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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

n/a04/21 02:12Baltimore, MDHUBCAPS 14" Volkswagen (pasadena) $75
2003Beetle-Newn/a550004/21 00:11Baltimore, MD2003 VW New Beetle Turbo Sport (Balto) $5500
2003Beetle-Newn/a550004/21 00:07Baltimore, MD2003 VW New Beetle Turbo Sport (Balto) $5500
2001Passatn/a320004/20 22:42Baltimore, MD2001 vw passat (baltimore city) $3200
1995Golfn/a100004/20 22:19Baltimore, MD95 Vr6 Gti (Middle River) $1000
2012Golfn/a2050004/20 21:22Baltimore, MDVW GTI 2012 Black (Towson, MD) $20500
1999Beetle-Newn/a270004/20 19:55Baltimore, MD1999 Vw Beetle Bug (Randallstown) $2700
Passatn/a199904/20 19:42Baltimore, MDVW Passat (DC ) $1999
2007Golfn/a800004/20 18:06Baltimore, MD2007 Volkswagen Golf (Maryland) $8000
2013Beetle-Newn/a2280004/20 17:56Baltimore, MD2013 VW Beetle TDI 43 mpg! (Parkton) $22800
1998n/a250004/20 17:30Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen cabrio (South york) $2500
1997Golfn/a100004/20 17:07Baltimore, MD1997 vw golf 4dr red 151k miles (catonsville) $1000
1999Cabrion/a290004/20 16:49Baltimore, MD99 VW Cabrio (Eldersburg) $2900
2000Jettan/a260004/20 16:36Baltimore, MDVolkswagen jetta 1.8T - 5 speed -great car (Greenbelt) $2600
2000Beetle-Newn/a190004/20 15:35Baltimore, MD2000 VW Beetle. runs well. 85000 miles (Baltimore) $1900
1988n/a160004/20 14:37Baltimore, MD88 Volkswagen Jett's (baltimore county) $1600
2003Passatn/a120004/20 05:29Baltimore, MD2003 vw passat (Lutherville ) $1200
1973Beetle-Newn/a450004/20 04:48Baltimore, MD73 VW Classic Beetle (Joppa, Md.) $4500
1998Jettan/a520004/20 03:37Baltimore, MD98 jetta tdi (union bridge) $5200
1992n/a04/20 03:02Baltimore, MD1992 vw golf 4door shell/roller (O.b.o) $500
1990Jettan/a100004/20 01:33Baltimore, MD1990 Diesel Jetta WVO (Baltimore, MD) $800
2007Jettan/a1100004/20 01:13Baltimore, MD2007 Volkswagen jetta (Baltimore) $1
2000n/a4600504/19 22:29Baltimore, MD2000 VW passer Md.inseced $46005
2001Passatn/a04/19 21:31Baltimore, MD2001 VW Passat $2400 (Fairfax) $2400
1999Beetle-Newn/a270004/19 20:30Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagon Beetle 97k miles (Randallstown) $2700
2000Jettan/a300004/19 19:43Baltimore, MD2000 VW Jetta TDI (Reisterstown) $3000
2006Golfn/a999504/19 18:26Baltimore, MD2006 Volkswagen GTI 2.0T - Used Cars MD (Elkton-MD) $9995
2002n/a390004/19 17:38Baltimore, MD2002 vw jetta md inspected (cickeysville md) $3900
2006Jettan/a04/19 16:31Baltimore, MD2006 New Jetta 1.9TDI - Diesel
2001Jettan/a400004/19 15:36Baltimore, MD2001 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T APR Stage II (Harford County) $4000
2003Jettan/a04/19 09:05Baltimore, MD2003 1.8t jetta (hagerstown,md)
1998Jettan/a115004/19 07:50Baltimore, MD**Good Saturday** 1998 VW Jetta GL (baltimore ) $1150
2002n/a400004/19 06:30Baltimore, MD2002 Volkswagen Passat (Towson) $4000
2005Jettan/a540004/19 03:31Baltimore, MD2005 VW Jetta (camp hill) $5400
2004Jettan/a480004/19 02:06Baltimore, MD2004 VW Jetta 1.8T GLS (Ellicott City) $4800
2001Passatn/a380004/19 01:20Baltimore, MD2001 Volkswagen Passat (Baltimore) $3800
2002n/a350004/19 01:12Baltimore, MD2002 Volkswagen Passat wagon (windsormill md) $3500
2004Passatn/a500004/18 23:23Baltimore, MDVolkswagen Passat for sale $5000
1999Jettan/a110004/18 22:48Baltimore, MD1999 volkswagon jetta (hagerstown md) $1100
2003Passatn/a499504/18 21:42Baltimore, MDW8 VW Passat (eldersburg) $4995
1999Golfn/a220004/18 21:11Baltimore, MD1999 volkswagon golf GLS (Baltimore) $2200
2004Jettan/a510004/18 21:05Baltimore, MD2004 VW JETTA 1.8 TURBO $5100
1983n/a04/18 21:04Baltimore, MD1983 VW GTI Rabbit MK1 Shell (Aberdeen) $600
2006Golfn/a749504/18 20:28Baltimore, MD2006 VW GTI (BALTIMORE--WILKENS AVE.) $7495
1999Passatn/a04/18 17:47Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagen Passat ( Public Auto Auction)
1999Beetle-Newn/a270004/18 17:32Baltimore, MD1999 Vw Beetle Bug (Randallstown) $2700
2002n/a280004/18 17:31Baltimore, MD2002 VW Beetle (Randallstown) $2800
2006Jettan/a390004/18 15:56Baltimore, MD2006 VW Jetta 2.5 (Towson) $3900
2002n/a390004/18 15:29Baltimore, MD2002 vw jetta md inspected (cockeysville md ) $3900
1992Jettan/a04/18 15:17Baltimore, MD92 jetta $750
Beetle-Newn/a180204/18 04:43Baltimore, MDVolkswagen Beetle green Edition (2003) $1802
2005Golfn/a530004/18 03:36Baltimore, MD2005 Volkswagen gti (Baltimore Downtown) $5300
2009Routann/a750004/18 03:25Baltimore, MD2009 volkswagen routan van need body work (baltimore) $7500
2001Golfn/a499904/18 03:22Baltimore, MD2001 Volkswagen Gti Vr6 (Stafford) $4999
2000Jettan/a300004/18 00:42Baltimore, MD2000 VW JETTA VR6 5 SPEED (Glen Burnie) $3000
2002n/a280004/18 00:39Baltimore, MD2002 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (WINDSOR MILL, MD) $2800
1999n/a250004/17 22:54Baltimore, MDvw cabrio 2500 / OBO !!! (catonsville) $2500
n/a200004/17 22:54Baltimore, MDFantastic vw jetta 1.8 **turbo 2002** $2000
n/a150004/17 20:52Baltimore, MDVolkswagen cabrio (21236) $1500
2002n/a04/17 20:13Baltimore, MD2002 VW GTI (Dover) $5
1974Beetle-Newn/a200004/17 18:55Baltimore, MD1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle (Forest Hill, MD) $2000
2008Passatn/a1050004/17 16:27Baltimore, MD2008 VW Passat 2.0 Turbo 57k CLEAN!!! (Laurel) $10500
2010Golfn/a04/17 15:13Baltimore, MD2010 Vw GTi Turbo
Passatn/a270004/16 23:21Baltimore, MDfor sale wolkswagen passat 99 (baltimore county) $2700
2008Passatn/a999704/16 23:03Baltimore, MD2008 passat (anywere) $9997
1999Jettan/a115004/16 21:13Baltimore, MD99 Volkswagen jetta (hagerstown) $1150
2001Cabrion/a450004/16 20:21Baltimore, MD2001 Volkswagen Cabrio GLS 2dr Convertible (Parkville) $4500
2002n/a04/16 20:13Baltimore, MD2002 VW Passat (Westminster) $600
1999Beetle-Newn/a280004/16 20:08Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagon Beetle (Randallstown) $2800
2003Jettan/a300004/16 19:03Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 4C GL (Finksburg, MD) $3000
2001Jettan/a100004/16 17:21Baltimore, MD2001 Jetta (Towson) $1000
2005Jettan/a540004/16 16:36Baltimore, MD2005 VW Jetta (camp hill) $5400
2000Beetle-Newn/a280004/16 16:25Baltimore, MD2000 VW Beetle (randalstown) $2800
1981n/a740004/16 16:11Baltimore, MD1981 VW Vanagon Wesfalia Camper (Odenton) $7400
1971Beetle-Newn/a610004/16 16:08Baltimore, MD1971 VW Super Beetle (shrewsbury pa) $6100
2003Beetle-Newn/a550004/16 16:00Baltimore, MD2003 VW New Beetle Turbo Sport (Balto) $5500
1999Beetle-Newn/a270004/16 14:58Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagon Beetle 97k miles (Randallstown) $2700
2001Golfn/a04/16 06:35Baltimore, MD2001 VW GTI Turbo (Baltimore ) $800
1991n/a200004/16 05:43Baltimore, MD1991 Vw vanagon van Gl (overlea md) $2000
2002n/a350004/16 04:31Baltimore, MD2002 Volkswagen Passat wagon (windsormill md) $3500
2012Golfn/a2050004/16 02:23Baltimore, MDVW GTI 2012 Black (Towson, MD) $20500
1998Jettan/a520004/16 02:19Baltimore, MD98 jetta tdi (union bridge) $5200
2003Golfn/a290004/16 02:01Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagon gti (baltimore county) $2900
1999Golfn/a220004/16 01:50Baltimore, MD1999 volkswagon golf GLS (Baltimore) $2200
2000Jettan/a225004/16 00:51Baltimore, MDRELIABLE 2000 VW Jetta GLS (Harford County) $2250
Jettan/a180004/16 00:45Baltimore, MD1999.5 Vw Jetta (Catonsville) $1800
2003Jettan/a270004/15 22:49Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 Turbo (Towson MD) $2700
Jettan/a700004/15 21:03Baltimore, MDVW jetta (parkville, MD) $7000
2002n/a280004/15 18:53Baltimore, MD2002 VW Beetle (Randallstown) $2800
2003Jettan/a300004/15 18:51Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 4C GL (Finksburg, MD ) $3000
2003Jettan/a270004/15 16:28Baltimore, MD 2003 VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo , Must See!! $2700
2004Jettan/a510004/15 16:18Baltimore, MD2004 VW JETTA 1.8 TURBO $5100
2001Beetle-Newn/a550004/15 14:41Baltimore, MD01 VW Beetle 1.8T Auto 91k MSI (Glen Burnie) $5500
2009Routann/a750004/15 07:00Baltimore, MD2009 volkswagen routan van need body work (baltimore) $7500
1998Beetle-Newn/a100004/15 06:14Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen beetle silver (Baltimore ) $1000
2000n/a400004/15 05:28Baltimore, MDvr6 Volkswagen trade !! (pasadena) $4000
2000Passatn/a450004/15 04:12Baltimore, MD2000 Volkswagen Passat (Essex) $4500
1999Cabrion/a290004/15 04:02Baltimore, MD99 VW Cabrio (Eldersburg) $2900
2013Golfn/a1800004/15 03:17Baltimore, MD2013 VW Golf, only 7000 miles (Bel Air) $18000
Jettan/a210004/15 01:15Baltimore, MDVery Nice Jetta Plz Read (baltimore city) $2100
2002n/a280004/15 01:05Baltimore, MD2002 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (WINDSOR MILL, MD) $2800
2001Golfn/a249904/14 23:13Baltimore, MD2001 Volkswagen Golf GL 5 Speed Manul (City Auto) $2499
2004Passatn/a399504/14 23:01Baltimore, MD2004 VW Passat (York) $3995
2008Passatn/a999704/14 21:02Baltimore, MD2008 passat (anywere) $9997
2003Jettan/a300004/14 20:23Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 4C GL (Finksburg, MD) $3000
2010Jettan/a1700004/14 20:22Baltimore, MD2010 Jetta TDI (pasadena) $17000
2003Jettan/a04/14 18:23Baltimore, MD2003 1.8t jetta (hagerstown,md)
n/a249504/14 17:02Baltimore, MDVOLKSWAGEN $2495
1999Beetle-Newn/a260004/14 16:57Baltimore, MD99 Volkswagon Beetle (Randallstown) $2600
2005Jettan/a540004/14 14:29Baltimore, MD2005 VW Jetta (camp hill) $5400
2003Passatn/a180004/14 13:02Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Passat (Aberdeen) $1800
2005Beetle-Newn/a430004/14 09:00Baltimore, MD2005 volkswagen new beetle (RANDALLSTOWN) $4300
2011Golfn/a1800004/14 05:37Baltimore, MD2011 GTI (Carroll County) $18000
2004Passatn/a520004/14 05:00Baltimore, MD2004 Volkswagen Passat for sale (baltimore county) $5200
1973Beetle-Newn/a490004/14 04:01Baltimore, MD73 VW Classic Beetle (Joppa, Md.) $4900
2002n/a350004/14 01:57Baltimore, MD2002 Volkswagen Passat wagon (windsormill md) $3500
2004Jettan/a300004/14 01:13Baltimore, MD2004 volkswagen jetta 1.8t (pasadena ) $3000
2001n/a04/13 23:29Baltimore, MD2001 Vw Jetta 2.0 GLS NEEDS WORK $900
1999Beetle-Newn/a280004/13 22:11Baltimore, MD1999 Beetle***Volkswagon*** (Randallstown) $2800
2001Passatn/a04/13 21:31Baltimore, MD2001 volkswagen passat turbo (glenburnie md) $750
2001Passatn/a04/13 21:14Baltimore, MDneed ww passat 2001
1998Beetle-Newn/a500004/13 20:31Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen Beetle (Glenburnie) $5000
1999Beetle-Newn/a280004/13 19:15Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagon Beetle (Randallstown) $2800
2000Jettan/a225004/13 19:05Baltimore, MDRELIABLE 2000 VW Jetta GLS (Harford County) $2250
1970n/a200004/13 18:25Baltimore, MDVW Project Bug 1970 (50 miles north of BWI) $2000
2003Jettan/a280004/13 18:06Baltimore, MD2003 Vw jetta 1.8 turbo $2800
2012Golfn/a2050004/13 11:50Baltimore, MDVW GTI 2012 Black (Towson, MD) $20500
2003Jettan/a280004/13 02:26Baltimore, MD03 VW jetta 1.8 turbo (Balti county) $2800
1998Jettan/a04/13 01:36Baltimore, MD98 vw jetta (md/pa line) $1
2005Jettan/a280004/13 01:35Baltimore, MD2005 Volkswagen jetta 2.5 with leather $2800
1998n/a250004/13 00:34Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen cabrio (South york) $2500
2001Passatn/a380004/12 22:48Baltimore, MD2001 VW New Passat Station Wagon (Annapolis) $3800
2000n/a100004/12 22:17Baltimore, MD2000 VW Golf GTI (Ellicott City) $1000
2009Routann/a750004/12 19:59Baltimore, MD2009 volkswagen routan van need body work (baltimore) $7500
2002n/a600004/12 19:21Baltimore, MD2002 VW Passat wagon $6000
2010Jettan/a1700004/12 18:19Baltimore, MD2010 VW Jetta TDI (Pasadena ) $17000
2002Passatn/a320004/12 17:09Baltimore, MDVolkswagen passat 02 (Baltimore) $3200
2000Passatn/a180004/12 16:26Baltimore, MD2000 Volkswagen Passat ( Aberdeen MD) $1800
1998Jettan/a137504/12 08:17Baltimore, MD1998 VW Jetta. 4 cylinder (Rockville) $1375
1999Jettan/a110004/12 06:08Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagen Jetta (baltimore) $1100
1999Passatn/a04/12 03:54Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagen Passat $2800 (Fairfax) $2800
1998Jettan/a340004/12 03:49Baltimore, MD1998 jetta glx $3400
2006Beetle-Newn/a165004/12 03:29Baltimore, MDgood 2006 Volkswagen |Beetle.baltimore $1650
2000Beetle-Newn/a280004/12 01:31Baltimore, MD2000 VW Beetle (randalstown) $2800
2003Jettan/a395004/11 23:49Baltimore, MD2003 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T (Baltimore, MD) $3950
1995Golfn/a200004/11 23:19Baltimore, MD1995 gti vr6 (Glen burnie) $2000
1998Beetle-Newn/a100004/11 22:20Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen beetle silver (Baltimore ) $1000
1988n/a160004/11 20:37Baltimore, MD88 Volkswagen Jett's (baltimore county) $1600
1997Jettan/a200004/11 20:07Baltimore, MD97 vw jetta $2000
2002n/a320004/11 19:42Baltimore, MDClean title 2002 VW Passat (Baltimore city) $3200
2001Passatn/a600004/11 19:35Baltimore, MD01 glx 4 motion Passat $6000 OBO (Hershey)
n/a200004/11 18:30Baltimore, MDFantastic vw jetta 1.8 **turbo 2002** $2000
2002n/a280004/11 17:39Baltimore, MD2002 VW Beetle (Randallstown) $2800
2001Golfn/a400004/11 06:09Baltimore, MDVolkswagen golf (Arnold) $4000
1998Jettan/a550004/11 05:17Baltimore, MD98 jetta tdi (union bridge) $5500
2000Jettan/a04/11 05:05Baltimore, MD2000 VW Jetta vr6 (Frederick)
2001Jettan/a200004/11 04:08Baltimore, MD2001 Volkswagon Jetta $2000
Beetle-Newn/a165004/11 03:14Baltimore, MDVolkswagon Beetle..Beautiful!!.. ''///NICE/// $1650
2002n/a320004/11 01:59Baltimore, MDClean title 2002 VW Passat (Baltimore city) $3200
2004Jettan/a480004/10 23:40Baltimore, MD2004 Volkswagen Jetta (Baltimore) $4800
Passatn/a215004/10 23:25Baltimore, MDVW Passat GLX - Stickshift (Reisterstown/Glyndon) $2150
2000Beetle-Newn/a200004/10 23:19Baltimore, MD2000 VW Beetle. runs well. 85000 miles (Baltimore) $2000
2011Golfn/a1900004/10 22:40Baltimore, MD2011 GTI (Carroll County) $19000
2008Passatn/a999704/10 21:33Baltimore, MD2008 passat (anywere) $9997
2004Jettan/a550004/10 21:21Baltimore, MDMODIFIED VW JETTA 2004 (BALTIMORE) $5500
2012Jettan/a1655004/10 20:46Baltimore, MD2012 VW Jetta SE - Immaculate, Low Miles! (Columbia) $16550
2002n/a380004/10 20:29Baltimore, MD2002 Volkswagen Passat wagon (windsormill md) $3800
2003Jettan/a300004/10 19:29Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 4C GL (Finksburg, MD) $3000
2003Jettan/a04/10 17:31Baltimore, MD2003 1.8t jetta (hagerstown,md)
2012Tiguann/a1490004/10 15:38Baltimore, MD2012 VW TIGUAN AWD TSI TURBO 56K (SUNNYFIELD) $14900
2004Touaregn/a550004/10 15:29Baltimore, MD2004 Volkswagen Touareg $5500
2000n/a250004/10 06:55Baltimore, MD VW Jetta (baltimore city) $2500
2009Routann/a750004/10 06:24Baltimore, MD2009 volkswagen routan van need body work (baltimore) $7500
2002n/a590004/10 05:15Baltimore, MD2002 Vw jetta Tdi (Remington ) $5900
2008Rabbitn/a710004/10 03:25Baltimore, MD2008 VW Rabbit (Glen Burnie) $7100
Jettan/a183604/09 22:57Baltimore, MD Volkswagen Jetta 01 new post $1836
2001Jettan/a100004/09 22:01Baltimore, MD2001 Jetta (Towson) $1000
2004Jettan/a490004/09 21:55Baltimore, MD2004 VW JETTA 1.8 TURBO $4900
2003Jettan/a300004/09 18:55Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 4C GL (Finksburg, MD ) $3000
2004Jettan/a550004/09 17:24Baltimore, MD2004 Volkswagen Jetta (Marriotsville) $5500
1988n/a160004/09 17:03Baltimore, MD88 Volkswagen Jett's (baltimore county) $1600
2006Passatn/a520004/09 16:49Baltimore, MDGreat 2006 VW Passat 2.0 (Baltimore) $5200
2012Golfn/a2050004/09 16:11Baltimore, MDVW GTI 2012 Black (Towson, MD) $20500
2000Jettan/a225004/09 15:19Baltimore, MDRELIABLE 2000 VW Jetta GLS (Harford County) $2250
2001Passatn/a110004/09 15:03Baltimore, MD2001 Volkswagen passat $1100
2014n/a04/09 05:34Baltimore, MDVW (PA)
2007Beetle-Newn/a600004/09 05:10Baltimore, MD2007 Volkswagen Beetle For Sale ASAP (catonsville) $6000
Beetle-Newn/a165004/09 04:10Baltimore, MDdriving Volkswagen Beetle 06 $1650
2006Passatn/a450004/09 03:58Baltimore, MD2006 Volkswagen passat (glen burnie) $4500
2000Jettan/a220004/09 03:03Baltimore, MD2000 Volk Jetta $2200
2006Jettan/a750004/09 02:56Baltimore, MDVW jetta tdi (Baltimore) $7500
2003n/a350004/09 01:34Baltimore, MD2003 vw turbo beetle (baltimore) $3500
2007Jettan/a251204/09 01:32Baltimore, MDOdenton (2007 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5) WHITE BEAUTY $2512
1988Golfn/a300004/09 01:31Baltimore, MDfs/ft 1988 mk2 gti 3000 obo (dundalk) $3000
Golfn/a230004/09 00:51Baltimore, MDGti mk4 stage three turbo an clutch (Dundalk) $2300
1973Beetle-Newn/a04/09 00:23Baltimore, MD1973 VW Beetle (Rosedale) $650
1998n/a250004/08 23:56Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen cabrio (South york) $2500
1998Passatn/a220004/08 23:10Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen Passat (fairfax va ) $2200
1998Passatn/a180004/08 22:37Baltimore, MD1998 Volkswagen Passat GLT 5 speed (baltimore city) $1800
2003Jettan/a300004/08 22:16Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen Jetta 4C GL (Finksburg, MD) $3000
1998Cabrion/a170004/08 22:08Baltimore, MD98 VW Cabrio $1700
2003Passatn/a400004/08 21:58Baltimore, MD2003 VW Passat GLS - Blue (baltimore county) $4000
1999n/a250004/08 21:46Baltimore, MD99 vw Jetta 5spd. $2500. (east baltimore) $2500
1999Jettan/a130004/08 21:02Baltimore, MD1999 Volkswagon jetta (columbia md) $1300
2006Beetle-Newn/a140004/08 21:01Baltimore, MD2006 Volkswagen Beetle $1400
2000Beetle-Newn/a200004/08 20:59Baltimore, MDSilver 2000 Volkswagen Beetle for sale
2003n/a680004/08 20:08Baltimore, MD03 vw gli (sparrows point) $6800
2000Beetle-Newn/a200004/08 19:20Baltimore, MD2000 VW Beetle. runs well. 85000 miles (Baltimore) $2000
1996Cabrion/a04/08 18:42Baltimore, MD1996 VW Cabrio: Needs Work $950
2004Jettan/a140004/08 18:36Baltimore, MD2004 Volkswagen Jetta...Broken Timing Belt $1400
2004Passatn/a385004/08 18:27Baltimore, MD04 Volkswagen passat (owings mills md) $3850
n/a04/08 18:20Baltimore, MD1999.5 VW jetta...needs work $900
2000Jettan/a125004/08 18:17Baltimore, MD2000 VW Jetta 2.0L Automatic $1250
2000Jettan/a04/08 17:36Baltimore, MD2000 VW Jetta vr6 (Frederick)
1998Jettan/a550004/08 05:11Baltimore, MD98 jetta tdi (union bridge) $5500
2003Beetle-Newn/a550004/08 04:15Baltimore, MD2003 VW New Beetle Turbo Sport (Balto) $5500
2006Beetle-Newn/a140004/07 23:05Baltimore, MD2006 Volkswagen Beetle $1400
Jettan/a790004/07 22:57Baltimore, MDVolkswagen Jetta 2.5L $7900
1992Jettan/a04/07 20:27Baltimore, MD1992 VW Jetta Like New (Towson) $650
1998Beetle-Newn/a200004/07 19:57Baltimore, MD1998 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (littlestown) $2000
2003Golfn/a450004/07 19:39Baltimore, MD2003 mk4 Volkswagen Gti 1.8t $4500
2004Jettan/a490004/07 19:29Baltimore, MD2004 Jetta GLI 2.8L V6 $4900
2000Beetle-Newn/a04/07 17:23Baltimore, MD2000 VW Beetle for Sale (Baltimore) $700
Passatn/a215004/07 07:28Baltimore, MDVW Passat GLX - Stickshift (Reisterstown/Glyndon) $2150
2000Passatn/a220004/07 06:50Baltimore, MD2000 Volkswagen Passat Sedan (Columbia MD) $2200
2012Touaregn/a3500004/07 01:56Baltimore, MD2012 VW Touareg TDI Lux (Manchester) $35000
2002n/a280004/06 23:35Baltimore, MD2002 VW Beetle (Randallstown) $2800
1995Jettan/a300004/06 22:48Baltimore, MD95 VW Jetta GL For Sale (abingdon) $3000
2000Passatn/a180004/06 22:40Baltimore, MD2000 Volkswagen Passat
2001Jettan/a100004/06 22:23Baltimore, MD2001 Jetta (Towson) $1000
2002n/a400004/06 19:54Baltimore, MD2002 VW Passat V6 (Clarksville, MD) $4000
n/a200004/06 19:35Baltimore, MDFantastic vw jetta 1.8 **turbo 2002** $2000
2010Jettan/a1650004/06 19:19Baltimore, MD2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI six speed manual $16500
2002Passatn/a500004/06 17:46Baltimore, MD02 vw passat wagon tastefully modded (westminster) $5000
2003Golfn/a290004/06 16:49Baltimore, MD2003 Volkswagen GTI VR6 (Frederick) $2900
2001Passatn/a149904/06 11:34Baltimore, MD2001 volks wagen passat turbo (glenburnie) $1499
2003Jettan/a220004/06 06:55Baltimore, MD2003 VW Jetta (elkridge) $2200
1995n/a220004/06 04:09Baltimore, MDVw golf gti vr6 (Lanham) $2200
2007Passatn/a04/02 01:58Baltimore, MDVolkswagen : Passat 2.0T Sunroof, Leather, No Accident