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Dodge in Atlanta, GA

This report shows 400 cars listed for sale, with 380 listed in the past 7 days.

Recent prices range between $1000 and $579590 .

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Time Posted


Title & Link

n/a7800Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a4150Atlanta, GA
n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2000Atlanta, GA
2008Magnumn/a10500Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/aAtlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a7500Atlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a4900Atlanta, GA
1991n/aAtlanta, GA
2010Avengern/a7995Atlanta, GA
2007Durangon/a4250Atlanta, GA
1990n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a7988Atlanta, GA
1970Dartn/a8500Atlanta, GA
2002n/a3000Atlanta, GA
2004Intrepidn/a1399Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a2300Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a4000Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a1900Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a7200Atlanta, GA
1954n/a3500Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a2300Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a1950Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a1995Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a2950Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/a3000Atlanta, GA
1997Caravann/a2000Atlanta, GA
1999Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
2005Magnumn/a4999Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2000Atlanta, GA
2004Stratusn/a1855Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a12000Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a4600Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a2800Atlanta, GA
2005Durangon/a7200Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a1800Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a5500Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a1650Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a2800Atlanta, GA
2006Durangon/a6800Atlanta, GA
2004Caravann/a3100Atlanta, GA
2008Challengern/a27000Atlanta, GA
2005n/a3700Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a2300Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a2600Atlanta, GA
2006Caravann/a4499Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a10000Atlanta, GA
1974Chargern/a5500Atlanta, GA
2009Chargern/a7900Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a7999Atlanta, GA
n/aAtlanta, GA
2000n/a2000Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a1400Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1000Atlanta, GA
1965n/aAtlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a1899Atlanta, GA
1980n/a1200Atlanta, GA
2007Nitron/a6600Atlanta, GA
2000n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a4500Atlanta, GA
2008Avengern/a4500Atlanta, GA
2005Magnumn/a6000Atlanta, GA
1993n/aAtlanta, GA
2012Chargern/a19500Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a14000Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/a8700Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a4150Atlanta, GA
2001n/a2000Atlanta, GA
2011Challengern/a23500Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a6500Atlanta, GA
1994Intrepidn/a1850Atlanta, GA
1999Caravann/a1850Atlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a26500Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/aAtlanta, GA
2008Calibern/aAtlanta, GA
2000n/aAtlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a26750Atlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a26500Atlanta, GA
2005Durangon/a6500Atlanta, GA
n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a3800Atlanta, GA
n/a3000Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/a3000Atlanta, GA
2009Challengern/a21995Atlanta, GA
2004n/a3500Atlanta, GA
1972Challengern/a60000Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1795Atlanta, GA
Intrepidn/a1750Atlanta, GA
1974Dartn/a10900Atlanta, GA
2005n/aAtlanta, GA
2006n/a4900Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/aAtlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a4900Atlanta, GA
2007Durangon/a9500Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1800Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a2000Atlanta, GA
1950n/a6000Atlanta, GA
1997Intrepidn/a1200Atlanta, GA
2005Magnumn/a7299Atlanta, GA
2005Caravann/a3850Atlanta, GA
n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2005n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a39900Atlanta, GA
2013Chargern/a23900Atlanta, GA
2004n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a3800Atlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a4800Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a1995Atlanta, GA
2008Avengern/a4500Atlanta, GA
2012n/a27000Atlanta, GA
1996n/a9000Atlanta, GA
Nitron/aAtlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a4999Atlanta, GA
2008n/a8900Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a1750Atlanta, GA
1998Durangon/a1750Atlanta, GA
2004Stratusn/a2300Atlanta, GA
2008n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a1750Atlanta, GA
n/a3200Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1700Atlanta, GA
2004Intrepidn/a1399Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1850Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a5550Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a1995Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a10899Atlanta, GA
2002n/a3200Atlanta, GA
1969n/a17900Atlanta, GA
1970n/a6500Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a1800Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a4500Atlanta, GA
2010n/a13699Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a4300Atlanta, GA
2006n/a4700Atlanta, GA
1940n/a3800Atlanta, GA
1995Vipern/a24000Atlanta, GA
1993n/a3400Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2200Atlanta, GA
2002n/a1200Atlanta, GA
2005n/a2350Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a3000Atlanta, GA
1991n/a3900Atlanta, GA
2004n/a11750Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a4300Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a7800Atlanta, GA
2005n/a3500Atlanta, GA
Chargern/a5800Atlanta, GA
2010Chargern/a13900Atlanta, GA
2004n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a3300Atlanta, GA
2007Durangon/a4250Atlanta, GA
1985n/a2250Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2400Atlanta, GA
2000n/a3000Atlanta, GA
2005n/a5500Atlanta, GA
2006Caravann/a4499Atlanta, GA
2008Calibern/a8800Atlanta, GA
1967n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a2300Atlanta, GA
2007Chargern/aAtlanta, GA
2007Durangon/a4250Atlanta, GA
1999n/a1000Atlanta, GA
2010n/a15500Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a5400Atlanta, GA
2004Intrepidn/a1399Atlanta, GA
2005n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2004n/a1500Atlanta, GA
Durangon/a1250Atlanta, GA
2004n/a2800Atlanta, GA
2008Magnumn/a7000Atlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a2250Atlanta, GA
2005Caravann/a4000Atlanta, GA
2013Challengern/a27700Atlanta, GA
2014n/a579590Atlanta, GA
2006n/a15000Atlanta, GA
2014Ram 3500n/a35994Atlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a1999Atlanta, GA
2014Ram 3500n/a51594Atlanta, GA
2000n/a2750Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a4000Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2800Atlanta, GA
2008n/a26995Atlanta, GA
1998n/a1500Atlanta, GA
2014Ram 3500n/a51994Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a1850Atlanta, GA
2014Ram 3500n/a55494Atlanta, GA
1999Caravann/a2100Atlanta, GA
2004Durangon/a1850Atlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a12500Atlanta, GA
Nitron/aAtlanta, GA
1998Durangon/aAtlanta, GA
1998Durangon/a3000Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/a7500Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a2000Atlanta, GA
1996Caravann/a1150Atlanta, GA
2000n/a3500Atlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a6300Atlanta, GA
2009Journeyn/a6300Atlanta, GA
2009Journeyn/a6150Atlanta, GA
2007Calibern/a4999Atlanta, GA
1999n/a2500Atlanta, GA
2001Stratusn/aAtlanta, GA
2005Caravann/aAtlanta, GA
2006Magnumn/a6995Atlanta, GA
2003Stratusn/a1800Atlanta, GA
2013Journeyn/a19500Atlanta, GA
2000Durangon/a4995Atlanta, GA
2010Avengern/aAtlanta, GA
n/aAtlanta, GA
1998n/a1200Atlanta, GA
2014Challengern/a24190Atlanta, GA
1968Chargern/a48995Atlanta, GA
2006n/a2800Atlanta, GA
2002n/a2900Atlanta, GA
2005Stratusn/a2400Atlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a3400Atlanta, GA
2014Chargern/a17999Atlanta, GA
2002n/aAtlanta, GA
2003Durangon/a2600Atlanta, GA
2006Chargern/a7000Atlanta, GA
2004n/aAtlanta, GA
2005Caravann/a4250Atlanta, GA
2002n/a4000Atlanta, GA
2003Caravann/a3900Atlanta, GA
2012Chargern/a17766Atlanta, GA
2012Challengern/a36000Atlanta, GA
n/aAtlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a4000Atlanta, GA
2008Chargern/aAtlanta, GA
1996Caravann/a1350Atlanta, GA
2004n/a2500Atlanta, GA
1963Dartn/aAtlanta, GA
2001Durangon/a1900Atlanta, GA
2014Challengern/a25500Atlanta, GA
2002Caravann/a4998Atlanta, GA
1970Challengern/a90000Atlanta, GA
2013Durangon/aAtlanta, GADodge : Durango 2WD 4dr SXT Dodge Durango 2WD 4dr SXT Low Miles SUV Automatic 3.6L 24-VALVE V6 VVT FLEX Maxi
2013Avengern/aAtlanta, GADodge : Avenger SXT No Reserve 2013 Satellite Ready Keyless Entry AUX 17" Alloy Wheels Certified
2013Grand Caravann/aAtlanta, GADodge : Grand Caravan SXT No Reserve 2013 3RD Row Seats AUX Power Side Door/ Liftgate Rear AC Certified
2008Ram 4500n/a20000Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 4500 SLT Cab & Chassis 2-Door SELF LOADER AUTO LOADER REPO TRUCK TOW TRUCK H&S TUNED DEF DELETE EGR DELETED
2010Ram 1500n/a14000Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 1500 Big Horn Package 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 4 Door YES IT HAS A HEMI 1 Owner Truck Like New Condition
2014Caravann/a32900Atlanta, GADodge : Caravan wheelchair handicap va rear entry 2014 wheelchair handicap van rear entry!
2007Chargern/a15944Atlanta, GADodge : Charger 4dr Sdn 5-Spd Auto R/T RWD 4dr Sdn 5-Spd Auto R/T RWD Sedan Automatic Gasoline 5.7L 8 Cyl Brilliant Black C
2009Journeyn/aAtlanta, GADodge : Journey SXT 2009 Dodge Journey SXT Sport Utility 4-Door 3.5L
2014Ram 3500n/a56832Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 3500 Longhorn New 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Longhorn Mega Cab Auto 4x4 6.7L Cummins Diesel
2014Ram 3500n/a50994Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 3500 Laramie New 2014 Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 Diesel Auto Leather
2014Ram 5500n/a51994Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 5500 Base New 2014 Ram 5500 Crew Cab 4x4 6.7L Cummins Diesel Flat bed
2014Ram 3500n/a50994Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 3500 3500 LARAMIE 3500 LARAMIE Diesel New 6.7L Bluetooth Leather seats Power heated mirrors
2014Ram 2500n/a39994Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 2500 2500 ST CREW 2500 ST CREW Diesel New 6.7L Traction control - ABS and driveline Power steering
2014Ram 2500n/a39994Atlanta, GADodge : Ram 2500 2500 ST CREW NEW 2014 DODGE RAM 2500 ST CREW CAB
2008Avengern/a7999Atlanta, GADodge : Avenger SXT 2008 Dodge Avenger SXT Sedan 4-Door 2.7L
2002Caravann/a4998Atlanta, GADodge : Caravan 4dr SE 113" WB 4dr SE 113
2008Nitron/a8500Atlanta, GADodge : Nitro SXT 2008 Dodge Nitro SXT Sport Utility 4-Door 3.7L
2000Ram 3500n/aAtlanta, GADodge : Ram 3500 SLT 2000 dodge ram 3500 truck
1998Vipern/aAtlanta, GADodge : Viper GTS Coupe 2-Door Only 37,282 miles, Rare Solid Silver, Beautiful condition, practically stock