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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

1999SCn/a100004/18 07:37Columbia, SCEm1 parts car, or part out. (Upstate SC) $1000
1999SCn/a100004/18 07:30Columbia, SCEm1 parts car, or part out. (Upstate SC) $1000
2005SCn/a950004/18 05:54Columbia, SC05 300C Awd Hemi (Rock Hill SC) $9500
1996n/a04/18 02:21Columbia, SC1996 Lexus ES300 (west columbia) $850
2004SCn/a1650004/17 22:35Columbia, SC2004 cummins (york sc) $16500
2004SCn/a590004/17 21:50Columbia, SC2004 silverado regular cab (lexington sc) $5900
1964SCn/a1250004/17 21:12Columbia, SC1964 Elcamino (lexington sc) $12500
1992n/a350004/17 16:17Columbia, SC92 Lexus SC300 turbo (columbia sc) $3500
2000SCn/a600004/17 15:50Columbia, SC2000 z71 (sc) $6000
2004SCn/a880004/17 04:21Columbia, SC2004 E320 4 MATIC WAGON MERCEDES (columbia sc) $8800
1997n/a520004/17 03:30Columbia, SCClean 1997 Lexus SC400 (columbia sc) $5200
2003n/a580004/17 03:15Columbia, SC2003 lexus is300 (rock hill) $5800
1996SCn/a380004/17 03:14Columbia, SC1996 lexus sc300 (rock hill) $3800
1998LSn/a599904/17 03:14Columbia, SC1998 Lexus LS400 (rock hill) $5999
2007ESn/a1590004/17 01:20Columbia, SC2007 LEXUS ES350 4-DOOR -V/6 (COLUMBIA, S.C.) $15900
1999n/a04/16 21:39Columbia, SC1999 LEXUS 300 NEEDS TRANS. $950
SCn/a3200004/16 18:53Columbia, SCMercedes ML 350 (columbia, sc) $32000
2014SCn/a499504/16 16:04Columbia, SCENCLOSE TRAILER FOR SALE 8.5 X 24 (DILLON SC)
1997n/a150004/16 07:49Columbia, SC1997 Lexus LS400 (Columbia sc) $1500
1999RXn/a400004/16 03:16Columbia, SC1999 lexus rx300 suv sale or trade (sumter) $4000
1956SCn/a1150004/16 03:04Columbia, SC56 belair (st.matthews sc) $11500
1997SCn/a600004/15 23:28Columbia, SC1997 z71 ext cab (Gaston sc ) $6000
SCn/a04/15 23:24Columbia, SCSet Of enkei ekm3 (columbia sc) $400
2001RXn/a650004/15 13:32Columbia, SC2001 Lexus RX 300 (Columbia) $6500
1999SCn/a450004/15 04:49Columbia, SC1999 S420 Mercedes (SC) $4500
1994SCn/a500004/15 04:02Columbia, SC1994 F 150 xlt (Elgin, SC) $5000
2001SCn/a1270004/15 00:40Columbia, SC**Camero 2001 SS** (Abbeville, SC) $12700
SCn/a270004/14 22:42Columbia, SCfamily Van (columbia sc) $2700
1978SCn/a04/14 21:24Columbia, SC1978 c10 rat rod * Trade * (catawba SC)
SCn/a220004/14 19:47Columbia, SC28 for sale (greenwood sc) $2200
SCn/a200004/14 19:28Columbia, SCselling (Columbia, SC) $2000
SCn/a04/14 15:58Columbia, SCTurbo for cat engine (Lamar. Sc.) $600
1998LSn/a599904/14 06:19Columbia, SC1998 Lexus LS400 (rock hill) $5999
1996SCn/a380004/14 06:19Columbia, SC1996 lexus sc300 (rock hill) $3800
2003n/a580004/14 06:18Columbia, SC2003 lexus is300 (rock hill) $5800
1999SCn/a260004/14 04:27Columbia, SCSweet car (columbia sc)
2008ESn/a1900004/14 03:16Columbia, SC2008 Lexus ES350 FANTASTIC condition (NE Cola) $19000
2010n/a2199904/13 23:10Columbia, SC2010 Lexus HS250h Hybrid (Downtown) $21999
1956SCn/a1150004/13 22:58Columbia, SC56 belair (st.matthews sc) $11500
2004RXn/a293104/13 09:13Columbia, SCrx lexus!!04!! $2931
2000SCn/a04/13 03:08Columbia, SCFOR SALE/MECHANICS SPECIAL (cola sc) $800
2006SCn/a1700004/12 18:14Columbia, SC2006 lexus (coastal sc) $17000
2001SCn/a1270004/12 16:47Columbia, SC**Camero 2001 SS** (Abbeville, SC) $12700
2003n/a580004/12 05:57Columbia, SC2003 lexus is300 (rock hill) $5800
1996SCn/a380004/12 05:54Columbia, SC1996 lexus sc300 (rock hill) $3800
1998LSn/a599904/12 05:54Columbia, SC1998 Lexus LS400 (rock hill) $5999
2009ESn/a2390004/12 04:55Columbia, SC2009 Lexus ES350, Chrome Wheels (Lexington) $23900
1999SCn/a260004/12 01:28Columbia, SCSweet car (columbia sc) $2600
SCn/a04/12 00:42Columbia, SC17" Low Profile Rims (columbia sc) $800
1987SCn/a120004/11 23:44Columbia, SCGas Sipper (Spartanburg,SC) $1200
2000n/a900004/11 21:57Columbia, SC2000 Lexus LX470 (lexington sc) $9000
2002n/a1239904/11 21:09Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC430 (Irmo) $12399
2002n/a1239904/11 21:08Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC430 (Irmo) $12399
1995ESn/a04/11 18:43Columbia, SC1995 Lexus ES 300 (Rock Hill ) $700
2010n/a2899504/11 17:57Columbia, SClexus rx350 (chapin,sc) $28995
SCn/a04/11 15:37Columbia, SCTurbo for cat engine (Lamar. Sc.) $600
1999SCn/a450004/11 05:23Columbia, SC1999 S420 Mercedes (SC) $4500
SCn/a125004/11 04:16Columbia, SC22" Chrome Rims (Columbia sc) $1250
1997SCn/a310004/11 03:50Columbia, SC1997 F 150 (West columbia sc) $3100
1956SCn/a1150004/11 03:32Columbia, SC56 belair (st.matthews sc) $11500
2005SCn/a830004/11 01:28Columbia, SC 2005 camary LE (Lancaster ,sc) $8300
1999ESn/a499504/11 00:11Columbia, SC1999 Lexus ES300 $4995
SCn/a140004/10 22:55Columbia, SCSALE 4/14 and 4/15 (Columbia SC) $1400
1999SCn/a399804/10 22:38Columbia, SCCheap Work Truck (Lexington SC) $3998
SCn/a175004/10 20:35Columbia, SCWork Van (lexington sc) $1750
1999SCn/a400004/10 19:42Columbia, SC1999 Cadilac El Dorado (columbia sc) $4000
2000SCn/a200004/10 19:29Columbia, SC2000 obo (sumter sc) $2000
1968SCn/a2500004/10 19:02Columbia, SC1968 SS Chev (cola,sc.) $25000
1984SCn/a1050004/10 01:55Columbia, SCNice Truck on 8's (Charleston sc ) $10500
1998LSn/a599904/10 01:46Columbia, SC1998 Lexus LS400 (rock hill) $5999
1996SCn/a380004/10 01:46Columbia, SC1996 lexus sc300 (rock hill) $3800
2003n/a580004/10 01:45Columbia, SC2003 lexus is300 (rock hill) $5800
1991SCn/a04/10 01:35Columbia, SC1991 V8 S10 5 speed for trade (Columbia sc)
2009ESn/a2390004/10 00:05Columbia, SC2009 Lexus ES350, Chrome Wheels (Lexington) $23900
1974SCn/a200004/09 20:21Columbia, SC'74 Old school ready 2 go! (Orangeburg, SC) $2000
1999SCn/a260004/09 16:11Columbia, SCSweet car (columbia sc) $2600
2006SCn/a1700004/09 15:29Columbia, SC2006 lexus (coastal sc) $17000
1995SCn/a450004/09 15:20Columbia, SCJEEP-YJ (columbia sc) $4500
1993GSn/a200004/09 02:37Columbia, SC1993 Lexus GS 300 (Elgin) $2000
SCn/a04/09 00:20Columbia, SC4 rims & tires (UNION SC) $150
SCn/a04/08 22:33Columbia, SCChild Care Bus (NC SC Va)
SCn/a190004/08 21:06Columbia, SC BMW525I (lexington sc) $1900
2006n/a1530004/08 20:19Columbia, SC2006 Lexus RX 330 SUV (columbia) $15300
SCn/a04/08 13:49Columbia, SCMoped for sale $300 (columbia sc) $300
1990n/a04/08 02:54Columbia, SC1990 Lexus LS 400 (northeast columbia) $850
1964SCn/a1250004/08 00:43Columbia, SC1964 Elcamino (lexington sc) $12500
2006SCn/a700004/07 21:54Columbia, SC2006 Harley Davidson 1200R (York, SC) $7000
2002n/a795004/07 20:55Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC 430 (Orangeburg,SC) $7950
2008SCn/a1699504/07 20:54Columbia, SC2008 Mercedes E320 BLUETEC DIESEL (columbia sc) $16995
1995SCn/a450004/07 19:17Columbia, SCLexus : SC 300 lexus sc300
2005SCn/a400004/07 18:50Columbia, SCGreat Car (columbia sc) $4000
2005SCn/a400004/07 18:49Columbia, SCGreat Car (columbia sc) $4000
1995SCn/a320004/07 18:36Columbia, SCGreat Car (columbia sc) $3200
1995SCn/a320004/07 18:36Columbia, SCGreat Car (columbia sc) $3200
2004SCn/a289504/07 16:23Columbia, SCgreat car 2004 low price (sumter sc) $2895
1999RXn/a425004/07 07:38Columbia, SC99 lexus rx (lexington) $4250
SCn/a320004/06 20:11Columbia, SCTruck (Winnsboro sc) $3200
SCn/a04/06 09:40Columbia, SC12in sub amp package (columbia sc) $120
ISn/a04/06 05:05Columbia, SCIs your Paint Fading? (Columbia)
1991SCn/a500004/06 02:02Columbia, SC1991 Mr 2 (lexington, SC) $5000
1984SCn/a04/05 21:41Columbia, SCtruck for sale (jasper sc) $700
2006SCn/a1700004/05 19:31Columbia, SC2006 lexus (coastal sc) $17000
SCn/a04/05 16:53Columbia, SCTurbo for cat engine (Lamar. Sc.) $600
1992SCn/a320004/05 15:49Columbia, SCSC300 2JZ - 5sp manual - 3200 obo (Columbia) $3200
SCn/a04/05 00:42Columbia, SCin need of car disabled (lexington sc) $1
1999SCn/a265004/05 00:40Columbia, SCSweet car (columbia sc) $2650
1923SCn/a1000004/04 18:45Columbia, SC1923 T Model (St. Matthews, SC) $10000
2006ESn/a690004/04 16:27Columbia, SC2006 Lexus ES330 (Kershaw) $6900
1996SCn/a04/04 16:06Columbia, SCUniversal 4 lug 18"rims (columbia, sc) $200
1986SCn/a600004/04 04:33Columbia, SC86 V8 S10 383 Stoker Trade Only!!! (Swansea sc)
2014SCn/a3150004/03 21:26Columbia, SC2014 Mustant GT premium immaculate (sumter sc) $31500
2002n/a1239904/03 20:24Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC430 (Irmo) $12399
SCn/a04/03 09:16Columbia, SCMud Grips For Trade (Batesburg, SC) $1
2010n/a3200004/03 05:18Columbia, SC2010 Lexus RX 350 AWD (columbia sc) $32000
1996SCn/a650004/03 00:28Columbia, SC1996 z71 (columbia sc) $6500
1992SCn/a320004/02 23:49Columbia, SCSOMEONE BUY THIS SC300!!! (Columbia) $3200
2001n/a750004/02 21:32Columbia, SC2001 Lexus RX300 (Columbia, SC) $7500
1971SCn/a04/02 18:02Columbia, SC1971 mach 1 (sc) $1
1999SCn/a290004/02 15:59Columbia, SC1 0wner Mercedes s420 60k miles (Rock Hill SC) $2900
2001RXn/a355004/02 03:37Columbia, SCgreat lexus rx300 yr 2001 (Columbia) $3550
2008SCn/a1875004/02 03:08Columbia, SC2008 Mercedes C300 (Sumter, SC) $18750
1993SCn/a04/02 00:09Columbia, SC93 lexus sc400 looking to trade (Lancaster)
SCn/a370004/01 17:58Columbia, SCSC300 2JZ - 5sp manual (Columbia) $3700
1992SCn/a04/01 05:51Columbia, SCdependable (96,sc) $1
2010n/a2199904/01 02:23Columbia, SC2010 Lexus HS250h Hybrid - 35+MPG (Downtown) $21999
1992SCn/a04/01 01:05Columbia, SC1992 Z71 TRADE (lexington sc) $1
2004SCn/a650003/31 22:32Columbia, SCused car (cope, sc) $6500
1995SCn/a280003/31 17:29Columbia, SCgreat starter truck or hunting truck (aiken sc) $2800
1982SCn/a170003/31 12:04Columbia, SC1982 El Camimo (columbia sc) $1700
2003SCn/a2500003/31 10:33Columbia, SC2003 2500hd duramax lifted (lexington sc) $25000
2001SCn/a280003/31 05:38Columbia, SCclean crown vic (columbia sc) $2800
1999n/a350003/31 05:15Columbia, SCLexus 1999 (Columbia, SC) $3500
1999RXn/a500003/31 03:22Columbia, SC1999 lexus rx300 (lexington) $5000
SCn/a650003/30 22:51Columbia, SCMy lost y'alls gain (sumter sc) $6500
GSn/a230003/30 04:32Columbia, SClexus gs $2300
1999n/a350003/30 04:11Columbia, SC1999 lexus es300 (Columbia, SC) $3500
2012SCn/a03/30 02:09Columbia, SC2012-ram (lexington sc) $1
SCn/a195003/29 22:02Columbia, SCCamper/Pull/20Ft/SelfContained (Pelion,SC) $1950
1999ESn/a400003/29 20:48Columbia, SC1999 Lexus es300 $4000
2001LXn/a158003/29 17:57Columbia, SC>>>2001Neon LX $1580
2001SCn/a1270003/29 16:30Columbia, SC**Camero 2001 SS** (Abbeville, SC) $12700
SCn/a215003/29 00:31Columbia, SCclean title (columbia sc) $2150
2002n/a1239903/28 21:55Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC430 (Irmo) $12399
2010SCn/a2490003/28 18:46Columbia, SC2010 Silverado Crew Cab LT 2WD (St George SC) $24900
2013SCn/a3090003/28 18:19Columbia, SC2013 Slverado Crew Cab LT 4WD (St George SC) $30900
1998LSn/a599903/28 14:18Columbia, SC1998 Lexus LS400 (rock hill) $5999
1999n/a350003/27 23:56Columbia, SC1999 lexus es300 (Columbia, SC) $3500
SCn/a130003/27 21:35Columbia, SCclean title (columbia sc) $1300
1987SCn/a420003/27 21:26Columbia, SCFox Body (Gilbert, SC) $4200
1999SCn/a650003/27 19:33Columbia, SC1999 4700 International (Sumter, SC) $6500
SCn/a03/27 16:22Columbia, SCTop dollar for junk cars! (columbia sc)
1985SCn/a799503/27 05:44Columbia, SCBEAUTIFUL CLASSIC CAR (Barnwell, SC) $7995
2002n/a700003/27 01:34Columbia, SC2002 Lexus RX300 SUV (Columbia) $7000
RXn/a193703/26 19:45Columbia, SClexus 03 rx300 delightful $1937
SCn/a200003/26 18:39Columbia, SCcar for sale (orangeburg sc) $2000
2005SCn/a1199503/26 17:22Columbia, SCcar for sale (sumter sc) $11995
SCn/a220003/26 03:25Columbia, SC28 for sale (greenwood sc) $2200
2007n/a1390003/26 02:57Columbia, SC2007 Lexus IS250 $13,900 (columbia sc) $13900
1993SCn/a100003/26 00:05Columbia, SCParts car (columbia sc) $1000
1999GSn/a160003/25 23:52Columbia, SC*** 1999 Lexus GS 300 - Black *** (West Columbia)
1995n/a150003/25 19:29Columbia, SCLEXUS ES 300 Base 1995 (4481 Augusta rd) $1500
RXn/a194703/25 18:03Columbia, SClexus 03 rx300 squeamish $1947
2004SCn/a559903/25 10:55Columbia, SCChevrlot Silverado 2004 (Spartanburg SC) $5599
2001SCn/a300003/25 06:02Columbia, SC2001 white crown Vic 3000 (columbia sc) $3000
2007SCn/a3150003/25 04:33Columbia, SCSweet lifted silverado (Johnston sc) $31500
SCn/a200003/25 04:06Columbia, SCLooking for a Car (Columbia, SC) $2000
1981SCn/a690003/24 23:07Columbia, SC1981 CJ-7 New Built Motor (Landrum, SC) $6900
SCn/a03/24 23:07Columbia, SCCheck out this deal (columbia sc)
2001n/a300003/24 22:00Columbia, SC2001 Lexus RX 300 (columbia sc) $3000
1964SCn/a1250003/24 20:07Columbia, SC1964 Elcamino (lexington sc) $12500
SCn/a03/24 17:19Columbia, SC1967-81 CAMAROS WANTED (Aiken,SC.)
2014SCn/a190003/24 15:19Columbia, SCChrome 28" Rims (columbia sc) $1900
SCn/a180003/24 07:13Columbia, SCCARS FOR SALE (Columbia SC) $1800
1991SCn/a290003/24 02:32Columbia, SCrat rod (neeses,sc) $2900
SCn/a1100003/23 16:22Columbia, SCCLEAN -F150- 4*4 (2005) (Manning,SC) $11000
1979SCn/a03/22 12:26Columbia, SCPro Touring Chevrolet-$1 or BO (Chapin, SC)
2007n/a1865003/22 06:10Columbia, SCLexus LS 460 (columbia) $18650
1996SCn/a380003/22 06:08Columbia, SC1996 lexus sc300 (rock hill) $3800
2003n/a580003/22 06:00Columbia, SC2003 lexus is300 (rock hill) $5800
2002n/a1239903/21 18:19Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC430 (Irmo) $12399
SCn/a1100003/21 17:38Columbia, SCCLEAN -F150- 4*4 (2005) (Manning,SC) $11000
2002SCn/a650003/21 12:42Columbia, SCcar for sale (sumter sc) $6500
2000GSn/a675003/21 04:53Columbia, SC2000 Lexus GS300 Platinum Edition $6750
1994SCn/a500003/21 03:43Columbia, SC1994 F 150 xlt (Elgin, SC) $5000
2003SCn/a9500003/21 03:36Columbia, SCCLEAN z71 2003 (Lexington, SC) $95000
SCn/a03/21 03:17Columbia, SC24 inch rims (Orangeburg SC) $800
2007SCn/a600003/20 18:18Columbia, SC'07 Two Horse Trailer (Aiken, SC) $6000
1993SCn/a200003/20 15:48Columbia, SC93 delsol f20b swap. (lugoff sc) $2000
2002n/a820003/20 03:42Columbia, SC2002 Lexus SC 430 (Orangeburg,SC) $8200
1969SCn/a3000003/20 02:38Columbia, SC'69 Mach 1 (Sumter,SC) $30000
1984SCn/a1050003/20 00:50Columbia, SCWANNA GO FAST??? (lexington sc) $10500
2001SCn/a950003/19 21:07Columbia, SCINTERNATIONALS (Sumter, SC) $9500
SCn/a1100003/19 20:52Columbia, SCCLEAN -F150- 4*4 (2005) (Manning,SC) $11000
SCn/a1400003/19 15:36Columbia, SCCargo Van (columbia sc) $1
1996ESn/a185003/19 03:28Columbia, SC1996 Lexus ES 300 (northeast columbia) $1850
1956SCn/a1150003/19 03:02Columbia, SC56 belair (st.matthews sc) $11500
n/a210003/19 01:41Columbia, SCLEXUS RX-$2100
SCn/a1100003/18 23:05Columbia, SCCLEAN -F150- 4*4 (2005) (Manning,SC) $11000
1998SCn/a03/18 22:43Columbia, SC98 bonnieville (swansea sc) $700
SCn/a100003/18 21:37Columbia, SCWanted: Used Car (columbia sc) $1000
1996LSn/a275003/18 16:10Columbia, SC1996 Lexus ls400 (matthews) $2750
1981SCn/a210003/18 15:26Columbia, SC1981 240d Mercedes (columbia sc) $2100
2006ISn/a1190003/18 03:55Columbia, SC2006 lexus is250 awd $11900 obo (Columbia) $11900
2008ISn/a1750003/17 20:47Columbia, SC2008 Lexus IS250 AWD (Columbia) $17500
1993LXn/a300003/17 06:31Columbia, SC 1993 CROWN VIC LX $3000
2003SCn/a550003/17 03:30Columbia, SC2003 Silverado (sumter sc) $5500
1992SCn/a175003/16 22:29Columbia, SC1992 Lexus sc300 (columbia) $1750
SCn/a1100003/16 20:51Columbia, SCCLEAN -F150- 4*4 (2005) (Manning,SC) $11000
1999SCn/a450003/16 19:45Columbia, SCCar Hauler/Enclosed Trailer (lexington sc) $4500
1959SCn/a300003/16 09:57Columbia, SC59 f100 shortbed (Chapin sc) $3000
1996n/a150003/16 01:45Columbia, SC1996 Lexus GS 300 (obo) (Orangeburg ) $1500
2007n/a1645003/15 17:50Columbia, SC2007 LEXUS ES350 V/6 (COLUMBIA,SC) $16450
1999ESn/a529503/15 15:55Columbia, SC1999 Lexus ES300 $5295
SCn/a750003/15 15:44Columbia, SCSuper Step Side (Conway SC) $7500
SCn/a170003/15 14:35Columbia, SCHarley Bar Stool Go Cart (Greenville SC)
n/a180703/15 11:53Columbia, SC!@!! 05 Lexus RX 330 !@!! $1807
ESn/a315003/15 02:51Columbia, SCLEXUS ES 300 COACH EDITION (CHARLOTTE) $3150
2007n/a2924003/14 21:52Columbia, SC2007 lexus ls 460 (harbison) $29240
1998ESn/a260003/14 17:24Columbia, SC1998 Lexus ES 300 (Columbia) $2600
1996ESn/a220003/14 16:54Columbia, SC1996 Lexus es300 (kershaw county) $2200
2009ESn/a2390003/13 23:45Columbia, SC2009 Lexus ES350, Chrome Wheels (Lexington) $23900
2004ESn/a950003/13 19:08Columbia, SC2004 LEXUS ES300 (CHARLOTTE) $9500
1993SCn/a300003/13 18:10Columbia, SCF700 Diesel (Sumter, SC)
SCn/a03/13 16:18Columbia, SC17 inch rims (pelion sc) $275
1998ESn/a280003/13 16:12Columbia, SC1998 Lexus ES300 (Columbia) $2800
2007n/a1419903/13 04:53Columbia, SC2007 Lexus IS250 $14,199 OBO (Columbia, SC) $14199
SCn/a03/13 04:30Columbia, SC150 shot ZEX NOS set up (Lexington, SC)
1996n/a350003/13 02:22Columbia, SC1996 lexus ls400 (charlotte) $3500
1996n/a350003/13 02:20Columbia, SC1996 lexus ls400 (charlotte) $3500
2005SCn/a196003/13 02:17Columbia, SC2005 Nissaan Paathfinder 4x4 LE (columbia sc) $1960
1993LXn/a550003/13 01:48Columbia, SC 1993 CROWN VIC LX ON 28 RIMS (Lexington) ) $5500
SCn/a03/13 00:26Columbia, SCGreat Deals!!! (Lancaster, SC)
1999SCn/a399803/13 00:06Columbia, SCCheap Work Truck (Lexington SC) $3998
1993SCn/a03/12 23:23Columbia, SC1993 eg hatch boosted (sumter sc) $92
SCn/a729503/12 04:43Columbia, SCImmaculate-one owner vehicle (chapin, sc) $7295
2003SCn/a03/12 01:23Columbia, SC2003 S10 EXTREME (Lexington, SC)
2000SCn/a750003/11 22:16Columbia, SC2000 Freightliner (Sumter SC) $7500
2008LSn/a02/21 10:35Columbia, SCLexus : LS Luxury 2008 Lexus LS460L
2008LSn/a02/14 10:16Columbia, SCLexus : LS Luxury 2008 Lexus LS460L