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Dodge in Atlanta, GA

This report shows 400 cars listed for sale, with 384 listed in the past 7 days.

Recent prices range between $1000 and $129230 .

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Time Posted


Title & Link

2005Stratusn/a2300Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
1983n/aAtlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a3200Atlanta, GA
2005n/a5299Atlanta, GA
1970n/a4500Atlanta, GA
1967n/a9000Atlanta, GA
2008n/a11750Atlanta, GA
1966Coronetn/a2500Atlanta, GA
2001n/a1750Atlanta, GA
Nitron/a20000Atlanta, GA
2009Journeyn/a6995Atlanta, GA
2008Calibern/a6995Atlanta, GA
2004n/a14900Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1800Atlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a27000Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a3498Atlanta, GA
1988n/a2000Atlanta, GA
1998Caravann/a1400Atlanta, GA
2005n/a4600Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
1966n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2012Avengern/a17500Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a4000Atlanta, GA
2002Durangon/a1900Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a4000Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a4000Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a6300Atlanta, GA
2000n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2013Journeyn/a19000Atlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a21000Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
2000n/a1500Atlanta, GA
1997Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
2000Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
2006Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
2002Durangon/a3800Atlanta, GA
2004n/a3400Atlanta, GA
2006n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a2000Atlanta, GA
2006n/a4700Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a8999Atlanta, GA
2005Durangon/a2750Atlanta, GA
2005Magnumn/aAtlanta, GA
2002n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2007Durangon/a5200Atlanta, GA
1984n/a4750Atlanta, GA
2008n/a5500Atlanta, GA
2005Durangon/a6900Atlanta, GA
2014Chargern/a21998Atlanta, GA
2011Chargern/a13995Atlanta, GA
2005n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2007Nitron/a5100Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2150Atlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a14000Atlanta, GA
2005Caravann/a3200Atlanta, GA
2003n/a1950Atlanta, GA
1999Durangon/a1700Atlanta, GA
2009Calibern/a8995Atlanta, GA
2000n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2008Avengern/a4500Atlanta, GA
2004n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2007Magnumn/a8150Atlanta, GA
2000Caravann/a1350Atlanta, GA
1973Dartn/a2000Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a1999Atlanta, GA
2009n/a4900Atlanta, GA
1999Durangon/a1600Atlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a13800Atlanta, GA
2005n/a4450Atlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a13000Atlanta, GA
Stratusn/aAtlanta, GA
2004Stratusn/a3500Atlanta, GA
Chargern/aAtlanta, GA
Nitron/a20000Atlanta, GA
2005Durangon/a5700Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a5300Atlanta, GA
1998n/a9000Atlanta, GA
1991n/a2100Atlanta, GA
2010Journeyn/a15000Atlanta, GA
2005n/a2500Atlanta, GA
1995n/a4995Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a3800Atlanta, GA
1996n/a1300Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2700Atlanta, GA
2009Journeyn/a6500Atlanta, GA
2002n/a3999Atlanta, GA
2009Challengern/a21445Atlanta, GA
2002n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a1250Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2000Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a6500Atlanta, GA
1992n/a7000Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2700Atlanta, GA
2001n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2001n/a1500Atlanta, GA
1968Dartn/a5000Atlanta, GA
2004n/a3800Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a15000Atlanta, GA
1996Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
2012Challengern/a32000Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a1600Atlanta, GA
2012Avengern/a13500Atlanta, GA
2005Caravann/a4200Atlanta, GA
2005Durangon/a3300Atlanta, GA
2006Stratusn/a1800Atlanta, GA
2000n/a1799Atlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a6300Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a2850Atlanta, GA
Chargern/a8995Atlanta, GA
1989n/a1400Atlanta, GA
1989n/a1400Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
1963Dartn/a1000Atlanta, GA
1986n/a3000Atlanta, GA
1999Caravann/a2300Atlanta, GA
2006n/a22000Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a6500Atlanta, GA
2001n/a2100Atlanta, GA
1989n/a1200Atlanta, GA
2012Chargern/a20750Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a1999Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a3799Atlanta, GA
1968Nitron/a20000Atlanta, GA
1973n/a12500Atlanta, GA
2003n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2006Caravann/a3990Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a5900Atlanta, GA
2009Journeyn/a6995Atlanta, GA
1969n/a15900Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a7700Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2000Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a6000Atlanta, GA
2007n/a5900Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a6300Atlanta, GA
2000n/a1000Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a5500Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2000Atlanta, GA
2010Caravann/a8500Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a1400Atlanta, GA
1999n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2003n/a2700Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a2900Atlanta, GA
2000n/a2750Atlanta, GA
2003n/a1500Atlanta, GA
1998n/a4000Atlanta, GA
1966n/a3000Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a5900Atlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a13800Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a1875Atlanta, GA
1973Dartn/a7500Atlanta, GA
2008Calibern/a9700Atlanta, GA
2005Magnumn/aAtlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a12950Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a1900Atlanta, GA
1997n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2012Challengern/a28999Atlanta, GA
1994n/a1000Atlanta, GA
2007Caravann/a3200Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a5900Atlanta, GA
2003Intrepidn/a2900Atlanta, GA
2010Challengern/a26500Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a12900Atlanta, GA
2012Avengern/aAtlanta, GA
2008Calibern/a6995Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2100Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a1800Atlanta, GA
1999n/a1200Atlanta, GA
1999n/aAtlanta, GA
n/aAtlanta, GA
2005n/a4600Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a14000Atlanta, GA
2000Caravann/a2300Atlanta, GA
2008Avengern/a4500Atlanta, GA
2005Vipern/a39995Atlanta, GA
2002n/a3300Atlanta, GA
2001Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
2006Stratusn/a1250Atlanta, GA
2005Magnumn/a4800Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a6200Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a1400Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
2009Chargern/aAtlanta, GA
2001Caravann/a1700Atlanta, GA
2007n/aAtlanta, GA
2013Durangon/a37590Atlanta, GA
2005n/a10500Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
1988n/a2000Atlanta, GA
1984n/a4750Atlanta, GA
2006Caravann/a3990Atlanta, GA
1967n/a9000Atlanta, GA
2007Magnumn/a8150Atlanta, GA
1963Dartn/aAtlanta, GA
Durangon/a1400Atlanta, GA
2008Avengern/a4500Atlanta, GA
1968n/a7000Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a4500Atlanta, GA
2006n/a4700Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/a2800Atlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a13800Atlanta, GA
2005Caravann/a3700Atlanta, GA
2008Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
2002n/a19500Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2600Atlanta, GA
2013Challengern/a36500Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
2008n/a2500Atlanta, GA
1999n/a1300Atlanta, GA
2003n/a1950Atlanta, GA
2001n/a3300Atlanta, GA
2001n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a2200Atlanta, GA
2008n/a5500Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a2700Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a1999Atlanta, GA
2002n/a3500Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/a2800Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a5900Atlanta, GA
1936n/a5500Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a19000Atlanta, GA
2012Chargern/a23000Atlanta, GA
2007Nitron/a5900Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a6300Atlanta, GA
Magnumn/aAtlanta, GA
2001Caravann/a3999Atlanta, GA
1999Durangon/a2000Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a6500Atlanta, GA
2000Intrepidn/a1200Atlanta, GA
2006Caravann/a3250Atlanta, GA
2001Stratusn/a1200Atlanta, GA
2009Journeyn/a8900Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a8900Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a8900Atlanta, GA
1998Dakotan/a3000Atlanta, GADodge : Dakota SLT Extended Cab Pickup 2-Door 1998 Dodge Dakota SLT Extended Cab Pickup 2-Door 3.9L
2013Avengern/aAtlanta, GADodge : Avenger 4dr Sedan SE Dodge Avenger 4dr Sedan SE Low Miles Automatic Gasoline 2.4L 4 Cyl Bright White
2011Durangon/aAtlanta, GADodge : Durango 2WD 4dr Crew Dodge Durango 2WD 4dr Crew Low Miles SUV Automatic Gasoline Inferno Red Crystal
2013Avengern/aAtlanta, GADodge : Avenger 4dr Sedan SE Dodge Avenger 4dr Sedan SE Low Miles Automatic Gasoline 2.4L 4 Cyl Billet Silver
2013Grand Caravann/a17500Atlanta, GADodge : Grand Caravan 2013 16" Alloy Wheels 3rd Row Seats Rear Climate Controls No Accident Certified
2013Dartn/a15750Atlanta, GADodge : Dart 2013 Silver 17" Alloy Wheels AUX Input No Accident Certified Warranty
2005Ram 1500n/aAtlanta, GADodge : Ram 1500 SLT 2003,2004,2005 DODGE RAM 1500
2002Caravann/a2500Atlanta, GADodge : Caravan SE Mini Passenger Van 4-Door 2002 Dodge Caravan SE Mini Passenger Van 4-Door 3.3L
2005Ram 3500n/aAtlanta, GADodge : Ram 3500 Crew Cab 2005 Dodge Ram 3500ST Crew Cab Dual Rear Wheel - Many Upgrades - LOOK!!
1959Power Wagonn/a32995Atlanta, GADodge : Power Wagon NICELY RESTORED-TO-STOCK POWER WAGON, BEST PRICE ON THE MARKET, 230 I6, 4-SPEED!
2007Magnumn/a14000Atlanta, GADodge : Magnum srt8 2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Wagon 4-Door 6.1L
Avengern/aAtlanta, GADodge : Avenger 4dr Sedan SE Dodge Avenger 4dr Sedan SE Low Miles Automatic Gasoline 2.4L 4 Cyl Black
2011Chargern/aAtlanta, GADodge : Charger MOPAR LIMITED 2011 Dodge LIMITED-EDITION Mopar Charger, 30K MILES Only 1000 made HEMI
1999Durangon/aAtlanta, GADodge : Durango SLT Plus Sport Utility 4-Door 1999 Dodge Durango SLT Plus Sport Utility 4-Door 5.9L
2007Calibern/a5000Atlanta, GADodge : Caliber SE Hatchback 4-Door 2007 Dodge Caliber SE Hatchback 4-Door 2.0L