoln Mark LT 4x4 (Littleton)
2000LSn/a04/17 17:47Denver, CO2000 Lincoln LS (Lone Tree)
2010Navigatorn/a04/17 17:30Denver, CO2010 Lincoln Navigator w/NAVI (Centennial)
2000LSn/a300004/17 15:00Denver, CO2000 lincoln ls (arvada) $3000
Continentaln/a04/17 14:43Denver, COSingle tires! Continental Great Condition!!! $10
2004n/a650004/17 14:00Denver, CO04 Lincoln aviator 4x4 (aurora ) $6500
1997Town Carn/a580004/17 12:51Denver, COLimo 8-10 pass lincoln town car (Parker) $5800
2000Continentaln/a100004/17 12:06Denver, CO2000 Lincoln Continental (sw denver) $1000
2004LSn/a550004/17 03:16Denver, CO2004 Lincoln LS (north denver) $5500
1999Town Carn/a360004/17 02:50Denver, COLincoln town car $3600
2009MKSn/a1998804/17 00:55Denver, CO2009 Lincoln MKS AWD *28058 (denver ) $19988
2003Navigatorn/a998804/16 22:15Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Premium 4x4 *28099 (denver) $9988
1993n/a270004/16 20:56Denver, CO1993 lincoln towncar (sw loveland) $2700
1979Continentaln/a300004/16 20:52Denver, CO1979 Lincoln continental great shape (Arvada ) $3000
2004n/a310004/16 20:34Denver, CO'04 Black Lincoln Towncar (Denver) $3100
1994n/a200004/16 19:15Denver, CO94 Lincoln Towncar (Ft Collins) $2000
1998Continentaln/a335004/16 17:57Denver, CO98 Lincoln Continental (Fort Collins) $3350
2003LSn/a650004/16 17:48Denver, CO2003 Lincoln ls (denver metro) $6500
2000n/a350004/16 17:08Denver, CO2000 Lincoln navigator $3500
1984n/a160004/16 14:47Denver, CO1984 lincoln towncar (englewood) $1600
1970Continentaln/a300004/16 14:47Denver, CO1970 lincoln 4dr continental (2390 w. evans. ave.) $3000
2001LSn/a700004/16 13:10Denver, CO2001 LINCOLN LS (NORTH METRO) $7000
2005Town Carn/a550004/16 02:24Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (denver) $5500
2006Town Carn/a750004/16 01:39Denver, CO2006 Lincoln Town Car L $7500
1999Town Carn/a380004/15 23:20Denver, CO99 Lincoln town car $3800
1997n/a285004/15 21:50Denver, CO1997 Lincoln Continental (AURORA) $2850
2000Navigatorn/a390004/15 20:44Denver, CO2000 Lincoln Navigator (DENVER ) $3900
n/a400004/15 19:03Denver, COLincoln towncar $4000
2002n/a400004/15 19:01Denver, COLincoln LS 2002 (Westminster) $4000
1999Continentaln/a285004/15 16:00Denver, CO1999 Lincoln Continental (80th and Monaco) $2850
2004n/a900004/15 04:49Denver, CO2004 lincoln navigator (Denver) $9000
2007Town Carn/a800004/15 04:27Denver, CO2007 LINCOLN TOWN CAR (denver) $8000
2006Town Carn/a360004/15 04:22Denver, CO2006 LINCOLN TOWN CAR (dne denver northeast) $3600
1998Navigatorn/a430004/15 02:56Denver, CO98 lincoln navigator (Longmont) $4300
2000n/a380004/15 02:22Denver, CO2000 lincoln ls V6 3.0 (Thornton co) $3800
1998n/a04/15 00:47Denver, CO98 lincoln Navigator Parting out (Aurora)
2001LSn/a125004/14 22:35Denver, CO01 lincoln LS v8 (Denver) $1250
1998Navigatorn/a450004/14 21:38Denver, CO1998 Lincoln Navigator (Montebello CO ) $4500
2004Navigatorn/a950004/14 21:32Denver, COLincoln Navigator $9500
2000LSn/a330004/14 21:03Denver, CO2000 lincoln ls (arvada) $1
2003Navigatorn/a830004/14 19:25Denver, COlincoln navigator (commerce city) $8300
1997n/a04/14 17:45Denver, CO1997 Lincoln 4 dr sedan (Denver)
2003LSn/a599004/14 16:29Denver, CO2003 LINCOLN LS (englewood) $5990
1970Continentaln/a300004/14 14:04Denver, CO1970 lincoln 4dr continental (2390 w. evans. ave.) $3000
1984n/a160004/14 14:04Denver, CO1984 lincoln towncar (englewood) $1600
1997n/a149504/14 12:44Denver, CO1997 lincoln mark viii (commerce city ) $1495
1998Navigatorn/a420004/14 05:19Denver, CONavigator (denver) $4200
2008Town Carn/a1390004/14 03:24Denver, CO2008 Lincoln Town Car Signature L (Parker) $13900
Continentaln/a140004/14 02:58Denver, COLincoln continental 93 (thornton) $1400
2006Town Carn/a1799904/14 00:34Denver, COLINCOLN TOWN CAR LIMO (denver area) $17999
2004Navigatorn/a950004/13 23:55Denver, CO2004 lincoln navigator (Denver) $9500
1995n/a400004/13 23:48Denver, CO1995 Lincoln Mark VIII (Riverton, Wyoming) $4000
2000n/a350004/13 22:35Denver, CO2000 Lincoln navigator $3500
2004Aviatorn/a720004/13 19:35Denver, COLINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 FOR SALE (WESTMINSTER) $7200
2000Town Carn/a380004/13 19:18Denver, CO2000 Lincoln Town Car (Denver) $3800
2001n/a550004/13 16:32Denver, CO2001 lincoln navigator (aurora co) $5500
2006Town Carn/a2700004/13 16:04Denver, CO2006 Lincoln town car 120" Limousine (commerce city) $27000
1964Continentaln/a700004/13 16:01Denver, CO1964 Lincoln Continental (suicide doors) (Arvada) $7000
1979Continentaln/a300004/13 15:50Denver, CO1979 Lincoln continental great shape (Arvada ) $3000
1999Town Carn/a380004/13 04:14Denver, CO99 Lincoln town car $3800
1995Continentaln/a220004/12 23:54Denver, CO95 Lincoln Continental $2200
2006Town Carn/a360004/12 22:35Denver, CO2006 LINCOLN TOWN CAR (dne denver northeast) $3600
1997n/a325004/12 21:08Denver, CO1997 Lincoln Continental (AURORA) $3250
2000n/a390004/12 20:42Denver, COBlack Lincoln Navigator (Aurora,CO) $3900
1999n/a270004/12 20:02Denver, CO1999 Lincoln Towncar (Alameda and federal) $2700
2007Navigatorn/a1799504/12 19:51Denver, CO2007 Lincoln Navigator L 4WD - Priced to Sell (Denver) $17995
2004n/a650004/12 18:16Denver, CO04 Lincoln aviator 4x4 (aurora ) $6500
2004n/a900004/12 18:15Denver, CO2004 lincoln aviator (lakewood co) $9000
1997n/a149504/12 17:59Denver, CO1997 lincoln mark 8 (commerce city) $1495
1989n/a270004/12 16:24Denver, COLincoln Towncar Limousine (Northglenn) $2700
2005Town Carn/a529504/12 14:35Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature (DEnver) $5295
2005Aviatorn/a850004/12 14:31Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Aviator AWD Luxury (DEnver) $8500
1999Town Carn/a380004/12 13:30Denver, CO99 lincoln town car $3800
1998n/a04/12 05:37Denver, CO98 lincoln Navigator Parting out (Aurora)
2008Town Carn/a1850004/12 03:51Denver, CO2008 Lincoln Town Car (Northeastern Colo.) $18500
2012MKSn/a2398804/11 21:53Denver, CO2012 Lincoln MKS AWD *13286 (denver) $23988
1997Town Carn/a200004/11 21:14Denver, CO1997 Lincoln Town Car (green valley ranch) $2000
Continentaln/a04/11 20:08Denver, COSingle tires! Continental Great Condition!!! $10
2000Navigatorn/a380004/11 19:06Denver, COLincoln Navigator (Denver) $3800
2002n/a400004/11 19:01Denver, COLincoln LS 2002 (Westminster) $4000
2000LSn/a330004/11 18:19Denver, CO2000 lincoln ls (arvada) $1
2003LSn/a599004/11 18:02Denver, CO2003 LINCOLN LS (englewood) $5990
1994n/a150004/11 17:37Denver, CO1994 Lincoln Town Car (denver) $1500
2000n/a350004/11 16:34Denver, CO2000 Lincoln navigator $3500
1984n/a160004/11 15:14Denver, CO1984 lincoln towncar (englewood) $1600
1970Continentaln/a300004/11 15:13Denver, CO1970 lincoln 4dr continental (2390 w. evans. ave.) $3000
1998LSn/a240004/11 14:29Denver, CO98 intgra ls special edition (Denver) $2400
2001LSn/a400004/11 12:30Denver, CO2001 Lincoln LS (V8) (Southeast Denver) $4000
2006Town Carn/a650004/11 05:19Denver, COBlack 2006 Lincoln Town car $6500
2007Navigatorn/a1850004/11 05:04Denver, CO2007 Lincoln navigator ultimate (Fort morgan/denver) $18500
1994n/a220004/11 02:49Denver, CO94 Lincoln Towncar (Ft Collins) $2200
1995n/a390004/11 01:14Denver, CO1995 Lincoln Mark VIII (Riverton, Wyoming) $3900
2004Navigatorn/a950004/11 00:36Denver, COLincoln Navigator $9500
1998Continentaln/a499904/10 23:45Denver, CO1998 Lincoln Continental 4dr Sdn $4999
1999Town Carn/a380004/10 23:22Denver, CO99 Lincoln town car $3800
2008Town Carn/a1390004/10 22:16Denver, CO2008 Lincoln Town Car Signature (Parker) $13900
2012MKXn/a04/10 20:38Denver, CO2012 Lincoln MKX (Yuma)
2009MKSn/a04/10 20:32Denver, CO2009 Lincoln MKS (Denver)
2003Navigatorn/a04/10 20:26Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 (Denver)
2007n/a04/10 20:21Denver, CO2007 Lincoln MKZ (Englewood)
2008n/a04/10 18:15Denver, CO2008 Lincoln MKZ (Littleton)
2004Navigatorn/a1399904/10 17:20Denver, CO2004 Lincoln Navigator low miles (Thornton) $13999
1991n/a160004/10 15:47Denver, CO1991 Lincoln Executive (Lakewood) $1600
2007n/a850004/10 15:13Denver, CO2007 LINCOLN MKZ AWD LOADED (Golden) $8500
2006n/a945004/10 15:04Denver, CO2006 Lincoln Zephyr (Commerce City) $9450
2005Town Carn/a499504/10 12:33Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (dENVER) $4995
1997n/a149504/10 12:24Denver, CO1997 lincoln mark 8 (commerce city) $1495
2006LSn/a798804/10 01:31Denver, CO2006 Lincoln LS V8**13582 (englewood) $7988
2006LSn/a798804/10 01:29Denver, CO2006 Lincoln LS V8**13582 (englewood) $7988
2007Town Carn/a800004/10 00:57Denver, CO2007 LINCOLN TOWN CAR (denver) $8000
2005Aviatorn/a850004/09 23:15Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Aviator SUV (Northglenn) $8500
1989n/a270004/09 23:13Denver, COLincoln Towncar Limousine (Northglenn) $2700
2003LSn/a140004/09 22:50Denver, CO2003 Lincoln LS (Denver) $1400
2009MKSn/a1998804/09 21:09Denver, CO2009 Lincoln MKS AWD *28058 (denver ) $19988
2003Navigatorn/a1098804/09 19:52Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Premium 4x4 *28099 (denver) $10988
2003Navigatorn/a1098804/09 19:20Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Premium 4x4 *13338 (denver area) $10988
2006Town Carn/a2700004/09 17:04Denver, CO2006 Lincoln town car 120" Limousine (commerce city) $27000
2000LSn/a330004/09 16:46Denver, CO2000 lincoln ls (arvada) $1
1999Navigatorn/a175004/09 15:21Denver, CO1999 Lincoln Navigator (Grand County,CO) $1750
1999Navigatorn/a258804/09 15:16Denver, CO1999 LINCLON NAVIGATOR AWD!!! (ENGLEWOOD) $2588
1997n/a149504/09 12:34Denver, CO1997 lincoln mark viii (commerce city ) $1495
1999n/a420004/09 04:18Denver, COLincoln navigator 1999 (aurora co) $4200
1998LSn/a265004/09 03:13Denver, CO98 intgra ls special edition (Denver) $2650
2012MKSn/a1999504/09 01:02Denver, CO2012 Lincoln MKS L9D 4D Sedan Base (Denver) $19995
2006Town Carn/a440004/09 01:01Denver, CO2006 LINCOLN TOWN CAR (dne denver northeast) $4400
2004LSn/a550004/09 00:55Denver, CO2004 Lincoln LS (north denver) $5500
2005n/a1050004/08 22:08Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Towncar $10500
1999Continentaln/a285004/08 20:14Denver, CO1999 Lincoln Continental (80th and Monaco) $2850
1999n/a270004/08 20:11Denver, CO1999 Lincoln Towncar (Alameda and federal) $2700
1998Continentaln/a499904/08 17:19Denver, CO1998 Lincoln Continental 4dr Sdn $4999
1998Continentaln/a399904/08 17:19Denver, CO1998 Lincoln Continental 4dr Sdn $3999
2006n/a945004/08 16:19Denver, CO2006 Lincoln Zephyr (Commerce City) $9450
2003n/a110004/08 15:42Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Towncar (Denver) $1100
2000Navigatorn/a450004/08 06:36Denver, CO2000 lincoln navigator (thornton) $4500
2003Town Carn/a400004/08 01:23Denver, CO2003 Lincoln town car (Denver) $4000
2012Navigatorn/a4150004/08 00:29Denver, CO2012 Lincoln Navigator L 4WD 4dr Sport Utility (Denver) $41500
1997n/a04/07 22:04Denver, CO1997 Lincoln 4 dr sedan (Denver)
2000n/a390004/07 17:27Denver, COBlack Lincoln Navigator (Aurora,CO) $3900
1995Continentaln/a260004/07 16:55Denver, COSweet 1995 Lincoln Continental (Littleton) $2600
2003LSn/a599004/07 16:44Denver, CO2003 LINCOLN LS (englewood) $5990
1998Continentaln/a335004/07 15:42Denver, CO98 Lincoln Continental (Fort Collins) $3350
1998Navigatorn/a600004/07 15:40Denver, COLuxury 1998 Lincoln Navigator (Glendale) $6000
1997n/a149504/07 12:33Denver, CO1997 lincoln mark 8 (commerce city) $1495
1997Town Carn/a04/07 07:27Denver, CO97 lincoln town car presed
Navigatorn/a500004/07 04:28Denver, COLincoln Navigator 99 (Arvada) $5000
1998n/a300004/07 02:11Denver, COLincoln Navegator 1998 (Gypsum Co) $3000
2003Navigatorn/a1050004/07 01:25Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Luxury (Loveland) $10500
2003Navigatorn/a04/07 00:59Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Luxury (Loveland) $11
1999n/a420004/06 21:32Denver, CO1999 lincoln navigator (aurora co) $4200
n/a150004/06 21:02Denver, COLincoln continental 93 (thornton) $1500
1997Town Carn/a580004/06 19:48Denver, COLimo 8-10 pass lincoln town car (Parker) $5800
2004Town Carn/a820004/06 19:10Denver, COLincoln Town Car 2004 (Denver ) $8200
Navigatorn/a440004/06 17:11Denver, COlincoln navigator for sale (denver) $4400
2003Navigatorn/a690004/06 15:43Denver, CO03 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 4X4 (littleton) $6900
1997n/a149504/06 15:11Denver, CO1997 lincoln mark viii (commerce city ) $1495
2004Aviatorn/a890004/06 03:45Denver, CO2004 lincoln Aviator (thornton) $8900
2003Navigatorn/a690004/05 23:49Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator.4x4 espa�ol (littleton) $6900
2003Navigatorn/a690004/05 23:26Denver, CO03 NAVIGATOR 4X4 CLEAN TITTLE (littleton) $6900
1977n/a770004/05 23:26Denver, CO1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V (aurora) $7700
1999Navigatorn/a320004/05 21:31Denver, COLincoln Navigator 1999 (Denver) $3200
2009n/a1450004/05 15:46Denver, CO2009 Lincoln MKZ AWD (denver area) $14500
2005Aviatorn/a850004/05 14:55Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Aviator AWD Luxury (DEnver) $8500
1998Continentaln/a04/05 14:53Denver, CO1998 Lincoln Continental (arvada)
2005Town Carn/a549504/05 14:53Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature (DEnver) $5495
2000Town Carn/a2500004/05 14:44Denver, CO2000 Lincoln town car (Commerce city) $25000
1998Navigatorn/a600004/05 13:05Denver, COLuxury 1998 Lincoln Navigator (Glendale) $6000
1984n/a150004/05 00:19Denver, CO1984 lincoln town car (Littleton) $1500
2001LSn/a450004/04 23:56Denver, CO2001 Lincoln LS (V8) (southeast denver) $4500
2003Navigatorn/a560004/04 22:17Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator ( Hudson) $5600
1970Continentaln/a499904/04 22:05Denver, COAmazing 1970 Lincoln Continental (Westminster, CO) $4999
1999Navigatorn/a320004/04 22:02Denver, COLincon Navigator 1999 (Denver) $3200
1995n/a200004/04 20:53Denver, COLincoln Towncar (denver metro) $1
2012MKSn/a2448804/04 20:41Denver, CO2012 Lincoln MKS AWD *13286 (denver) $24488
2002n/a499504/04 19:54Denver, CO2002 Lincoln Navigator (Denver) $4995
2001Navigatorn/a430004/04 18:56Denver, CO2001 lincoln Navigator $4300
2005Navigatorn/a410004/04 17:09Denver, CO___05 lincoln navigator //4WD..nice suv $4100
2002n/a499504/04 16:46Denver, CO2002 Lincoln Navigator (Denver) $4995
2005Town Carn/a499504/04 13:06Denver, CO2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (dENVER) $4995
1998Navigatorn/a04/04 03:46Denver, COLuxury 1998 Lincoln Navigator (Glendale)
2000Continentaln/a550004/04 01:39Denver, CO2000 Lincoln Continental (Lakewood) $5500
2004Aviatorn/a928804/04 01:19Denver, CO2004 Lincoln Aviator AWD (Denver) $9288
2004Navigatorn/a04/04 00:50Denver, CO2004 Lincoln Navigator 4WD (Northglenn)
1998Navigatorn/a600004/04 00:33Denver, COLuxury 1998 Lincoln Navigator (Glendale) $6000
2000Navigatorn/a400004/04 00:23Denver, COLincoln Navigator (Denver) $4000
1997n/a04/04 00:12Denver, CO1997 LINCOLN CONTINETAL (DENVER )
1994n/a220004/03 23:53Denver, CO94 Lincoln Towncar (Ft Collins) $2200
1995n/a220004/03 21:57Denver, COLincoln Towncar (central denver) $2200
2006LSn/a798804/03 21:26Denver, CO2006 Lincoln LS V8**13582 (englewood) $7988
1999Navigatorn/a258804/03 21:20Denver, CO1999 LINCLON NAVIGATOR AWD!!! (ENGLEWOOD) $2588
2011MKSn/a04/03 20:22Denver, CO2011 Lincoln MKS (Loveland)
2003Navigatorn/a1098804/03 20:20Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator Premium 4x4 *13338 (denver area) $10988
2002n/a04/03 19:56Denver, CO2002 Lincoln Town Car Executive (Loveland)
1998Navigatorn/a600004/03 18:35Denver, COLuxury 1998 Lincoln Navigator (Glendale) $6000
2003LSn/a599004/03 18:27Denver, CO2003 LINCOLN LS (englewood) $5990
2004Navigatorn/a950004/03 15:55Denver, COLincoln Navigator (rawlins wy) $9500
2003n/a350004/03 02:19Denver, CO2003 Lincoln Navigator (commerce city) $3500
2000n/a390004/02 22:57Denver, COBlack Lincoln Navigator (Aurora,CO) $3900
2000LSn/a200004/02 22:11Denver, CO2000 Lincoln LS (Broomfield) $2000
2004n/a650004/02 21:47Denver, CO04 Lincoln navigator 4x4 (aurora ) $6500
1966Continentaln/a01/21 23:18Denver, COLincoln : Continental 1966 Lincoln Continental